DoN't Be tOo gOod,
I wiLL MiSs yOu ;
dOn'T bE toO nIcE,
I mIgHt LiKe yOu ;
dOn'T bE tOo sWeEt,
i mIgHt faLL fOr yOu ...

Saturday, July 31, 2004

LoLx.. mOi sIs bOuGht a PDA yTd wOrx..
fiLtHy rIcH rIte?
>.< naHx.. dUN gIve a dAmn..
aSk hEr lEnD mE tRansFer Pix thrU her PDA..
cUx gOt bLuE tOotH.. sHe dUn wAn..
sO seLfiSh.. hUmpHx~
aNiwAy.. jUx nOw wAs fIgUring hOw 2 dO e ICA..
uSing e cOdes cHa bO sEnd mE..
weLL.. tOoK mE 2 hRs..
eDiT.. cHaNGe.. tEst tEst.. eTc eTc..
finaLLy.. eNcrptIon okIex le..
oR shLd i sAy.. MAYBE okIex lE? LoLx..
nOt sUre.. 2nIte sEnd cHa bO heLp mE cHeck baHx?
cHa bO iSh e bEst..
hEhE.. mE sO tRoubLesOme.. kEeP bOtHErIng hEr..
bUt sHe nV cOmpLaIn..
sUm1 aSk mE yTd wHu Sms mE?
y So hApPy.. bUt wiLL i sAy?
oF cUx nOt laHx..
iSh mOi liTtLe oWn sEcReT mAhx..
oNi wiLL sHAre wIB mOi cHa bO.. 3 dEarIes..
dUn jEaLous okIex?
yTd 1 oF mOi fWen ( not gOnNa sAy wHU e pErSon iSh..)
2 proEcT hIs iDentItY.. kEke..
sEnD me a v SwEeT sMs..
2b mOi gUaRdIaN aNgeL n pRotEct mE fRm hArm..
iSnt tAt sWeEt?

Friday, July 30, 2004

nUtTin mUcH 2 bLog nOw.. cUx bRaIn deAd sIax..
sINce aFtn tAt ICA thInGy tiLL nOw..
hAveN rEaLLy rEcOver..
LoLx.. laMe.. yaHx.. i nOe laHx..
aNIwAy wAs fEeLing lOw lOw jUx nOw sIax..
maYB tOo bOred oR wAt?
dEn i rEcEiVe a mSg fRm.....
hEe~ sO haPpy nEhx..
i dIn mSg hIm.. aT leAst he'Ll mSg me eHx?
yEaHx.. vErOn dUn lIke 2 tAk iNiTiaTiVe nOw le..
sO tIrEd oF tAkIn iNitiatIve..
tAts y nOw raTher lEt ppL wOo loRx..
bUt tAt sTaLker iS dRivIng mE cRaZy..
oR shLd i sAy pArAnOid?
Lolx.. =D
aFt sCh mEet zHen n cIne tOok bUs hOme..
oN bUs wE tAk pIx aGaIn..
rEaLLy mIss dEm..
bUt oSo hOpe tHey'V fOund e rIte gUy eHx?
wAt bOut me eHx?
iM sUrE u ppL shLd nOe baHx?

i rAtHer rEmAin aS fWeNx..
fWeNx iSh 4eVa.. wHeRas cOupLes..
tHeRe mIgHt b a dAy hE cHange heArt rIte?
iM 4tunaTe 2 hAve hIm bY mOi sIde..
tAts aLL i aSk fOr lE..

ArrGggHhhhh~ iN sCh lAbbY nOw..
sO dAmn bOred.. rEaLLy mOi bRaIn ceLls r dYing sIax..
LoLx.. bCux oF tAt tOopId ICA lOrx..
dUnO wHo iSh tAt feLLow wHu iNvEntEd eNcrPtIon..
mAke lIFe dIFFicuLt 4 mE sIax.. kEkE..
cAnT fIgUre oUt wAts wRong naHx..

bUt i'LL b aSkIn cHa bO 4 heLp 2nIte... =]
sO jUx cUm hEre tyPe sTh nOrx..
-_-ll hEhE~ aNiwAy.. jUx nW aT dOver MRT..
sAw 1 eX coLLeaGue? hMm.. dUnO coNsIDer aS aNot?
iSh mOi dEaRie cINe dE beLovEd..
kEkE.. =D wHen i toLd cINe i sAw jaMes..
n tAt jAmes dUn hAve hEr nUm..
gUesS wAt?
She iMm. aSk mE 2 gIve jAmEs hEr nUm. wOrx..
hAhhaa~ fUnnY rIte.. sUm1 sO aNxIoUs oRhx?
=X hE lOok kInda rUggArd naHx..
oVeraLL sTiLL oKiex.. iSh mOi dEaRie dE beLoVed maHx..
cAnnOt sAy hE nOt yAndAo.. oOooPx..
hIaKx hIaKx hIaKx..
cINe aRHx.. dUn nEgLEcT aRic wOrx..
iF hE nOe.. hE wiLL b hEaRt bRokEn lE..

PS : pAsSiVe sMokErs wiLL dIe eaRliEr tHan e smOker hImseLf..
So iF ur mOi fWeNx..
dUn sMoke nEaR me..
bUt iF u hOpe i'LL dIE eArLiEr..
dEn joLLy weLL dO sO baHx..
iM nOt aGaNisT aNi1 bY sAyIn tIs..
bUt i rEaLLy hOpe tHoSe aRnd mE.. aLL mOi LoVEs Ones..
pLs dUn sMOke..
i dUn wIsh 2 nOe 1 dAy u'Ve dIE of cAncEr..
tHou sUmtImes u dUn sMOke oSo kaNa cAncEr..
bUt aT leAst u duN sMOke.. uR pRevEnting iT rIte?
hEe~ 2dAe v hAppy..
yTd iM hAppY.. eVerYdAy i'LL oSo hAppy..
yTd e pErsOn iM waItIn 4..
hE aPpeAr aLaDy..
sO hAppY..

Thursday, July 29, 2004

2dAe's sUnset.. nIce pIx oRhx.. sEnd 2 mE bY mOi JiE mEi briAn.. hIaKx~

wOwx.. 2dAe's cLaSs rEaLLy paSs v fAst sIax..
keke.. cLaSs sTart aT 1pm..
n eNd aT 4:30pm sIax.. tHoU LEct kIndA sIaNx..
bUt i pAy aTteNtIon tHrU OuT wOrx..
wAs kIndA sUrpRisEd tAt i uNdErstAnd wAt e lEcturEr tOkIng..
sO haPpy.. hEe~
bUdDeN tAt myaNmar gUy aRhx..
oH mOi gOd..!!!
hE oWaYs wAit 4 mE aT e bUs StoP wHen pEiying nV tAke bUs wIb me..
2dAe oSo liDat..jUx wEnt dOwN e bUs sToP..
sO qIaO lEt Me c hIm..n gUeSs Wat?hE sMiLe At mE.
.lIke tHoSe lEcher's sMiLes..
dEn i tUrN aWaY n hIdE nEaR e nOtIcebOaRd..
-_-ll wAs sO aFrAid tAt hE mIgHt aPpRoAcH me.. n...
fInd mE 2 tOk sIax..bUt luCkiLy hE dIN..
hE oNi cC mE fRm aFaR..
kEkE.. u gUys mUx tInK y iM sO sCaRe oF hIm rIte?
cUx i dUn lIke hIs fAce maHx..
oOooPx..  =X
aNiwAy.. i dUn condEmn ppL.. unLess i ReaLLy haTe dem..
kEkE~ aFt sCh mEeT zHen gO hOme..
sHe oSo sAd bOut hEr aIaI tHiNgY..
haIx.. y aLL sAd cUx oF aIaI nEhx? realLy dUn unDersTand..
*sIgH* hOpe sHe n aIaI wiLL b betTeR tmL..
=] wE hAd a lOng cHat..
wEnt 2 aMK cEntraL sIt sIt..
dRinK driNk n tOk tOk.. eVerYtHing oSo tOk laHx..
cAn c tAt sHe's distUrBed bY hEr bF baHx..
nOt hEr uSuaL seLf..
mE eHx?
dUnO aRhx.. e oNi tHiNg iN mOi mInd nw ish..
ICA nX wK hAndIn up..
i sTiLl caNt fReE myseLf fRm nOt tHiNkIn..
bUt tHiNkIn bOuT wHu?
mAk a gUeSs baHx..

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

sIaNx.. cIne is hAvIn pRob wIb hEr bf aGain..
tAt aRic ish oWaYs makin mOi dEaRie sAd..
iM oWays wOndErIng.. y dO gurLs liKe 2b hUrt?
tHey nOe tHeY'll b hUrt bUt tHeY sTill faLL madLy iN Love..
Y? i dUn hAve e aNs.. i dUn nEed e ans tOo..
weLL aNiwAy.. wAs cHeCkin maiLs.. n cOme aCrOss tHeSe :

Did you know that those who appear to be very strong in heart, are real weaklings and most succeptible?
Did you know that those who spend their time protecting others are the ones that really need some one to protect them?

Did you know that people who occupy themselves by keeping others company or helping others are the ones that actually need your company and help?

Did you know that those who dress in black, are those who want to be unnoticed and need your help and understanding?

Did you know that those who need more of you are those that did not mention it to you? 

Did you know that what is most difficult for you to say or do is much more valuable than anything that is valuable that you can buy with money?

Did you know that the three most difficult things to say are : I love you, Sorry and Help Me. The people who say these are those that actually need them or really feel them, and they are the ones you really need to treasure, because they have said them.

tHoSe i cOpy n pAsTe it heRe r tHoSe i fInd it tRue dE..
i lOve 2 wEaR bLack.. dEn.. mAyb iSh tRue baHx?
i gOt a sTrong fRont. den dOes iT mEaNs tAt iM qUite wEaK aCt.?
tmL pRact cAnceL.. cAn gO sCh iN e aFtn..
sLp mOre.. iM mIsSiN mOi sLp..
lEsS tHaN 10hRs.. oH god maN!!
mOi pAndA eYes getTiN bIgGeR  n bIgGer liaOx..

dOin mOi ICA dEn hEaRd Tis sOng pLaYin iN mOi pLayer..
qUite nIce.. iS bY sTeLLa Ng dE..
tItLe iSh �A??�h

�U?�B�� �ڤj�f�l�۲M�s���a ���ѥH��
�n�V�O�����s���ۤw ?�F���� ���A�ḭ����
��?�A�w? ?�ڪ��@�ɨ��X�h
�^�a���� ��??�@��??��� �u���P�E
�S�ݱo?�j�M��?���A��_ �~��?�ݱo�M��
�گu��4�F �A�]��?�ۼɦ�?
�A??�h ��?����? �۫H �L?????�H�h
���q�۹J ��? ?? ���� �ڤ�?�_�w
�]?�� �O�ڦ�?����?
�U?�B�� �ڤj�f�l�۲M�s���a ���ѥH��
�n�V�O�����s���ۤw ���A��_
��?��ڧ�i�� �A??�h
�A?�کM�A �i��?�A?�N���i�a???��
�s��?? �s��?? �s?��?��
��?�ڳ�? ??���ۤw

iSh a sAd sOng laHx.. hEhE..
mAke mE feeLin sO eMotIoNaL aGain..

=[ sO sAd sIax.. aCt. wAs tAkin a nAp jUx nOw dE..
dEn sO sWay.. i gO kIck mOi hP dOwn e fLoOr aRhx..
dEn "tHump" hIt e fLoOr.. e sOunds v lOud loRx..
wAke mE uP nEhx..
bUt i pReSs aNy bUttOn oSo kEeP rEsTaRtiN nEhx..
mAke mE v kAn jIOng loRx.. =n fInaLLy hEng aRhx..
bAcK 2 nOrmaL liaOx..
iF nOt.. mOi hEaRt aCHe sIax..
iS mOi pRecIoUs tHinGy loRx.. cAnnOt hapPeN aNitIn..
iF nOt.. i'LL sAd aFeW dAys sIax..
i uSe uP tiLL nOw oNi dRoP tWicE neHx.. tIs iS e 3rd lE..
hOpe wOnt dRoP aGaIn..
sInce iT wAke mE uP..
gUeSs i'LL gO dO mOi aSsIgNmEnt lE..
kEkE.. aNiwAy.. aiLiAn nOt i aGaNIsT 5566 or wAt wOrx..
bUt i tInk e aWaRd tHiNgY iSh faiR baHx..
cUx F.I.R n nAn qUaN mAmA cAn gEt nOmInaTed iN e bEsT nEw cOmErs tOo maHx..
wHeRas 5566.. eHeM.. caNnOt rIte? pAss e tIme le maHx..
sO pRaY tAt thEy wiLL wIn e aWaRd loRx..

sO laTe lE mOi tOtO sTiLL sO eneRgeTiC.. hIdIng uNdEr nEwsPaPer.. kEkE.. sO cUte rIte? =D

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

jUx onLiNe oNi sAw mOi cHa bO's nIcK..hEaRt paIn paIN wOrx..
y cHa bO nV taK cAre OF hErseLf?
=[ hEr cOusIn loRx.. sO bIaN tAi.. oWaYs aNIhOw bIte ppL..
tAt tIme gO hEr hSe.. hEr cOusIN kEeP kIssIn ppL sIax..
aNiwHeRe oSO cAn kIss.. fOot oSo wOrx.. o_O
hOpe e bLue black wiLL gO oFF fAster baHx.. iF nOt cHa bO bU mEi lE..

mOi cHa bO's hAnds worx.. sEe e bIte mArK maHx? =

oH yaHx.. 2dAe sTh v pAisEh haPpen sIax.. n i rEaLLy haTe it..
IF "U" i mEaN "U".. u nOe iM rEfErrIn 2 u oK..
dUno wAt e heLL ur naMe iSh.. oNi nOe u fRm hUiLiNg's cLaSs..
fRm mYaNmar.. sToP lOoKiN aT mE k?
i noe i cAnt sToP u fRm lOoKin.. bUt jUx wAnNa teLL u tIs..
iM nOt iNtErEsTeD iN u..!!!! n sToP asKin 4 mOi hP no.
i wOnt gIvE iT 2 u de..
liKe 2dAe u tOucH mOi cHa bO's sHouLdEr.. i haVeN seTtLe wIb u lOrx..
>.< dIsTurBiN mE n thoSe aRnd mE..
sO sToP tUrning aRnd dUriNg lEcTurE.. iSh gEttIn iRriTaTing..

pIssEd mE oFf maN tIs gUy.. hE's gEtTin oN mOi nErVes..
idiOt sIax.. bUt.. nOt gOnNa lE hIm rUin mOi mOod..
jUx nw i rEaLLy v gUaI le lOrx.. dO mOi maThs tUtOrIaL..
can u ImaGIne.. i blast mOi mp3 dEn dO matHs.. iN tIs wAy..
den i wOnt gEt iNtErRuPtEd bY e tEeWee maHx..
=D sO haPpy wiB mOiseLf.. im bEgInnIng 2b mOre hArdwOrkIn le..
wIsH 2 maIntAin iT uNtiL aFt tIs sEm baHx?
tis sEm sO e haRd sIax.. =cHa bO toLd mE a gUy ask hEr gO sTeaDy.. bUt sHe sAy wAn wAit tiLL aFT poly..
sHe's bCumIng mOre sEnsIbLe le wOrx?
aT leAst sHe'll cOnsIDer bOut sTudIes rIte?
n oSo sHe sAy sHe gOt me liaOx..
mAk me sO haPpy.. n pAiSeh.. *bLuSh*
hEhE~ dUnO y laHx.. buT mOi fAn nAo teLL hEr..
sHe'll lIsTen 2 mE tOk aLot aLot w/o cOmpLaIning..
sO gOod dE chA bO wHere 2 fInd?
hEe~ yAwNx.. gOtTa eNd hEre lE.. tIrEd mAn..
mOi eYebAgs n bLaCk rIngs cUmIng oUt liaOx maHx..

hEhE.. laSt wK iN lEcT haLL rEaLLy sUper sIaNx..
tAts y dAre 2 tAk pic pIx.. *wInKs*

hEhE~ laSt fRidAy wAiTiN 2 gO 4 prAct.. sIttIn oUtsIde.. nUttIn 2 dO.. sHoO sNap sNap.. *gRiNx*

aNotHeR pIx wIb 4 oF uS 2gThEr.. yEaHx~

oUr fEeT wIb sHoEs.. 2 sAndaL.. iSh cINe n zHen.. n 2 cOvEr sHoE isH mIne n Min's..

oUr fIngErs jOiNiNg 2 fOrm sTarx.. mOi fAve.. hEe~

yEaHx~ mIn aRRivE lE.. n iSh tIme 4 mOi pIx pIx taken 2gTher liaOx hOrx?

kEkE.. wEnt 2 mEridIan tOiLet.. n oSo sNaP sNap oUtsIde e sHops.. LoLx..

zHen, mE n cIne's hp. NoKia iS cINe's, sOny iSh mIne.. n e oTh 2 iS zHen's ...

mE & cIne.. finaLLy aFt sHe haNg up hEr fOne.. =D

mE & mOi tAt yUmMy fAce lOok.. HHhmmMmmm~

e bRoWnIes me, zHen n cIne sHaRe.. iSh tiRamIsU bRoWnIes wOrx.. yUmMy~

hIaKx hIaKx hIaKx~ iN sCh laBby aGaIn..
eXpErImEnt 4 v sHoRt.. fInIsH iT iN ?hR...
tAts y nOw cAn sUrF nEt.. bLOgGing loRx..
waHx.. yTd aFT sCh mEeT fWen gO oUt waLk waLk..

aNd dEn.. LoLx.. i gOt LoTsa laMe jOkes loRx..
aLL bY mOi fweN naHx.. wAt sIax..
rEaLLy v laMe wOrx.. kEkE.. kiLL Lotsa bRaIn ceLls..

kEkE.. gOtTa aSk u gUys hEre liaOx..
"a gUy iN a fOrEsT.. gOt nUttIn wIB hIm..
nO wAtcH.. nO hP.. nO nUttIn.. oNi a piLe oF mOsqUitO cOiL..
sO if he wAnNa tIme 45mIns.. hOw is hE gOnNa dO tAt neHx?"
hEhE.. hE cAnnOt bReaK uP e mOsqUitO cOiL oR uSe oTh tHiNgY..
sO.. tEsT uR IQ baHx.. tHoSe wHu hEaRd b4.. pLs dO nOt sAy oUt e aNs k? =D

jUx nOw oN wAy 2 sCh.. tOok e sAme bUs wIB mIn wOrx..
bUt i bEn bEn.. nV c hEr..
sHe caLL me.. dEN wE aLiGht n tOok aNOtHer aIr-cOn bUs..
n eNd uP.. i wAs laTe 4 20mIns.. bUt iS nOt oN purpOse wOrx..
i mIss 2 bUs.. sO paCk.. i cAnT bOaRd aT aLL..
=p sO qIaO bhInd gOt air cOn bUs sO of cUx aLiGht n tAke e air cOn de rIte?
*gRiNx* sO haPpy cAn c hEr.. bUt hOpe sHe wONt tIrE hEr seLf oUt aGaIn..

[tO mOi 3 dEaRies.. pLs taKe gOod cAre oF urseLf k? dUn tIre uRseLf oUt wOrx.. iF mE n aLL uR aIaIs wiLL b wOrrIeD dE hOrx.. *sMiLes*]

Monday, July 26, 2004

hEhE~ fIrstLy mUx sTaRT oFf wIb..
aPoLogIzIng 2 tHoSe 3 dEaRies oF mIne..
weLL.. gOtTa aDmIt.. eAch oF uS gOt oUr oWn dIFF liFe..
sO i caNt fOrce dEm 2 aDapt 2 mIne rIte?
aNiwAy.. iS oVer le laHx..
yTd wE haD a enjOyabLe oUtINg 2gETher..
mUx sPEcifY e wORd.. "tOgHeTher"
kEkE.. aNd wE tOok loTsa pIx tOo..
hIaKx hIaKx.. wiLL upLoaD oNCe thEy sEnd it 2 mE..
=D wAtCh King ArtHur wIB cINe n oThs..
n oF cUx.. mE, cIne n zHen bOuGht e sAme tOp wOrx..
eHhhx.. nOnO.. mE n cINe sAme.. zHen diFF..
bUt iSh fRm e sAme bRaNd wAn.. kEkE.. *gRiNx*
tOo bAd mIn cAme laTer.. iF nOt wE 4 aLL bUy sAme tOp..
aNd oSo 2 tHoSe wHU iS wOrried bOut mE..
iM fINe le wOrx.. lTr oN u aLL wiLl c mE sMiLing liKe sIaOx..
i sTiLL wIsH mIn, cIne n zHen wiLL sTaY 2gTher wIB tHeIr aIaI..
n hOpe theIr aIai wiLL tReaT dEm gOod eHx?
sHit goIn 2b laTe le.. bYex..

Saturday, July 24, 2004

tOtO iN aCtiOn.. bIttIng nEwspApEr.. dEsTroYinG tHiNgs aGaIn.. *gRiNx*

aLiEn iNvAsIon.. LoLx.. ish tOtO wOrx.. hIs aNotheR HaIrLeSs pIc.. =D

tOtO hairLeSs pIx.. kEkE~ iSh e sAme dOg worx..

hEhE~ hIs uSuaL pOse infRont oF cAm.. lYiNg oN e fLoOr..

tOtO lOoKin sO pItifuLLy.. wAnTiNg 2 gO oUt gAi gAi.. =

mOi dOggIe tOtO.. lYing oN mOi bEd.. mOi bLaNky sUmOre.. kEkE~

Friday, July 23, 2004

yEaHx~ hErE's mOi cHa bO.. i lOve tIs pIc wOrx.. =D

hheHe~ fInaLLy cAn upLoaD mOi cHa bO pIx hErE le..
eVerY cAn nOe Ow pReTtY mOi cHa bO lOok liKe le horx?
bEry pReTtY rIte? wAn hEr nUm?
bLeaHx~ cHa bO iSh mIne.. nO1 cAn sNaTch hEr fRm mE k?
HaHa~ at leAsT hAvIn cHa bO iS bEtTer tHaN haViNg bF rItee?
LoLx.. =D bUt nO wOrRiEs.. iM sTiLL sTr8 wOrx..
hEe~ jUx nW mEeT zHen & cIne..
wEnt cIne hSe 1sT.. sHe wAn pUt hEr laPpy aT hOme..
cUx sHe wOrKin iN cLinIc aFt tat maHx.. dEn i gOt cHaNce..
hAhAhha~ cAn fInd nEw tHeMes 4 mOi hP sIax..
aRnd 6:15 wE tOoK 74 dOwn 2 amk aVe 10.
waHx.. e sAtAy tHeRe v nIce eHx..
yUmMy.. eVeN mE aT 1sT dUn wAn eAt oSo cAnnOt cOntroL..
*gRiNx* aS cIne iS wOrKin aT 6:45.. sHe wEnt oFf aRnd 7pm.
lEfT mE & zHen.. sO wE fInIsH up n wEnt 2 fInd cIne aT hEr cLiNic..
dEn wE dId sTh tOopId sIax.. kEkE.. lUcKy no1 c uS dOiN it..
wE tOoK pIx aT hEr cLinIc.. uSing zHen's cAm..
oNi oUtsIDe e tOilEt nIa sIax.. kEkE.. lTr wiLL pOsT iT uP..
haFTa waIt 4 mOi dEarie zHen 2 sEnd mE 1st baHx..
*yAwNx* bEeN sO tIrEd.. 2dAe kiLLed aLot bRaIn ceLLs..
bCux of tAt ICA loRx.. haIx.. sAd cAse.. dUn mEntIOn iT liaOx..
*waItIn & hOpIng*

yOohOo~ iM iN sCh lAbbY nOw.. kEKE~
fInIsH dOin mOi inTeRnEt pRogRammIng pRacTicaL..
hEe~ sO haPpy.. lEaRn hOw 2 mAk fOrMs n wEbbY wOrx..
*gRiNx* aNoTher ?hOur oF sO cAn gO hOme liaOx..
bUddEn~ iM aLigHtIn aT NP.. mEeT mOi 2 dEaRie cIne & zHen..
LoLx.. wE gOin hOme 2gEthEr.. sO bo liAox rIte? =D
v haRd gOt cHanCe 2 mEeT uP maHx.. thEy sHoO bUsY..
>.< oOooPx.. lTr i kAna sCoLdIN aGaIn le.. =X
hAhHAha~ aFTn luNcH gO oUt wIb cLaSsMAte 2 eAt aT cLemEnti..
1St tIme orHx.. iSh aT a hALaL fOodcOurt..
mE, aiLiaN & pEiyIng oRdErEd hOr fUn.. oNi cHa bO mEeT mEe PaTtAyA..
aIya dUno hOw 2 speLl iT naHx.. LoLx.. sUmoRe sHe oRdER rOtI iCe cReaM tOo..
qUite nIce orHx.. yUmmY yUmMy~ kEkE~ sTraWbErRy fLavOur..
e oTher gUys eAt maLaY fOod.. i cAnt maHx.. i dUN liKe spiCy..

hAa~ wOwx.. tIme paSs sO fast hOrx? oNi sTarTiN oF e dAy nIa..
sUddEnLy "fIU" bcUm 4+ aLady.. KEkE~
gOtTa sTop lE.. mR yaTim.. aKa gAo xIaO dE xIaO nAn rEn.. =p
hE tOkIn bOut fOrMx.. bYex~

Thursday, July 22, 2004

hAhAha~ aCt. gOt nuTtIn 2 sAy laHx.. bUt..
jUx wAnNa tHx tHosE ppL wHu heLped mE laSt nIte baHx..
sHoOt tHoSe eAt fuLL fuLL nUttIn 2 dO dE ppL loRx..
kEke~ nOt aNgRwE aNimOre liaOx.. cUx tHrU tIs..
i nOe wHu cAres 4 mE sIax.. LoLx.. aT leAst thEy sHow tHeIr actIoN oUt..
unLike sUm wHU nOe bOut iT bUt kEeP qUiet.. =X
mOi cHa bO laSt nIte dIn sLp aT aLL.. sHe gO oUt wIB gOdbRo..
hEr gOdbrO aSk aLot fWenx 2 vOte 4 mE. HaHA.. sO cHa bO sAcRifIce..
gO "eNtErTaIn" dEm loRx.. *hEaRt paIn* hEr eYebAg aLaDy cAnnOt maK it le..
tInk iN sCh c hEr.. sHe'LL bCum a pAndA le baHx? =*yAwNx* tIrEd aRhx.. lTr sTiLl gOt 2?hRs lEct iN e aFTn wOrx..
dUno cAn maK it aNot? =D bUt cHa bO aRnd.. shLd b cAn baHx..
wE wiLL jUx tOk nOnsEnsE aGaIn Lorx.. =p
rEcEntLy mOi cLaSsmAte pEiYing bEeN mIsSin lotsa cLaSs..
dUe 2 hEr tHrOaT dUno gOT wAt tHiNgY.. sO sHE gO c dOc baHx..
aNiwAy hOpe sHe gEts weLL sOon baHx.. aRbO miSs sO muCh..
haRd 2 cAtcH up eHx? ;)
aRrGghHh~ 8:51 liaOx.. rEaLLy dAmn tIrEd.. hOw i wIsH 2dAe's cLaSs aLL cAnCeL aRhx..
LoLx.. tHoU i tInk iSh iMpOsSibLe.. bUt i sTiLl hOpe maN~!*!*
*sIgH* gOin sCh lE.. dUnO wiLL aNi1 gImMe aNy dIrTy loOks aNot?

pRaY haRd nO baHx.. oNi e cuLpRiT wHu sTaRTed iT..
hOpe hE/sHe gOt his/her rEtRiButIoN.. by bAdmOuThIng mE..
oR.. dO i reaLLy gOt a sLaNtEd mOuTh??

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

oH mOi gOd.. jUx gOtTa nOe sTh.. fRm cHrIs..
sUm1 iS bAdmOutHing mE..!!! o_O
sAy iM nOt up 2 sTaNdaRd.. n mOsT iMptLy..
mOi mOutH iS sLaNted!!!wAt sIax..!!! LoLx..
mOi mOuTh sLaNtEd oSo oFfeNd dEm aRhx?
KeKe~ dUno wHu i oFFeNdEd iN sCh eHx..
*tHiNkIn* dunO wHeTheR iZzit e gRp oF A1s?
wAt u tInk cha bO?heHe~ hIgH pOsSibLitIes rIte?
n tAt bIaO gE bIaO gE tOo..LoLx.. naHx..
dUn caRE bOuT tHose ppL le laHx..
oNi maK mOi dAy duLL..
hEehEe~oH yaHx.. 2dAe aFt sCh wEnt bEaCh Rd wIb cHa bO..
1St gO SIR buiLdIng wAn updAte hEr pAsspOrt pHoTo..
bUt tAt bLur sOtOng dIn bRiN IC.. LoLx..
sO wE wEnt aRmy mArkEt hUnt 4 sNeaKers..sAd aRhx..
gOt e paTteRn i wAnt.. bUt nO sIze liaOx.. =[
eNd up.. i dIn bUy aNy loRx.. N of cUx wE gO eAt..

KeKe~ e wEsTern fOod thErE iSh nIce wOrx..cHiCken cHop laHx..
cHa bO oRdEr fIsH & cHips..bUt gOt e "sEa" tAsTe sIax..
N i toLd hEr rEmInds mE oF a sIngEr..Ou De yAng.. aKa OcEaN..
LoLx.. aNihOw lInk rIte?
sUmore i toLd hEr i wAn naMe mOi fUtUre sOn as "wiLby"
cUx i sAw a rOad naMe iS WiLby Rd..
n sHe sAy iF gOt dAugHteR cAn naMe aS eLizAbeTh..
cUx oF Mouth E maHx..bUt i sTiLl cOntInue teLL her..
mOi fUtuRe hUbBy shLd hAV sUrnaMe..caLL TaN..
 dEn sOn cAn caLL TaN tOcK sEng aS weLL..
aFt tAt HoSp loRx..eNd uP wE bOth luFF nOn stOp..
cUx sHe tOkIn NonsenSe..n i cAn sTiLL aH lah oN wIb hEr sIax..
HahAHaha~ hMmm.. bAck 2 sEriOus maTTer..
m sUddEnLy thInKin.. iF iN sCh sUm1 cUm uP 2 mE n sCoLd mE..
hOw wouLd i rEaCt neHx? n wiLL mOi fWeNx heLp mE tOo?
i nOe iF i wErE iN sEc sCh.. mOi bUncHa fWeNx wiLL sUreLy heLp..
bUt in poLy.. wiLL thEy? i dUno.. mAyb cHa bO wiLL.. bUt oThs neHx?
arrGggHhh~ i mIss mOi sEc Sch fwEnx..
tHey r mOre.. mOre.. mOre..dUno hOw 2 dEsCriBe..
KeKe.. aNiway..i mISs mIn~ mIss cINe~ mIss zHen..

*PS : zHen aRhx.. aNy iDea hOw 2 remOve mE fRm tAt cOntEsT? i rEaLLy haTe iT 2 e cOre liaOx sIax.. *

y r tHeY iNsuLtIn me.. y mE iN e 1st pLaCe? iF onLy tAt dAy i haD aSk u y nEeD mOi IC.. shLdnt haVe gIv iT 2 u w/o aSkIn aRhx.. =[

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

LoLx.. nOw iN sCh laB dOin pRaCticaL.. bUddEn i finish aLady..
sHoo Log oN cHeck wHeTheR aNi1 taG mE? HeE~
waItIn 4 e tAt [...] 2 repLy mOi aNS tOo laHx.. KeKe..
e sCh mOnItOr iSh sO bIg wOrx.. mOi wHoLe bLoggY lOoK sO daMn big..
LoLx.. iSh nOt e 1st tIme i cUm laHx.. bUt toO bO liaOx.. sO..
jUx pOsT sTh uP loRx.. HaHahA~ iN cAse tRoy iSh rEaDin?
hIaKx hIaKx hIaKx.. wOrKin hOurS sTiLl cHeckIn mOi bLog? ;p bLeaHx.. cHa bO iSh bsIdE me nOw.. WahHahaHa~
zHiqUan tEaCh uS hOw 2 mSn in sCh sIax..
sO fUN neHx.. kEkE~ bUt nO eMotiOns..
n no1 repLy mE.. oNi cHa bO repLy mE.. haHahA~
waIteD 4 5mIns b4 mIn repLy.. hEhe` sO eXcItEd sIax..
bUt e pErsOn i hOpe 2 onLine iSh not onLine.. =[
naHx.. nVm laHx.. nOnE oF mOi bUsIneSs tOo..
iM gEttIn exCitEd oVer mSn.. cAn u iMaGine? LoLx.. jUx bCux cAn mSn.. iM haPPy le.. =D
yEaHx~ mOi deaRie cINe iSh cUmIng BAc 2niTe..
2niTe wOrx.. hOpe sHe'LL mSg me oNce sHe rcH baHx..
eHhhx.. gtg liaOx.. bE bAc 2nIte~

Monday, July 19, 2004

waHx.. reaLLy fEel daMn boRed 2daE sIax..
wHoLe dAy aLL DCF moduLe loRx..
>.< aLL dIgItaL cOmmUnIcaTiOn fUndaMentaLx..
haHa.. naMe sO loNg.. sOunds cHim rIte?
yaH loRx.. aLL bOut cOmmUnicaTiOn sIax.. =\
n tAt "paTriCk cHau" reLLy dUn liKe hIm neHx..
i sTiLL pRefEr Mr sIM.. tAt "fIerCe" lEctUrEr.. kEkE..
mOi cLassMaTes sUre aGree.. i mIsS hIs jOkes.. hIs laMe jOkes..
LoLx.. =D hIs cLaSs iS nV bOrEd.. bUt tIs *cHaU* neHx?
*sIgh* gOtTa taHaN 4 a fEw mOrE mThs.. gOd.. pLs heLp mE..!!!
LoLx.. hOpe patRiCk cHaU wOnt c tIs.. oOooPx.. =X
tIs sEm moduLe aLL cAnnOt sTaNd iT wOrx..
dIgItaL dIgitAl dIgItaL.. aNItIn eLse? dUN tInk sO.. HaHa~
oNI iNtErnEt pRogRaMmIng im eNjOyIng iT baHx..
cAn dEsIgN bLoGgY maHx.. i Love iT~ *hIaKx*
sUmoRe tAt ICA tIs fRi gOnNa hAnd up.. oH mOi gOd..
wIthIn 3 wKs gO fIgUre ouT tAt dUno wAt eNcrPtIon tRaNsPosItIon..
wAt e heLL rIte? KeKe.. i dUN wAnNa eLaBoraTe..
tOo cOmpLicAteD le.. =PpP
i gOt sTh 2 sAy.. wAteVa iT iS..
[...] cAn u pLs teLL me wHu u R?
i reaLLy duN lIke gUeSsin gaMe naHx..
dUn fOrCe mE 2 aDd iN a paSsWord iN mOi bLog 2 sToP oThs fRm rEaDin iT..
i'LL dO jUx sO.. jUx hOpe uR nOt e pErsOn iM tInKin baHx..
nOe mOi sIs haVe bEen rEadiN mOi bLog tOo.. HaHa..
oPeN 2 aLL maHx.. bUdDen.. she cUm aSk mE iZzIt ask fWeNx vOte 4 mE..
lOlx.. sO paIseh neHx.. gUesS i dUN waN pLaY le laHx..
aNiwAy loSe liaOx.. e oTh gEr leaDin le.. *hEng*
dUn wIsh 2 gEt thrOwN bY rOtten eGgs.. LoLx..
thx fiLzAh 4 vOtin.. cHa bO & zhEn 4 aSkIn fWenx 2 vOte..
xIe xIe nI mEn le wOrx.. I Love u gUys.. i Love eVery1.. yEaHx~
rEaLLy sUper sWaY sIax.. wAn kick mOi dOggIe's beaR beaR..
eNd uP kIcKin e cHair..
*oUcH* paIn paIn sIax.. =S
sO haPpy.. tmL mOi dEaRie cINe iSh cUmIng baCk le..
fRm bAngKok loRx.. cUx oF hEr sIs.. lEaVe mE hEre..
*sOb* bUt i dUN bLaMe her laHx..
wHu aSk hEr 2b tAt cLose wIb hEr sIs?
2dAe iSh aNOther haPpy dAy 4 mE.. cUx.. sUm1 sMs mE..
HaHahA~ sUm1 sPecIaL? iM nOt gOnNa sAy iSh wHu..
Lolx.. bEg mE loRx.. bLeaHx..
dUrIng leCt sIt bhInd tAt "sTyle sTyLe" gUy aGaIn..
kekE.. iSh i aSk cHa bO sIt aT e rOw dE laHx.. sHhhh~
last wK dUnO y dReaM oF hIm sIax.. kInda wEiRd rIte?
hEhE~ e 1 i hOpe 2 dReaM of bUt dUn haVe.. =[
rEcentLy i sEeMs 2b v kan jIong sIax..
eVen cHrIs oso sAy i tEnsEd..
dUnO y neHx? mayB iM sTaRtin 2B haRdwOrKin le?
KeKe.. hOpe So.. verOnica harkwOrKin..
cAnnOt liNk uP neHx.. ^_< 
i mUx tRy 2 reLax le wOrx.. cOoL dOwn..

Sunday, July 18, 2004

waHhHahaHaha~ 2dAe i bErY gUaI wOrx.. sTaY aT hm n sTudY sIax..
HaHaha.. dO mOi maThs tUtOrIaL.. aCt. i hEcK cAre de laHx..
bUdDen tIs tIme rNd cAnNot liaOx.. cUx rEaLLY kInda dun uNdErsTaNd muCh..
aLL tRigO eQUatIoNs & iDentItIes.. i haTe tRiGo sIax..
mE & tRiGo iSh eNeMy maHx.. LoLx.. =D
bUt i stiLL eNdUre n dO unTiL tUtoriaL 2 ?way wOrx..
dUn sIaO sIaO eHx.. KeKe.. *gRiNx*
gOt a sEnSe oF satIsFaCtory sIax.. cUx dUrIn tUtOriaL 2 hRs i oNi dO tUtOrIaL ?way mahx..
bUt 2dAe mE wIthIn 3hRs dO 1? tOtUriaL wOrx.. sOo haPpy.. KeKe..
y sO eaSy sAtIsFied neHx? nOwadAys i dUn exPeCt muCh le laHx..
=p eXpeCt mOrE dIsappOiNt moRe maHx.. cOrrecT?
HeE~ i fOund oUt wHu nOmInaTed mE liaOx..
aInt i cLeVer? LoLx.. iSh mOi sEc sCh fWeNx.. jOeY chAn..
LasT fRi ask mOi IC no. n i *bEn bEn* gIb hEr lORx..
HaHa~ sO nOw canT bLaMe aNi1 liaOx.. jUx pLaY oN baHx?
nOw u gUys shLd nOe wAt 2 dO le baHx? HaHahah~
i dUn wAnNa lOse 2 yEaR 1s wOrx.. *wInKs*
*yAwNx* tIrEd lE.. bUt sTiLL oNlIne.. KeKe.. cUx waN cHaT cHat maHx..
c e pErsOn i waItIn 4 wiLL onliNe aNot?
*waItin paTiEntLy*

yOohOo~ jUx cAme hOme fRm e sOmeRsEt "oPeN" hAwKer..
HaHa.. wEnt tHeRe cUx yTd iSh mOi paReNts bDae.. yEaHx.. c cArefuLLy..
iSh bOtH mOi pArEnTs bDae wOrx.. sO fOrTuNaTe rIte? hEe~
wE oRdErEd sTinGrAy, sAtAys, fRiEd KaNgkOng, hOkKiEn mEe, cHaR kWaY tIaO, n oF cUx e MoSt deLicIous fRiEd oYsTeR.. HaHa..
fRiEd oYsTeR iM e 1 wHu Q n bUy wOrx.. iMaGine..
sTaNdiN tHeRe waItIn 4 nEarLy 45mIns sIax..
gOt paTiEnT hOrx? nOrmaLLy vErOniCa aInt sO patIeNt dE.. KeKe.. =P

wE eAt whiLe tOkIn.. n mOi mUm keEp tOkIn n tOkIn..
HaHa.. aUntie maHx.. bLeaHx.. oOooPx.. =X
iSh v deLicIous aRhx.. eVery1 shLd gO cHeCk iT oUt.. 
bUt nEeD 2b mOrE paTieNt.. cUx eVerY sTaLL oSo nEeD 2 Q~! 
oH yaHx.. aLL tHx 2 tRoy.. haHa.. 4 vOtIng mE eHx? LoLx..

Saturday, July 17, 2004

LoLx.. aLL tHx 2 pEiLi.. i gOtTa nOe sTh..oH mY gOd.. dUnO wHu e heLL nOmInaTed mE 4 e 93.3fm beLLes & bEaU sIax..mE 2dAe dEn fOunD oUt loRx.. -_-ll aNiwAy.. cAn gO tAk a loOk laHx..
iSh aT http://www.sbandb.com laHx.. sO u gUys cAn gO cHeCk iT oUt.. iM uNdEr e paRt 4 SP laHx.. iN cAsE u gUys dUno.. >.<
mAyb cAn vOte 4 mE tOo? LoLx.. bUt dUn tInk wiLL b abLe 2 wIn tOo naHx.. KeKe..
dUn lEt mE fInd oUt wHu iS e feLLOw wHu nOmInaTed mE iN e cOntEsT sIax..
sO paIsEh.. bUt dEn.. i fOund 1 oF mOi sEc sCh fReN uNdEr NP tOo..
sHe's 1 oF e beLLe wOrx.. HeHe.. i'LL vOte 4 hEr..

Thursday, July 15, 2004

sAd dAy.. dUn fEeL gOod..

aRrGghhhh~ rEaLLy dUn fEeL gOod rIte nOw.. dUno Y..
jUx a sUddEn fEeLiN.. sTruCk mE w/o wArnIng.. =[
mAyb ish bCux i rEaLiSe sTh.. sTh.. mAyB i shLd sAy it oUt..
bUt i wAnNa hIde iT.. dUn wIsh 2 lEt e pErSon nOe..

rCh hOme.. n sAw a laDy aT mOi hSe.. aS uSuaL mOi dOg tOtO wAs bArkIn liK heLL..
wAn tAke a nAp.. bUt cLdNt sLp aT aLL.. kEeP tInKiN bOuT tHoSe uNhaPpY tHiNgs..
sAd.. y cAnt iT jUx lEaVe mE aLoNe? tInkIn oF iSoLaTin mOiseLf aGaIn..
jUx hIdE.. n fIgUrE tHiNgs oUt? oR tAk a nAp.. eAt iCe cReaM 2b haPpY aGaIn?
dUn tInK it'LL wOrK tIs tIme rOund.. cUx iM rEaLLy dEpResS..
nW i cAn oNi cOunT on cHa bO le.. sHe nV dIsaPpoInts mE dE..
wHeNeVeR i nEed hEr.. sHe'LL b aRnd.. unLiKe oThErs..
sOo bUsY.. nO tIme 2 sPaRe? i cAnt sAy tIs.. i'LL hUrt aLOt ppL..
>.< jUx feeL tAt cHa bo nOe mE baHx? i gOt pRob cAn aPprOaCh hEr..
tInK i jUx nEeD hEr wiLL dO.. I WAN CHA BO ONI..!!!
sO muCh tHinGs 2 dO.. i cAnT b bOtHerEd 2 tInK bOuT tHesE sTuFfs lE..
dUn wIsh 2 tInk tOo.. wAsH mOi hAnDs oFf it..

Wednesday, July 14, 2004



What's your sexual appeal?
brought to you by Quizilla

wAhHahaha~ sOo fUrnIe.. iM a tOmbOy wOrx.. tAts wAt i oWaYs sAy maHx..
bUt.. hEe~ i gOt a fEmIne sIde tOo oRhx.. =D
goIn off 2 sCh liaOx.. *jIa nEhx*..

PS: jIa nEhx mEaNs bYe iN jAp..

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

wAhaHahahHAha~ =D rEaLLy dAmn bOrEd jUx nOw..
n sHoO.. i pLaYed sUm gaMes wIb cHrIs..
oNi hE wAnNa eNtErTaIn mE.. mUahahaha.. dId i uSe e wRonG wOrd?
naHx.. We pLaYed HexIc.. tHou hE dUno hOw 2 pLaY.. bUt he sTiLL tRy..
sOo he nOt cOnsIdEr bEn bEn liaOx.. KekE..

yEpx.. mOi 2Nd aTteMpT.. nOt baD le wOrx e sCorE.. bUt tAt sTuPid gReen bOmb sPoiLt eVeRyThIng.. KeKe..

mOi 2nd aTtemPt.. cUx oF tAt bOmb gOtTa rEsTaRt aGaIn.. HeHe..
dAmn fUn aRhx e gAme.. bUt i fAce e cOm fAce unTiL..
wAter sTaRt fOrmIn oN mOi eYes.. 8..(
nOp.. nOt cRy laHx.. jUx waTerY oNi.. HeHe.. n i sTiLL cOntInUe..
fiNaLLy.. i sUccEeD liaOx..

LoLx.. YeaHx.. mOi hIgH sCoRe wOrx.. fiNaLLy aCcoMpLiSh sTh lE.. =D wAs pLaYin wIb cHrIs.. He's begInNeR.. bUt i nV buLLy hIm wOrx.. =p

gOod maHx? mUx pRaIse me wOrx.. LoLx.. *tHick-sKinNed*
HaHa.. aLaDy sO zI liAn liaOx.. so nUttIn 2b sCaRe Of le laHx..
bcUx iM haPpy.. cAn pLaY gaMe.. 2dAe cLasS wAs reaLLy tIrEd maHx..
dEn at hM cAn eNjOy oRhx.. KeKe.. oH yaHx.. gOodIe nEws..
cAn pUt cHn wOrds lE.. daMn eXcItEd sIax..
M lIsTenIn 2 jAy's sOng nOw.. Live vErsIon..

���b��?�c������?, �A���A??�ڪ���
�p���l�l��?�A���p���, ?�]�p���l�l���y
���ǨƱ��A�b??��, �A?�_?�O?�F�f
�H�H�@�y, ?�O�B��, �����
ɬ�p�M��, ���D�$�Z�A��?? �A��?�e��?
?����??�O�_�Ʀ�, �Q?�A��\�ٱo,

iSh a v sAd sOng.. mOi aLL tIme faVe.. =[
iF kEep liStEn rEpEaTEdLy cAn cRy dE sIax..
tInk gOnNa sTop hEre le laHx.. aRbo i'LL sTaRt fIndIn mOiseLf lOng-wIndEd liaOx sIax.. LOlx.. =D

hIaKx hIaKx hIaKx.. yTd aFt sCh wEnt PS wIb mOi cHa bO..
aCt. iNtEnd 2 gO bEaCh rD dE.. bUdDEn.. RAINING..!!!!
sHoO sAd loRx.. =[ cUx me aLaDy lOoKin 4waRd 2 bUyIn sHoe le maHx..
wAt 2 dO neHx.. eNd uP me & cHa bO dEcIde 2 waTcH mOvIe..
n wE dId sTh baD bAd wOrx.. HaHaha.. me gUiLty nOw lE..
=X nOt gOnNa sAy iT hErE.. wAiT kANa sCoLdIns.. LoLx..
bUt i sIncEreLy aPoLogIzE 2 e sHoP oWner..~!*~!*
oN e tRaIn.. wE lOoK tHrU aLl e mOvIe lIsTiNs..
n fINd oUt oNi MEaN girLs cAn maTcH oUr tIme..
sO cOncLusIon.. wE waTcH Mean GirLs loRx..
sOo qIaO sIax.. aT dhoBy gHaUt mRt sTaTiOn bUmP in2 bOon..
hE sUddEnLy cUt in2 mE & cHa bO's cOnvErsAtIOn..
gIVe uS a ScaRe sIax.. LoLx.. *bLusH*
dEn wE gO waLk waLk 2gEtHeR..
hE eVeN toLd mE & cHa bO PS gOt seLL fRieD icE cReAm wOrx..
*yUmmY*yUmMy* i cHooSe mAngO fLaVouR & cHa bO sTraWbErRy..
iSh sHOo nIce.. i wAn aNotHeR 1.. KeKe..
aFT fInIsHin e iCe cReaM.. sTiLl bIt bIt hUngRy..
hEaD dOwn 2 B2 n tRy oUt e dUnO wAt nOodLe oR wAt oMeLLeT..
*dUnO hOw 2 sPeLL sIax..*
mE sHaRe wIb cHa bO.. tAsTe nIcer loRx..
cHa bO sO sWeeT.. sEe mE dOin tHinGy.. eVeN heLp mE pRepaRe cHopsTicKs worx..
*xIe xIe cHa bO* *gRiNx*
sHe eVeN bUy Ice Mountain cUx sHe c e uNcLe pUt aLot pEpPeR..
tInK i'LL sCaRe oF sPicy baHx? sO sWeeT rIte?
KeKe.. dUn wAn bf le laHx.. i wAn cHa bo oNi.. LoLx..
arNd 4:30pm wE tOok liFT uP 2 7th fLoOr watcH mOvIe..
wenT iN earLy n tOk tOk.. oH yaHx..
tAt bEn bEn dE cHrIs sEnd uS sUm tOoPid sMs..
dUno bOuT wAt aIds de hOtLiNe wAn uS caLL..
mE, cHa bO n bOoN repLy hIm e sAme tHiNgy, bUt he dIn reaLisE..
dUhx..!! -_-ll HaHa.. tAts caLL naIve oR bEn bEn neHx?
HaHa.. nOt gOnNa mEntIon bOuT e sToRy oF mEaN gErS..
iTs wAy tOO nIcE liaOx.. wE lUff tHru Out..
tInK tIs iS e mOsT enjOyaBle 1 aMonG gOdsEnd n sEaNcE baHx?
hEHe.. dIn rEgRet waTcHin tHoU fiLzAh gOt e mOvIe..

mE & cHa bO's mOvIe tIx.. =pPp

aFt mOvIe wE gOnNa sEpaRaTe lE.. sHe tAkIn tRaIN 2 taNaH mERah..
n mE 2waRd aMk.. =[ sOo sAd..
HeHe.. bUt 2dAe c hEr aGaIn lE.. =D
2dAe tOoK bUs dAmn sWaY sIax.. sTANd bsIde a "hEi hEi"
hE v sMeLLy.. oOooPx.. cannoT sAy unTiL sOo oBvIoUs..
hE dUn sMeLl nIce.. HaHa.. n i kEeP aVoId tUrNiN 2 hIs sIde..
dUn wAn sMeLl hIm maHx.. sO my faCe wAs dAmn qIaN bIaN loRx..
lIKe ppL oWe me mOnEy nV pay mE baCk.. =*yAwNx* beeN haPpY tHeSe fEw dAys.. dUnO y..
jUx haPpy fRm iNsIDe oUt e sOrt wAn..
i'Ve lEaRn how 2 kEep mOiseLf oCcuPied..
mIssIn sUm1 cAn b qUiTe eNjOyabLe tOo..
dAydReaM..~ iNto mOi sTaRryLaNd..

Monday, July 12, 2004

nIcEy dAy

yEaHx~ nOe iSh eArLy.. KeKe.. gOin sCh sOon liaOx..
bUddEn sUddEnLy haNds itcHy.. LoLx.. =D
mOi bLoG sOng iSh sOoo nIcE.. u PpL cAn hEaR iT maHx?
mY dEaRiE cIne sAy sHe cAnt hEaR sIax.. =[
HaHa.. nVm naHx.. i CaN hEaR cAn liAox.. >.<

HaHa.. sIaO cHa bO rIte? fInIsH pRePaRiN.. sOo tRy sNaPpIn sUm pIx loRx.. *gRiNx*

nOe aLot ppL mUx b tInKin i zI LiaN rIte? *_*
Hee~ cUx im hApPy maHx.. sO muX tAke dOwN..
iN fUtUre bRowSe tHrU oSo lOok nIcEr.. LoLx..
aNotHeR 1.. lAsT 1.. b4 i gOo oFf 2 sCh..
bOtH r tAkEn uNdEr liGht cOndItIoN.. bUt dUno y 1 lOok dArk..
e oThEr lOoK sO bRiGhT wOrx.. HeHe...

KeKe.. i oNi tAk 2 wOrx.. nOt aLot maHx.. =D

oOooKkkk.. fIniSh mOi bLoGgIn liaOx.. Hee..
aFt sCh m gOiN bEaCh rD wIb cHa bO.. sOo haPpy wOrx..
cUx cAn *eR rEn sHi jIe* maHx.. LoLx.. naHx..
iSh bCux i cAn c sHoe loRx.. hOpe cAn bUy nEw paIr baHx..
=D *mUaCKx*

Sunday, July 11, 2004

mIsSiN sUm1 badLy..

hMmm.. m mIsSin sUm of mOi fWeNx rIte nOw.. =[
dUnO wAt tHeY r dOin naHx.. Hee~ tHoU m cHaTtiN wIb cIne nOw..
HaHa.. pLaYin gAme wIb hEr.. bUt i lOse 3 tImes liaOx..
>.< KeKe..

GaMe.. LosIN liaOx.. sO dUn wAn pLaY aLady..

Hee~ sO laTe haVen sLp.. waItIn 4 mOi sIs 2 cUm baC..
gO kTv sIng sOng.. sOo gOod rIte?
=P bUt mE betTeR.. cUx cAn pLaY gaMe.. LisTen sOng..
bLogGiN.. cHaTtIn.. cAn dO sO maNy tHiNgY 2GeTheR..
LoLx.. aCt. iM jEaLoUs laHx.. HaHa..
cOnsOlIn mYseLf loRx.. bUt dUn wAn adMiT..
REaLLy sIaO le.. 1dAy bLog sO maNy tImes..
cUx nW iM haPpY le maHx.. =D
yEaHx.. vErOnICa LiaNg iSh bAc 2 hApPy mOdE lE wOrx..
*mUaCKx* mOi gOod nItE kIss.. wAn gO zZz lIaOx..

Saturday, July 10, 2004

qUiz aGaIn

Your Icecream Flavour is...
Cookies 'n Cream!
Smooth and creamy with a few rough bits mixed in, you are a real treat! You are probably very popular amongst your friends. Remember too much of a good thing is not always good! Don't lay it on too thick!
What is your Icecream Flavour?

Find out at Go Quiz

LoLx.. iSh aCcuRaTe.. mAyb 4 tIs oNi laHx..
i lOvE cOoKiEs & cReaM iCe cReaM..
bUt oSo mInT cHoCo cHiPs tOo laHx.. HeHe..
aS lOng aS gOt cHoCoLaTes cAn liaOx.. Hee~
2DaE bEeN rOtTiN aT hM aGaIn.. cUx sIS wEnt Out..
dEn i b fiLliaL gEr.. sTaY aT hM nOrx..
LtR mOi dAd cOmpLaIn mE & sIs tReaT hSe aS hoTeL..
-_-ll sUmtImes kIndA cAnNoT sTand iT naHx.. oWaYs cOmpLaIn sOo mUcH..
wE'r oLd eNuFf 2 tInK le wOrx.. nO tRust iN uS haRx?
haIx.. fEeLin dEpReSs aGaIn.. beeN tHiNkIn aLoT 2dAe loRx..
3 oF mOi fWeNx r sAd.. sOo iM sAd tOo? naHx..
bCux.. i kIndA reaLisE sTh.. feeL tAt mE & e ** r sOO faR aPart..
nOt poSsibLe eHx? tAtS wAt i tInK naHx..
tInK tOo muCh le.. maYb aBit bO liaOx.. bUt..
i dUnO hOw 2 cOntInUe liaOx..
iM nOt haPpy wIb mOi liFe..


Your love is... by ChibiMarronchan
Your name is...
Your kiss is...breath taking
Your hugs are...gentle
Your eyes...twinkle in the moonlight
Your touch is...the only thing I desire
Your smell is...amazing
Your smile is...entrancing
Your love is...everlasting
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!

LoLx.. rEaLLy sIaOx liaOx.. dO sO muCh qUix..
heHe.. aCt qUitE fUn wOrx.. bUt aNiwAy wAs qUitE bOrEd maHx..
Whahahaha... =D
2DaE iM haPpy aGaIn..
e sMs iM waItIn 4 hAs cUm le wOrx..
cHa bO nOe wHu iM rEfErIn 2 baHx? HiaKx hIaKx hIaKx..
iM sOooOOOooooooo HaPpY... wAn sHaRe mOi haPpInEss wIb eVerY1..
HaVe a hAppY dAy wOrx.. *gRiNx*
niTey~!*~!* *mUaCkx*

Friday, July 09, 2004

qUiz wOrx..

What will your Funeral be like?
by rashock
You will die by:Mysterious unsolved murder. The killer was never found and neither was your body. Your casket is empty and you family mourns till this day in hopes that you are still alive or died a swift death.
Death Date:July 6, 2055
Number attending your funeral?71
How much will you leave to friends and family?$1,704,420
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!

LoLx.. i'LL dIe bY e daTe sIax.. mYsTeriOus dEaTh??
sOunDs sO sCary sIax.. yUcKs.. i dUn wAn.. =S
hEhE.. u gUys cAn gO tAk a lOok & tRy wOrx..
maYb dIe e sAme dAy aS mE?
LoLx.. naHx.. i cLdnT haV lEaVe sO muCh mOneY bhInd..
i sPeNd mOnEy w/o tHiNkIn.. hOw 2 sAve sO muCh?
=D mUaHahaHahA..

Thursday, July 08, 2004

sADdiEs dAy

2dAe aCt. cLaSs sTaRt aT 1pm dE.. bUt cUx oF cHa bO..
sOo mE, aiLiaN, pEiyInG, bRiAn & vInCenT wEnT sCh earLieR..
iSh mOi cHa bO's bdaE maHx..
HaPpy bDaE wOrx cHa bo..~!*~!*
wE cHooSe a cHocO cAKe 4 hEr..
aLL cOvErEd wIb cHoCo rIce sIax.. yUmmY wOrx..
LoLx.. lIke mOi cAke sIax.. >.<
aNiwAy.. sTiLL qUitE ok.. bUdDen dUnO y..
sUdDenLy m mIssin sUm1 nOw..
tInKin.. iSh hE bUSy oR wAt?
hOw cUm nO sMs fRm hIm nEhx? *tHiNkIn*
i oSo cAnt eXpEcT aNitIn naHx..
cUx wHu m i 2 hIm oRhx? iM jUx a sImpLe fRen..
sOoo.. i cAnT eXpeCt he'LL sMs oR caLL mE eVeRydAy rIte?
kEkE.. dUnO y.. i kInDa eNjOy miSsin sUm1 nOw..
thOu jUx a fRen.. bUt aT lEaSt cAn kEeP mOi mInd oCcupIed..
tHiNkIn & mIssIn sUm1...

Wednesday, July 07, 2004


cuddle and a kiss
cuddle and a kiss on the forehead - you like to be
close to your special someone and feel warm,
comfortable, and needed

What Sign of Affection Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

nIceY nIceY

*yAwNx* dAmN tIrEd.. tHoU nOw oNi 7+ nIax..
HeHe.. beeN BusY 4 e pAst 2 dAys sIax..
2dAe rCh sCh fInd oUt maThx canCeL..
mEaNiNg i gO sCh 1hR lEcT dEn cAn gO oFf liaOx..
sO i mEet cIne earLiEr aCc hEr gO laVeNdEr tAk pAsspOrT
b4 hEaDiN dOwn tOwN 2 wAtCh sEaNce..

sEaNce mOvIe tIx.. Wahahahaha~

LoLx.. waHx.. tIs mOvIe dAmN "nIce" aRhx..
nIce uNtiL i nEarLy dOzE oFf.. yaWn hErE yAwN tHeRe..
tOo bOrIn liaOx.. wAt a sCaRy mOvIe sIax.. HeHe..

2DaE's sUnsEt.. pRovIdEd bY bRiaN.. LoLx..

aRnd 5+ wE tOok 54 gO hOme loRx..
cUx bOth gOin hM 4 dInneR maHx..
n i cAn bLog tOo.. bCux tOo mUcH tHiNgY 2 rEcOrd lIaOx.. *wInKx*
i oSo tRy 2 mAk aNoTheR kEycHaIn fRm mOi sPoiLt oNe..
tOok sUm sTaRs fRm cHa bO's pReSsY.. oOooPx..
n fIx iT oN2 mOi kEycHaIn.. LoLx..

HaHa.. tOoK sUm sTaRs fRm cHa bO's bRaCeLeT & pUt oN mOi kEy cHaIn sIax..

5th JuLy [1st dAy oF sCh]
yEaHx~ rEaLLy dAmN haPpy sIax.. fInaLLy cAn gO sCh liaOx..
iSh sO muCh bETtEr tHaN rOtTiN aT hOme.. Keke..
aiLiaN & zHiyInG eVeN gImMe mOi pReSsy wOrx..
sO sWeeT oF dEm.. cUx mOi bDaE iSh liKe aGes aGo maHx.. HeHe..

yEaHx~ pReSsY fRm AiLiaN & zHiyIng.. =D

bRiAn oSo paSs mE a pReSsy he bOuGhT..
a rIpcUrL tOp.. *wOwx*
sUmOre hE v pOwEr sIax.. gOt e eXaCt rItE sIZe..
iT fIts mE jUx rIte lOrx.. KeKe..

RiPcUrL tOp fRm bRiAn..

mOn sCh eNd aT 3pM.. aFt tAt mEeT sIS 4 mOvIe..
sPiDeRmaN..!!!! dIn nOe iSh yOuTh dAy..
i bEn bEn gO cIneLeisUre cHeck..
OMG!! aLL 4 tIme sLots soLd oUt.. O_O
i caLLeD mOi sIS.. n sHe sAy wE gO gReaT wOrLd cHeck lorx..
bUdDen sO sWaY sIax.. mE sTomaCh cRaMp aGaIn..
uNbEaRaBle bUt oSo haFta sTaNd iT..
tHoSe cLosE 2 mE shLd nOe y baHx?
hMmM.. mOi sIs eVeN tOok cAb dOwn sIax..
oNi 2 rCh gReaT wOrLd n nOe tAt mOsT sEaTs r taKen..
LeFt sIngLe, 1st 3 rOws sEaTx lorx..
sUmOrE iSh 6:45 de sHow sIax.. =eNd up.. wE wEnT baC oRcHaRd n taK bUs 7 tO bUgIs..
WahHAhaHAha.. sHaw tOweR.. LasT rEsOrT..
gOt sEaTx wOrx.. bUt oSo qUiTe aLot taKen aLaDy..
6:15pm dE sHow.. last aRnd 2hRs+..

SpIdDy's mObEe tIx..

wE rUsH hM iMm. aFt e mOvIe.. y eHx?
9pm cHaNneL U gOt ouR faVe sHow maHx.. HahHa..
sO 1st dAy iSh reaLLy a bUsY dAy 4 mE sIax..
rUsH hErE n tHeRe..

6th JuLy [2nd dAy oF sCh]
LoLx.. yTd wAtCh mOvIe mEeT sIs.. eNd uP 2dae neHx?
KeKe.. aFt sCh mEeT tOnY.. hE paSs mE pReSsY..
a sTaR nEckLaCe wOrx.. KeKe..
eVerY1 nOe i liKe sTaRs le haRx? =D

nEckLaCe fRm tOnY.. hEhE.. nIce oNe wOrx.. *gRiNx*

n oSo aCc mE wAtCh mOvIe.. HaHa.. cUx im cRaVing 4 sUm sCare..
LoLx.. gO fRm taMpInes 2 tOwn jUx 4 a sTuPid sHow wOrx..
gOdSend.. -_-ll nOt sCaRy aT aLL..!!! tInK hE nEarLy dOzE off baHx?

gOdSeNd mOvIe tIcKetx..

aFt mOvIe hE aCc mE taK bUs 2 aMk n waIt bUs wIb mE b4 hEaDin hOme loRx..
KeKe.. aNothEr tIrIng dAy sIax.. bUt..
i eNjOy 2daE's oUtIng.. HaHa..

Monday, July 05, 2004


hIaKx hIaKx hIaKx.. 2nite fInaL maTch 4 eUro wOrx..
gReEce vS pOrTugaL.. i sUpPoRt pOrTuGaL..
pOrtUgaL mUx wIn..!!!!
LoLx.. i haTe gREece.. 4 wInnIn cZeCh rEpubLiC..
tAt iS e 1st maTcH i waTcHeD loRx..
buT e tEaM i sUppORt loSe.. sOo..
Hehe.. tIs aFtn.. iM gOod gEr oK..
mOi aUntIe caLL n aSk mE hOw 2 uSe INTERNET..
Haha.. i tEaCh hEr sTep bY sTep.. cReaTe cOnnEcTiOn..
dEn hOw wHeRe 2 tYPe uSeR ID & paSswOrd..
n pRoCeeD 2 uSiN IE wOrx..
sOo haPpy.. aS lEaSt i dO sTh gOod.. =D
yEaHx.. tmL fInaLLy sCh rEoPeN le wOrx..
gOtTa sTuDy aGaIn.. bUt bEtTEr tHaN rOttIn 24/7 aT hM..
jUx sAw mOi iDoL eLva oN teEwEe.. sO pReTtY..
sHe sIng liVe wOrx.. aI dE zHu Da gE..
=p tmL mIghT b mEeTiN mOi sIs aFt sCh..
2 waTcH sPiDdY.. HaHa.. sO wEiRd..
cUx seLdOm go oUt wIb mOi sIs dE maHx..
aNiwaY.. maK iT a nEw begiNnInG bahx..
oH yaHx.. yTd sAw mOi cHa bO..
sHe cUt haIr wOrx.. lOoK sO dAn cHUn aRhx..
LoLx.. eVeN shorTeR tHaN mIne liaOx..
haIx.. 2dAe sTh uNeXpEcTeD haPpeN.. n i lEarnt mOi lEsSon..
cAnnOt owaYs dEpeNds oN fReNx.. gOtTa b iNdEpeNdEnt..
=[ n i fInd ouT sTh.. sTh i lEaRnt wHiLe waTchIn tEeWEe..

The two thing that is most detrimental to health is..
WiNe & LoVe

sOunDs rEaSonabLe? i aGrEe..
hMmmMm.. jUx nW hEaRd a sOng oN tEeWee..
aDvErtIsEmeNt.. FaN wEiqI nEw aLbum..
tAt sOng caLL *dAo bU LiaO* iSh v nIce..
bUt iSh a sAd sOng..
ani1 wanna listen can go here
dEn cLicK oN "wMa' 4 tAt paRtiCuLaR sOng..
ish tRack 4..
=D sUppoRt it wOrx.. n teLL me oPiNiOn..
*yaWnx* kInDa tIrEd le.. wAnNa zZz liAox..
dUn mIsS mE wOrx..

Sunday, July 04, 2004


i mIss aImIn~
bUt sHe sAy wE'VE 4gOtTeN bOuT hEr..
=[ i oNi tOt sHe wAn uS 2 leAve hEr aLoNe?
cUx e lAsT tIme i mSg hEr.. sHe sOundEd coLd..
bUt i tRueLy dId mIsSes hEr..
dUn dOuBt mE 4 nOt rEmEmbErIn u..
pLs dUn dOuBt mE..
i rEaLLy dUn wAn e sAme tHiNg 2 haPPeN aGaIn..
bUt u sEeMx 2b haPpiEr wIb uR db fReNx..
bUt tAt dOesNt sToP mE fRm rEmeMbErIn U..
i mIsS u tOo..


wAs kInDa bOrEd tAt dAy.. sOo wEnt 2 dO sUm qUiz.. n pOsT mOi rEsuLts oUt hErE..
bUddEn kIndA iNaCcUraTe wOrx..
yYy eHx?
cUx.. iM nOt a pErFeCt gUrLfReN maHx..
HeHe.. maYb iSh mEaNt 2b pErFecT gUrL"s" fReNx baHx?
*gRiNx* LaSt nItE wAtcH The eYe..
fInd oUt aCt. iSh nOt aS sCaRy aS e 1sT tIme i wAtCh iT..
wIb mOi qIng aI dE wOrx.. cIne & mIn.. HahHa..
i wAs pLaYiN wIb cIne's fInGeRs tOo.. >.<
aNiwAy.. nOt a baD sHow aFteRaLL laHx..
yTd mOrN fRm 9 oNwaRds wEnt aLjUnIeD 2 wOrK wIb mOi cHa bo..
heLp ppL aSsEmbLe mOtOroLa hp..
waHx.. moToRoLa daMn loUsY sIax..
oOooPx.. i mEaN taT paRtIcuLar mOdeL..
hEhe.. keEp haNgiN loRx.. n fUncTiOn kIndA "rEtaRdEd"
LoLx.. gOtTa mastEr rEsEt & cLeaR eVeryThIng aFT *fLexIng*
dEn sEnd 4 cHeckiN.. pAcKiN.. sEaLiNg.. eTc eTc..
qUitE a tEdIoUs wOrk naHx..
bUt cAn wOrK wIb cHa bO.. aNitIn oSo oK wOrx..
HaHa.. sUm fUnnY tHinGy haPpeN.. BuT m nOt aLLoweD 2 sAy herE..
mEaNt 4 me & "taT pErsOn" 2 nOe oNi..
LoLx.. cHa bO's fRen tAt dUnO wAt uNcLe aDrIan kEeP tOkIn cOck..
eHhhx.. nOnO.. nOnsEncE..
dUnO waT taNg dYnaSty.. lAo fO ye.. TaI jIaN.. gOnG nU tHingy..
i lUfF uNtiL sToMaCh cRamp aRhx..
wAHahHAhaaha.. =D
dEn aRnd 7+ wE cAn lEaVe liaOx.. tOoK tRaIn 2 bUgIs..
n i wEnT hOmE.. wHiLe cHa bO mEeT hEr sIs pLus bF..
HahHA.. oN mOi wAy hOme..
i dOze off aGaIn.. =X
n i mIsS e sTop sIax.. -_-ll
lucKy.. oNi mIss 1 sToP.. iN tIme..
sOo waLk hOme loRx.. exeRcIse maHx..
gUeSs 2DaE.. nuTtIn 2 dO liaOx..
lOoK 4 rIngToNes.. tHeMes.. yEaHx..
wiLL b baC lTr 2 pOsT aGaIn.. =]

Friday, July 02, 2004


You're Perfect ^^
-Perfect- You're the perfect girlfriend. Which
means you're rare or that you cheated :P You're
the kind of chick that can hang out with your
boyfriend's friends and be silly. You don't
care about presents or about going to fancy
places. Hell, just hang out. You're just happy
being around your boyfriend.

What Kind of Girlfriend Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla


LOVING ONE. You need safety in your relationship.
You want to be sure in his/her arms, knowing
that he will protect you and you can be totally
devoted to your other. At this point you are
very vulnerable. You open yourself and dont
even think that he/she could cheat you. You
totally trust your partner in every single way.
SO if you find out that she/he lied to you or
played a game this trust is broken. You may try
to forgive your other but this will be very
difficult.He/She has to be friendly and

~THE big LOVE TEST!! What do you need? With PICS! For girls and boys!~
brought to you by Quizilla