DoN't Be tOo gOod,
I wiLL MiSs yOu ;
dOn'T bE toO nIcE,
I mIgHt LiKe yOu ;
dOn'T bE tOo sWeEt,
i mIgHt faLL fOr yOu ...

Sunday, February 28, 2010

when Veronica meets Veron!

horrible flt yet worth remembering!
its them whom make my flt time zooomed by!
had a hearty LOL session @ Cheesecake Factory aft..
F21 & Walmart-ed following that..
update more when im in a better state of mind.

& i love my senior's deep dimple!!
i 4got i've mentioned how many zillion times..
hope my future kid wil have dimples too!
that is IF i have kid.. IF ok?

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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hello Ms Bangs!

am back 2 my bangs style..
easier 4 me 2 maintain & go work..
gotta go pack laptop into luggage & head off..
need 2 report 4 my jfk flt already.. ;(

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Friday, February 26, 2010


bcux i managed 2 get my hands on e smaller agnes b bag!!
undeniable, i really do love agnes b.. ALOT!! ;D
not gonna reveal e price over here..
but i've bght extra ones 2 post up on LJ for sale!


Ms Busy in Mar

so my Mar schedule is officially out..
althou now & then might have some changes..
anyway for the time being..

25th-3rd : JFK
passed my sales test! 22/25! ;O
LT say we * might hafta start doin $ or CL!
mak me & lynn damn stressful!
luckily she gave us some free lectures durin briefing..
those "jc" r useless bunch of ppl! ugh!!
we earn peanuts yet we did so much!
totally unfair! UNFAIR!!

7th-13th : SFO
mabelle, ofc changed my flt!
no more KUL instead its SFO lehx? =\
flyin with ppl whom i ...
a flt im not so lookin 4ward to..

20th-26th : AMS
this IS e flt im lookin 4ward to!
am goin ams with lynn & isabelle lahx!
can we go sight-seeing???
this time rnd i mak sure i wont lose my $$ again..
+ mabelle, i can help u get ur stuffs!!

thats abt it! 17 workin days, 10Hs & 4SS1..
definitely wont b called up unless...

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


♥ dimsum as always!
guess i'll nv b sick of it!

♥ meetups with raju..
got neverending topics 2 talk abt..

♥ mabella meetups!
esp on a shoppin spreeee!!

♥ him 4 lettin me tak photo..
althou his identity stil remains a mystery..

♥ once in a blue moon lil' gifts..
brightens up my day!

♥ special occasions like full month!!
e excitement i get frm unwrappin gifts r beyond descriptions.
& e tot of takin photos r damn wonderful!

2dae's my last full day in SG..
am flyin off tml nite & bac on e 3rd..

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Note To Self :

"never let anyone be the priority unless
you can be sure that you are the priority to them.
because who knows, you might just end up as an option than priority."


Friday, February 19, 2010


any1 wanna lend me a helpin hand with rubbin blue blacks?
i've got several places 4u 2 rub if ur willing.
chin, both knee-caps, left thumb area & left wrist..
all r e results frm e "extremely madness" compressions.
chin - frm exerting pressure on e mask 2 secure close air breathe.
knee-caps - by kneeling down a fair too much?!
thumb area - i force myself 2 do complete compressions!
wrist area - by bendin nearly 90degress too long?

nv say die! nv give up! nv regret!
we hafta complete 6 f' sets!
35 compressions, 2 air breathes..
which i guess i completed 3 sets of compressions.
air breathes r done by oth colleagues;
im mainly focusin on compressions solely i wonder why? ;(
that totals up to like more than 700+ of compressions.
i can finally say im a pro in doin CPR le!


Thursday, February 18, 2010

i need more time!

i act. typed truckload of words but deleted them off.
shall end it here. short & sweet. save time!
1 sentence - 24hrs r just not enough!

it always brightens my day 2 rcv phonecalls -
esp frm ppl who seldom text or contact me.
as it goes 2 show that they remembers me.
or rather at that instant when they're callin or textin me,
they took that extra step into doin it.
ppl nowadays r always givin e excuse of "im busy"
oh pls! textin a "i miss u" wldnt tak up 1min of ur time.
therefore, get ur phone & send a text nw..
im sure e receiver wil b beamin with joy 2 rcv it.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

春到河畔 2010

ytd i went down with my family..
thou was kinda unwillin 2 go squeeze & sweat it out..
but! who ask my mom like it so...

here's my family posin with their zodiac sign..

& me with Tiger with e tiger fortune 4 2010

then we spotted rainbow right above us!
it only appears 4 a few moment b4 its gone! ;O
lucky us managed 2 snap it down in photos

evening arrives & all characters light up!
this 财神爷 even "distribute goldies" thru e air..
ppl were all crowdin right under him,
waitin 2 get some lucky numbers 2 buy 4D!
*whisper* 2 kuku act. held out umbrella in e air!

a grp photo b4 we leave e place!
dun uds y nehx nehx(s) & "jiaozi(s)" all come 凑热闹?
it reminds me of chinatown with infested elderly everywhere!

den my sis suggest goin lau pa sat 4 dinner!
where i got chance 2 get my hands on Wendy's finally!

includin 5 oth zichar dishes as well..
everything came up to less than $45 only!
much more worth it than eatin at 店小二 worx..

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

for a brand new tiger year..

i bought a new bag with Eiffel Tower design on it

yeah 2 complete collection of metallic finishing!
have got all nickel, bronze & golden zips! ;D


Monday, February 15, 2010




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Thursday, February 11, 2010




Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Just a Lil'

that day b4 raju flew off,
i met her up & went chinatown 4 lunch.
was really missin dim sum v much.
she brght me 2 e hawker centre & tried.
much anticipation & i wasnt disappointed indeed!
i tot i was capable but however i wasnt.
lugging ba gua + nearly 4kgs of jellies isnt fun.
includin my own bag & starfruit juice under scorching sun..
i kinda lose my temper v easily.
in addition 2 alightin @ wrong stop + unrang door bell..

e day i decided 2 change my parting..
frm center to side parting..
hows e change? :)

then here's us outside a shop @ chinatown.
indeed v cny-ish isnt it?

+ e Q outside Lim Chee Guan is insanely loonnngggggg!!
intend 2 get ba gua frm them but e Q is intimidating lahx..

recently i stayed over @ lisa's hubby's hse!
had a 1N course on how 2 look aft a baby.
finally learnt how 2 carry him..
still, i'd like 2 attach fragile tag on him.
hahahaha~ too soft & omg fragile..

ohh! this yr i wont b arnd durin CNY!
its e 1st for nw 2b away..
but im not so aganist it honestly.
away during v'day & cny.. i will b fine..
see u'all when im bac on 15th then.

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Monday, February 08, 2010

let me be..

i think i need some time alone..
jux a tiny lil' bit of time..


Sunday, February 07, 2010


we arrived a tad too late 2 catch e coach..
missed it jux by 15mins or so.. ;(

ended up we had popeyes 4 teabreak!
& i sneaked back 2 ofc clear my mailbox!


Thursday, February 04, 2010

you know..

my mood swing can be so terribly unbearable at times..
so much so that even i myself couldn't endure it..

im now so ashamed of my silliness & clumsiness 2dae..


Tuesday, February 02, 2010

i kept my words!

SO, i've kept my words & visited lisa 2dae!
promised 2 visit her aft my recent flt..
been out durin e wkends & ytd so jux nice,
cine wanted 2 visit lisa 2dae hence we arranged!
anyways, thanks 2 cine 4 droppin my mum @ ave 10.
else she'll hafta walk all e way there herself.
& also 4 drivin me down bishan 2 get bbt + tea leaves eggs.
fwoah! had them 4 2days in a row & its awesome!

some lil' conversation 2dae which made me LOL :
cine : my mum suggest gettin jap cars
me : *thinking* Panasonic.. Mitsubishi?
cine : PANASONIC?!?!!!
me : LOL

baby alejandro act. farted & shitted while cine carry him.
at that instant, all 3 of us kept quiet & look in shock.
then baby alejandro "molested" cine by slappin up & down cine's *
he even turned his head over & start lickin cine's knackers.

some random thingy which caused me 2 ask cine,
me : so have u ever bio her xxx b4?
cine : wah lao veronica liang!
me : LOL

all these LOL made me suffer frm immerse pain.
seriously, im havin stomach cramps frm doin 10 sit-ups!
yes, jux 10 f' sit-ups is enough 2 gimme such pains!
like WTFFFF!! + my left ribcage bone hurtsss. ;(

/* ♥, when can i take such photos with u?

i wanna camwhore with u
i wanna camwhore with u
i wanna camwhore with u


Monday, February 01, 2010


already e 2nd mth into 2010 yet i haven set my resolutions!
anyways, i doubt i'll really fulfil them unlike last yr..
which i kept 2 my principle of goin hols quarterly.
this yr.. highly impossible as i've run out of AL already! =.=
well, been bac for roughly 36hrs & went cycling twice!
my butt, thigh & back + stomach is aching!
damnit! mayb i really need some exercising seriously.
luckily ytd i've got free massage aft my cycling.
& 1 last thing b4 e peektures..
its e 6th its e 6th its e 6th.. like finally!

that day aft flt, ♥ came 2 fetch me!
went 4 supper @ Bedok 85.
wanted ba chor mee budden its closed! ;(
then i finally rcv my 12 zodiac doraemons!

woke up 7hrs ltr had breakfast, chase drama..
some motivations & i started cleanin part of my rm.
i act. doze off while scribbling on my scheduler,
while listenin 2 newly dl-ed 杰伦's songs on new earphones.

was awaken by a phone call & decided 2 go cycling!

ventured out of the Bishan Park 2 over to Park 1!
reason being, Park 2 is undergoin some upgrading nw..
while cyclin @ Park 1, i cant help but notice some familiar spot.

like this red bridge over here,
my mom used 2 walk hm with me aft sch..
esp durin pri sch & whenever we pass by convenience store,
i wil ask 4 ice cream ice cream ice cream!
stop by this red bridge while lookin down into e river..

den i saw this slope near e overhead bridge..
thats where i had my 1st fall frm my sis's bicycle!
all bcux i was too anxious in learning cycling.
i tot im capable of cyclin down e slope..
end up, i fell off instead..

kays, gonna go watch 超级星光大道6 already..

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