DoN't Be tOo gOod,
I wiLL MiSs yOu ;
dOn'T bE toO nIcE,
I mIgHt LiKe yOu ;
dOn'T bE tOo sWeEt,
i mIgHt faLL fOr yOu ...

Monday, November 29, 2010

i enjoy ...

webcamming sessions!
while loverboy is having dinner,
he placed penguin near the webcam.
it seems like im talking to a soft toy huh?
anyway, last night i fell asleep listening to news.
note that is channel 8 chinese news!
was on webcam when i decided to turn in early.
since later tonight im flying midnight flt back.
okie.. i cant wait to spend time with my love ones.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

im back !

well i've been back from holiday since Sun..
dropped my flt due to being sick.
i guess i'll be condemn into the blacklist.
oh well~
i wouldnt mind not being able to fly jfk, honestly.
u can throw me KL/LAX for all u want, i wouldnt care.
but sorry to my dear classgirl,
she gotta take over my flight pattern instead.
yvonne, i owe u 1 okie? :)

cough syrup taking effect..
its time 4 bed again..

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bud Day!

ytd i met bud & had some catching up.
went all e way down to City Square Mall for lunch.
all for the sake of eating Saizeriya.
reminisce our training times of having it at tokyo.
oh i miss those training times.

from Farrer Park to took train to Dhoby Ghaut.
hafta meet Cafren to borrow TPE guide book from her.
but missed her but a teeny bit.
and because i was craving for some dessert,
hence i suggest we walk down to Somerset 313!

okie its indeed value for money.
cost $5.50 but its totally worth every cent!
even bud also say the mixture is nice!

somehow girls jux need to camwhore more..
using anything or everything they can find. ;x

den i share with bud my current hooked things - stickers!
gave her a sushi stickers 4 her 2 paste on iphone.
just like how mabelle used to gave us each.

and we snapped 2 polariod shots!
1 each for us as keepsake!

lazed arnd more b4 walking back to dhoby ghaut.
met Cafren back there to take the book.
again its her, joycelyn & lynn.

ermm and before i forgot, this is e dessert place.
i wonder where else can i find this dessert?

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

And So Yesterday ..

i was out for almost the whole day..
i met raju nearby my house to pass her barang bag.
and then i rushed over AMK Hub to book my Fri dental appt.
walked over AMK Mrt to meet Joey at the platform.
while on the train, we had a change of mind.
decided to watch Life As We Know It at PS instead.

oh man Josh Duhamel is so super hot inside!
and Katerine Heigl i love her since Roswell High drama.
storyline was very close to reality.
the difficulties faced after having a baby, oh-so-true!
after 2hrs of movie while walking to MRT station,
i just had to take a glimpse at the Agnes B shop at Level1.
saw the swarovski crystals on the iphone casing!
walked around the shop & came out empty-handed UNWILLINGLY!
IF im not going holiday, i might have just ...

ANYWAY, we train down to Raffles Place.
had to check out clinic & change some money.
bumped into some colleagues at the clinic too!
intro joey to the nachos cheese bun shop.
she was hooked & immediately decided to buy more home.
i guess the guys at the shop was a tad over-friendly.

had our late lunch at Soup Spoon sharing 2 kinda soup base.
Meatless Minestrone & Velvety Mushroom!
honestly speaking, Soup Spoon's Velvety Mushroom win hands down.
i can never find anywhere selling a better tasting mushroom soup.
oh well, final destination @ Orchard there we go.
walked around aimlessly & joey bought a River Island clutch.
with the 15% coupon & my POSB card, its a bargain!
slowly strolled over Wheelock Place & rest our feets.
carrying alot of barangs & do window-shop is so not comfy. ;(
we planted the cake without much suspicion & had dinner @ Skinny Pizza.
was a really nice catch-up cum dinner session with them.
the pizzas are so thin & crispy unlike the usuals.
everything came to a slow stop after 8+pm.
with the appearance of the cake, card & hongbao!

a total of 4 cameras on standby mode -
joey's digi camera; my iphone; my polariod & her polariod!
but thank godness the waitress at Skinny Pizza is so helpful!
she take awesome photos as well! *thumbs up

now dont u just agree she take great shot?
ended our dinner near 9pm.
decided to bring them down Serangoon Garden.

unfortunately our mama lisa couldnt join us.
hence 1 last shot with her before bidding our bye!

ending our night with dessert perfectly!

okie i gotta go take my bath & prepare.
am meeting my bud Kelly for her deeply missed Saizeriya!
HAHAHAHA~ mabelle next time we shall check it out together wokies?

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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

its day like this...

that makes me wanna go back to work instead.
when everyone else is busy working;
yet im slacking my ass off in sg doing literally nothing.
and because its wkdays aka working days for them;
hence i couldnt complain at all.

now tell me whats the point whats the point?
i really shouldnt have bothered..
days are just days; meet or dont meet.
okay, rants finished. heading back to bed.

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Monday, November 08, 2010

Oh Wow Little Gifts!

i was finally back in SIN after a tiring 8days pattern.
imagine every single flight is only 1 night stay;
ignore the packing, unpacking rountine;
im stil pretty much blessed to have light load at some flights.
and kinda had some sudden bonding with the other 2 girls.
yesterday though my flt back to SIN was delayed.
flight time 7hours is already long enough,
yet we still have to keep on holding around the SIN area.
due to heavy traffic or weather i wouldnt really know.
but im panicky enough remembering that bf had appt at 730pm.
we only landed at 6pm after 7+30 of flight time.
collected cargo & reached office at 630pm.
had our monthly meeting (video again!) for 35mins.
only managed to leave office at 705pm.
heavy rainfall was drenched when i sat in his new car.
accompanied him to his so call viewing while i wait in the car.
snapped some pix of his new toy.
spotted my fave 23. & the stitch toy in it.
to think the bf went an extra mile to get boot mat.
all for the sake of my always-heavy-cargo.
to & fro, only arrived at his place by 830pm.
had my bath & wait 4 him 2 bath b4 we had our dinner.
dined & watched TV when suddenly deliveryman came!
he bounced up & opened the door.
like a 3-year-old kid receiving a gift from santa claus.
he ripped open the exterior box from DHL;
& passed me the inner box! ♥♥

its a neck pillow 4 comfortable flight sleeping!
perfect for my pax-ing flight & holiday!
(shall motivates me to continue working for time being)

my fave team girl, TAN LL bought me kapibara!
heard that she pax a SFO flt back to HND airport.
& managed to spend 1N stay at the hotel.
she specially bought me something from the airport!
thats very sweet.. i appreciate it!

lastly, i came back late at night to see sth on my desk.
its a small lil' souvenir from Bali!
thanks andy for remembering to get sth 4 me!

well that kinda summarise up my yesterday.
2dae's gonna be a rather busy day.
i hafta do my laundry, pack & mail items + scrapbook!
come tomorrow i'll have a date with my besties!

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Saturday, November 06, 2010

threesome bunk-in ♥

because we're back to the "dirty" LAX hotel;
because we're all some "small guts" girls;
because we're all seeking for accompany;
because we head out & came back together;
and because somehow we three clicked well -
hence it marks the 1st bunk-in for the three of us. :)

cant wait to fly back to japan,
before i fly back to singapore for my long 2weeks break!
now, where is the bf huh?
been missing for the past 2 days,
and before i can have a proper conversation,
he's gone again.


Tuesday, November 02, 2010

pattern so far...

its 1/3 pattern down & soon another leg down..
left 2 more legs & i'll dh back 2 sg for my well deserved break!
5days rest before my F&E 9days trip to TPE!
im not goin into whatever thats gonna happen after my hols..
currently is 2 '86 girls flyin 2gether..
no govt at all i would say..
had kfc for 2 meals & 3 diarrhoa in the morning..
popped pink pill instead of yellow pill last night to curb the nose.
somehow it blessed me good rest from last night till this morning.
i nearly couldnt wake up in time for my lunch with cafren.
anyhow, seriously cant wait to get my ass back in sg.
i wanna be surrounded by my family, friends & bf.
not just me, myself & i in the quiet hotel room miles away..
i really had enough of such life. ;(