DoN't Be tOo gOod,
I wiLL MiSs yOu ;
dOn'T bE toO nIcE,
I mIgHt LiKe yOu ;
dOn'T bE tOo sWeEt,
i mIgHt faLL fOr yOu ...

Friday, October 29, 2010

oh no! not again!

im always tempted by nice looking things..
if only i can exchange the star onto the iphone4 instead.
& if only some1 got something to grab from agnes b;
but is not using any iphone..
i will gladly pay for the iphone casing myself.
of cux.. its more like a dream than reality.
the casing is in my fave silicone material sumore....
& its 1 of my fave fave brand.....

"alright, i hafta snap out of this..
there's no way im gonna spend $400 to get the casing.."


Thursday, October 28, 2010

new kapi in the house!

ytd i had only 1 meal for the day..
touched down nrt from kul in the morning,
unpacked, bath, wash laundry, drop note b4 i concussed.
for a good 7hrs+ later, i found myself waiting for raju's arrival.
she's gonna touched down from the very last SFO flt.
from my own room, i re-packed my everything & shift to her room.
reached her room & unpacked again b4 we head out for dinner.
it was denise, yixian, kris & meixin's last flt.
only me & raju were like the "remaining" ones on the bus.
we had the new Mac meals without french fries!
upgraded our meals to add-on with salads!
its shhhooooo nice & addictive!
my instinct told me to checkout the arcade & true enough...

i came back hotel with a new kapibara!
its a joint force that let us won this kapi~
& i've found kapi a new home - loverboy's house!

next time i can hug this kapi when im at his place..
its a xmas version this time round.
i wonder if im around during this year's xmas though..


Monday, October 25, 2010

ice cream in the cold!

had our 1st ever dh flt 2gether after 2years+!
i think i got alil' too high on board.
we keep playing with raju's neck brace (劈腿)
we also head out after flt to grab bags for sale.
had our beehoon in the room before going out,
& just because we missed the 720pm bus back to hotel,
we settled for a round of Mac Salad with sesame dressing!
the salad was very delicious!
im sure im going to like have it quite often.
baskins robbins' ice after thereafter!
they're having a halloween contest right now!
every 300Y entitles you to a lucky dip.
i want the baskin robbins pen with 4 colors so badly!
came back hotel with my supa bought oden.
i ate my oden immediately after reaching hotel room.
is that my second round of puberty?

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

the wonders of -

have no idea why was i in the mood..
asked for a dinner out instead of home-cooked food.
brought the love to liang court's saizeriya.
full of grumbles during the whole journey.
traffic jam, slight drench in the rain, ERP, carpark etc.
so the mood wasnt so quite right initially.
fortunately everything changed after we filled our stomach.
chix wings, tuna&mushroom salad, mushroom soup,
carbonara spaghetti & cheese chix fillet for hungry stomach.
full to the brim i would say! ;D
snap shots of his Siti at the carpark.
its farewell time in exchange for a "healthier" one.
head down Taka to buy new bolster for his bed.
i enjoyed carrying the bolster though.
not like you've frequent chances of carrying bolster walk downtown.
anyway, i surfed HungryGoWhere apps for dessert huntout.
i GPS-ed the way down to Serangoon Garden Way,
(although he could do without my assisting of the route)
before finding ourselves at Dessert Bowl!
its hidden away from the industrious area.
located at the 2nd level, love spotted it first!
i would say the cheap price would attract me to re-visit it.
the previous 2 days' dessert that i had cost an average of $5.50,
hence for the price i paid last nite - $3.50,
its definitely consider a good bargain.

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hazy Shingaporu!

this was taken few months back using my toy camera..
hence the resolution cant be on par with digital camera.
but my point is, i used to be able to see buildings even suntec,
yet all i could see now is only...

the amk & bishan area..
PSI hit the unhealthy level of 108 at 6pm!
i just hope rain could chase all the haze away..


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

kapi got new friend!

so other than scrumpy, kapi made a new friend!
now its happy 3 friends overseas with us!

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Meiji Shrine Day

ytd me & mabelle left our sincere wishes @ Meiji Shrine!
i even try the toss coin, bow, clap then pray thing.
hopefully, it'll answer my prayers. :)
its a happy flt back to SG later in the evening!
loverboy is picking me up! yay!

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Monday, October 18, 2010


i think everything is fated.
last nite i woke up in the middle of e night,
received a new inbox from Kate Spade.
i ended up surfing their website for a good 25mins.
sad to say, a few items caught my eyes.
i even left the url link on Mabelle's msn.
2dae, we went all the way down from Harajuku-Shibuya-Shinjuku,
just for the sake of looking at Kate Spade bags!
oh man! i would love to shop at Union Square once again!
how i miss their Kate Spade shop terribly! ;(

i've had 3 iphone casings since i own it 2wks back.
cant help wanting to change "clothes" for it.
furthermore, its in my fave polka dots. like again! -.-

& then i saw this lovely on sale section!
im quite sure its use-able if im working as ground job.

is like most girls own a LV speedy bag.
in addition i dont have any bag in this shape!
saw it in actual face just now at Isetan.
retailing for a gd SG$600+ like omgosh can!

lastly, the newyork kate spade flagship store graphic designs.
it looks pretty cool in my opinion lah..
great for a casual day out kinda bag, with jeans/shorts..

very very tempting!!
kate spade's advertisement successfully pull me into dilemma..
ughhh.. i need to work more earn more for my spendings!


Friday, October 15, 2010

bye ditching & kiso building!

can finally say bye to my ditching!
dumped my ditching shoes right after i completed it.
it was a stressful day at jap the day before,
having 2 study & memorise everything all over again.
but luckily, the overall paper & drill was a breeze;
ermm correction, not so a breeze for me though.
was assigned the difficult case & the tough allocation.
gotta fire fighting, demo wear life-vest, open door & remove raft.
all in all, i was slightly calmer than during my training.
had a fun time though, with Mabelle & my primary school friend!
here comes the enjoyable time for me & Mabelle already!
gonna fly to sanfrancisco for the very last time,
most importantly, we're going out to town when back in japan!
sooner or later, will be back in SIN.

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

tipsy not!

so met joey up ytd 4 our monthly ipl @ amk..
follow by fake ramen & KOI to kill the hotness!
man, it was super hot i swear!

had alil' unhappiness with 1 of my buyer, fickle-minded!
postage, meetup & back to postage.
transfer, cash, transfer.
make up your damn mind pls!

fortunately, i decided aganist selling her!
why should i let her buy my films @ discounted price?
people who are not keen, pls dont waste my time!
went on a bra-madness-shopping @ amk hub.
all the bras were like selling so cheaply laaaa~

i finally wore my new shoes out to street!
hehehe~ joey's hairdresser even asked where i bought it..
& at the mention of it, i accompany her down Admiralty for haircut.

here's her before & after look!
spot any difference anot?

after her haircut, we took train & bus to come Thomson.
meetup with francine & xiang 4 dinner @ Part 1 Cafe.
unfortunately, it was closed on Tue & Wed! ;(

change of plan & head to Canopy @ Bishan Park instead!
i even joke that i can walk home, shit & come back chill lohx.

poor xiang, was "drenched" by stella artois.
even her undies was wet from inside.
all due to the waiter who let slip a halfpint glass.
broken glasses hit the floor & not xiang.
else i cant imagine the consequences.

cheers to the free treat from joey!

everything ended slightly after 10pm.
hafta head home pack alil' luggage & concuss.
reason being im flying off for work. ;(
aagghhhh~ i hate this kinda short-lived happiness,
follow by upcoming unhappiness then happiness.
i just cannot take it.

shall end this entry with my drunkard face?
nahhh.. not at all drunk to be honest.
am just red from the beer!
bye~ i'll be back when i've access to internet!

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

akihabara & harajuku-ed

this month's been rather blessed.
i get to spend 2 x 2 full days with my Mabelle!
though we have to go for our ditching,
but after that we're going for the same flight pattern!

the night kapi slept with scrumpy!

turned in late the night before,
resulting in us waking up only around noon time.
by the time we head out its already 1315pm!
took train at airport & ended up buying something 1st!

was love at first sight for the both of us!

went down akihabara in search of screen protector,
only to go off in disappointment.
thought of heading down meiji-jingu but was too late.
we ended up at the familiar harajuku street!

the crowd that welcome us on a Fri night!

did some random shopping & bought a new casing!

luckily i hibernated at nyc,
so i spent abit more at jap instead.
guess which casing i bought?

had MY favorite Lotteria as late lunch.
& there comes our expensive buy each!
although i would very much hope to go agnes b shop,
partly to look for my dream watch,
however we decided aganist it after buying *it!

thats us happily on train heading back hotel.

7+pm & we're still miles away from hotel!
decided 2 take a evening liner back.

paid extra 400yen buy save a hellot time man!

onboard evening liner while exchanging photos..
the wonders of iphone, totally love the camera apps!

sneak peek at my expensive buy!
another love since its in my fave purple & polka dots!

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Monday, October 11, 2010

im back & going soon!

the yearly studying time is back again!
hafta mug hard & pass it no matter what.
come thur & i'll be free from all worries, at least.
its gonna b a happy flt for the upcoming.
mabelle & me gonna whack our way through 711!

tons of studying to do..
all driving me mad..

but its all due to all these stress & madness,
that i finally lose off that extra 2kgs..
i shall persist on & hopefully see my ideal 46kg soon!

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Monday, October 04, 2010

my saviour - ponstan!

almost on a monthly basis, my menses is tied to newyork flt!
missed it last month but its back to haunt me again! ;(
insomnia last night; menses cramp to add on,
i can foresee a not-so-smooth flt later of the day.
now what i hope is just to get it over and done with.
all i can think of is the bed waiting for me over at newyork.


Sunday, October 03, 2010