DoN't Be tOo gOod,
I wiLL MiSs yOu ;
dOn'T bE toO nIcE,
I mIgHt LiKe yOu ;
dOn'T bE tOo sWeEt,
i mIgHt faLL fOr yOu ...

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

wondering why m i bloggin at this time?
its bcux...
im on MC today!!
nothing 2b happy abt..
im suffering under cramps again~
ytd took leave as well..
as im feelin holiday mood..
hahaha.. =x
anyway, i'll b back 2 work tml..
finally done up my POSB iBanking lohx..
i can happily spree w/o prob le..
maybe i shld limit my e-shoppin to once/twice/mth
bless me that i wont exceed limit yehx?
shit~ i haven arrange 2 meet up my agent..
hafta sign another form 4 my insurance..
gotta go sms her le..
*wave bye*


Monday, January 29, 2007

life is short..
please do treasure it..

a young TW female celebrity,
许玮伦, 28yrs old has passed away ytd nite..
she was involved in a car accident on the 26th nite..
barely 2days ltr, she was announced brain dead.

althou im not a fan of hers,
but im stil quite taken aback when i know e news..
was shocked 2 hear frm my sis that she has passed away..
i mean.. she's stil so young..
not even married nor have kids yet..
her life hasnt really consider started yet..
no matter what.. i wish her RIP..
click here for news articles..


Friday, January 26, 2007

i accidentally broke my promise..
i set a rule that i cant buy anything anymore..
i'll jux browse thru those spree pages..
in e end...
i cldnt control myself and splurge another $19.20~
BUT but but..
oni $4 belongs to me!
e rest m helping lisa + min 2 buy..
hahahha.. wondering what izzit bahx?
click here to find out whats that?
find e item quite worth it lahx..
bght 1 4 myself and 1 4 my sis..
duwan ltr she complain why i buy 4 myself oni?
hehehe.. nw grow up le..
wil know how 2 share & think 4 oths..
hohoho~ hopefully it wil arrive b4 CNY ehx?


Thursday, January 25, 2007

here to update lohx~
2dae is another rainy day..
so good 2b at hm, can zZz whole day?
recently been busy makin "sth"
everyday aft work head hm 2 do it lehx..
i think its arnd half completed!
quite satisfied with e outcome thou its alil" diff..
i did it ALL myself!
*give myself a pat on shoulder
tue i "accidentally" ordered 2 tops from Aeropostale.
costing me nearly $40 siax..
ok.. i shall stop ordering until...
i received my 4 tops from TW? okie?
i even saw nice earrings which i didnt buy..
anyway, let photos do e talking..
given by boy nx door..
damn nice of him 2 get chips 4 us..
its from BKK!

what does Fish n Chips means in here?
doesnt it taste jux like chips?

im quite certain this is not fish crackers..
got lotsa spices as well yo..

im goin 2 eat it!
drink a full cuppa water aft afew pieces..

i think i didnt mention i went PS on Tue..
alone.. after work..
again.. i bght new stuffs!

these stickers are pop-up de..
v glitter on it..
bling bling i like it!

small alphas for the "thing" im doing nw..
lolx.. cant reveal what is e "thing"

big big alphas 4 my albums de..
my HK album stil left 8pages 2 complete!

small alphas again..
also 4 e "thing"

alphas rub-ons..
im so happy over this..
there're over 1400+ characters!

redish pink + purple shade of alphas..
cheap cheap.. $3.50 each

this is the most worth it alphas i've ever buy!
cost $19.95 for 5000 characters lehx!

recently the lift at my blk keep breakin down..
on Tue, the lift was blacked out..
but the fan stil running lohx..

on Wed when im goin 2 work..
1 of e lift broke down again..
its stuck at Storey 3, not moving..
really hate it when takin lifts in e morn..
esp when im livin at Storey xx..
need 2 wait super long lohx..
and those livin at Storey 5 and below..
super lazy can?
they rather spend 5+mins waitin 4 lift,
than walkin down e stairs..
pls lohx..
u waste ur own time and our time..
2dae e lift that i took stopped at 6 storeys..
i think i've wasted 5mins away?
plus 5-mins of waiting..
24th, 21st, 16th, 13th, 8th & 4th!
freaking hell!
that lvl 4 lady really damn XL!
come in duno how 2 press e "close" button..
*shit her

ytd met xiang & mei 4 lunch..
shun bian take VCDs + Jap txtbk frm xiang..
im gonna learn Cantonese & Jap..
on my own!
bless me ehx?
aft our lunch we went Red Dot 2c..
my 1st time there..
nuttin much cux no flea mkt mahx..

the shops inside Red Dot..
from Maxwell mkt to Red Dot
Red Dot to IP
IP to tanjong pagar NTUC
NTUC back to IP
all bcux i wanna buy seaweeds
been havin tidbits crave..
and buyin all that i c r nice!
i need 2 lose weight!

these r the earring wore in K-drama, My Girl..
love them loads kx?!

cutie teddybear

swarvsoki (duno how 2 spell) earrings
super sweet & bling!

another bling tear drop earrings

hello kitty?
i dun like this lahx..

agh~ bling bling..
got my fave ice cream..

mis-matched kinda earrings..
the apple looks delicious!

im goin 2 prepare out 4 lunch lohx..
ltr aft lunch den i con't kx?
plus wanna reveal my ans 4 previous post..

to be continued...

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


1 - 你有很了解你的朋友吗?
2 - 他们有多了解你呢?
3 - 那你会对你朋友说实话吗?
4 - 你们连很敏感的话题都能谈吗?
5 - 朋友之间应该有所隐瞒吗?



this morning i saw a crow feedin on a dead rat..
the dead rat was crushed 2 death by a oncoming car..
simply hideous until i feel like puking
*cant puke as i didnt eat anything this morn
i even saw e flesh of e rat flyin out..
as e crow's claws step on e rat,
and e crow went on "eating" the rat..

Monday, January 22, 2007

Gosh~ 1st time in my 7mths+ workin at CSC..
i had breakfast at the kopitiam below Cecil House lohx..
and its not intentional de..
cux i went over Cecil House 2 take my power adapter..
asked my colleague 2 help me tak frm nehx nehx's desk..
(bcux nehx nehx fly 2 xx 2dae mahx)
and so kind of *him 2 offer 2 treat me breakfast!
hahaha~ feelin my stomach rumbling inside,
i accepted his offer lohx..
he had his mee siam + kopi
while me lehx?
cux its malay stall mahx..
and i duwan eat spicy food..
so i ordered teh instead of teh bing..
surprisingly, teh taste much better than teh bing?
had a 45mins+ talk..
walked back 2 office but went 2 develop photos..
*suddenly feel a cramp in my right calf,
might b due 2 over-walking? =x
anyway, rched office at a whoopping 1020am!
lolx.. isnt it consider quite late?
hMmm~ started pluggin in the power adapter,
logon 2 my profile in the lappy,
plug in USB of HD
and voila!
my HD is working!!
*clap hands*
i hurrily backup all my files..
and time check : 1105am
barely 45mins pass by only lehx..
went 2 check my gmail a/c..
found out lotsa new entry in sgspree yo~
again.. feelin v tempted 2 buy..
calculated 3 tops for AEROPOSTALE,
including changing from US-SG + GST + shipping..
it comes up to arnd $60++ lohx..
haix~ shall consider it tml..
c whether got ppl join in e spree anot..
if response not gd, it might b cancelled mahx..
furthermore, im stil waitin 4 my 4 tops!
right now m vexed abt v'day..
what shld i get 4 dar.dar lahx? v fan~
im considering bag? polo? tee? mp3 player?
can any1 gimme comment?
jux as i give up hope on goin out 4 lunch..
lisa say she's lunchin alone..
and she's craving 4 KFC..
sumore sms ask me e delivery 4 KFC..
see her so "gian", how can i ignore?
so i agreed 2 meet her 4 lunch at Bugis lohx..
plus we exchanged photos 2c..
super funny lehx..
i brought all e photos we took durin sec sch..
super toot arhx us!
oh yahx, went 2 apply 4 my POSB ibanking..
act. is 2 request pass/id reset..
its done finally!
changed my signature + bankbk as well..
rched office at 2pm sharp..
aft checkin mail + findin out abt vPost..
i signed up 4 an a/c lohx~
now i can legally shop frm US & Jap..
im so glad that my HD is fine!
its "discharged" lohx..

my last wk's Sat was so exciting..
went 2 FairPrice Xtra with my family lehx..
feel so family siax..
doing all e groceries shoppin 2gether..
in additional, my papa is payin ALL of it!
i can have such bedsheets all bcux of my MAMA!
she bght the doraemon + starry bedsheets 4 ME lehx!
can match with my rm wall color horx?

aft our groceries shopping,
we went 4 dinner at the mkt!
had our all-time fave, WESTERN FOOD!

my mama keep sayin this Grilled Fish is nice!
and ultimately, i had a taste of it!
really taste not bad yo~

chicken chop~
dar.dar love orderin this..
addon egg + rice and e uncle charge us $5.50 nia..
we'r VIP mahx.. =D

my family + dar.dar and toal 5 BIG bags..
who got e most things?

these r all MINE!
isnt that quite alot?

i asked my mama and she nod..
so i jux take take take..
end up, i got so much siax..
the korean maggi mee is 4 dar.dar

not all r MINE lahx..
some r share share de lohx..
*jump on my bed*
i've got a great cny ahead..

Friday, January 19, 2007

our Ms Low has fly over to HK le..
if im not wrong, its 2 watch her Hocc's concert?
anyway, hope she enjoy her short hols..
ytd attempt another try of self-lunchin-trip..
aft like duno how long nv go Bugis alone..
and guess why i went down?
its all bcux of BUBBLE TEA lohx..
was cravin 4 it..
and if i dun go, i wil regret e whole day..
so hafta havin e craving,
i imm. get ready and head down le..
hahaha.. lucky bus was here aft a short while..
rched Bugis at arnd 1pm..
was back in office at arnd 145pm..
stupid right?
hmm.. let me back track to Tue..
i said i went over Cecil House off. to upload report..
instead of lv 8, i went to lvl 2..
the finance dept!!
bcux aft doing e billing 4 arnd 3mths?
i've yet 2 know wth is Michael..
so nice of him 2 help me prepare power + network cable..
found an empty seat jux the exact seat at e Main door..
dun uds why is every1 smiling at me..
*are they friendly or i over-sensitve?
was feelin kinda weird..
still.. i duno wth is Michael yet..
until i ask 1 of my colleague,
"heyx, who is Michael huhx? i nv c him?"
my colleague said,
"he say hello to u jux now?"
me gettin blur,
"huhx? since when got ppl say hello?"
sotong me..
the guy say hello 2 me and yet i ignored him!
lolx.. and i completely dun rem any1 sayin hello?
really sotong until cmi~
this morn was browsin thru some spree..
saw a cutie necky lehx..
cost TW$260 = SG$12.60
i like the silver necky lahx..
but sth is holding me back frm placin order..
didnt manage 2c anything else that i like..
and it seems quite stupid 2 place order 4 jux 1 item..
cux it wil take approx 1-2wks 2 arrive..
which agar agar 3wks 2 rch my hands mahx..
by then i might have 4gotten abt it?
sumore the previous 4 tops i place order on,
haven even rch SG yet lohx..
therefore.. i decided NOT 2 but it..

its a long long chain..
with the bling bling bear bear..
me & my bling bling..

oh yahx.. did i announce it?
my policy starts from 12th Jan'07..
monthly payin $150.15..
gonna be a poor girl soon le..

on a side note..
i hope to be able 2 save up 5k..
before my 21st bdae!

btw, dar.dar ytd suggest goin Tioman..
durin end of Feb lohx..
m stil considering whether wanna go?
act. not v lookin 4ward 2 go beach nw ehx..
more like goin shoppin trips instead..

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

i know i haven been updating recently..
was quite busy with my SLA Report
plus some other "有的没的" stuffs lohx..
anyway, jux nw acc Siew Xiang go SunShine Plaza..
finally there's some1 who is more 路痴 than me!
hahaha.. she printed a map frm Street Directory..
heard frm her colleague tak 131 frm Tanjong Pagar down..
she only know alight 7 stops ltr..
but duno e exact location..
therefore, luckily got me arnd!
we found that ulu place..
aft alighting at e stop, i was busy lookin arnd..
c which buildin is shown on e map..
saw a familiar Paradiz Centre..
and imm. know where we shld head le..
*feel so proud of myself
i shall show off this 2 dar.dar
so in future he cant say im 路痴 anymore le..
our SX is so swt 2 her bf can?
bght a nearly $150 Gundam 4 her aiai..
can u bear to spend so much on a figurine?
we even bcum auntie jux 2 save $2..
(bargain with shop uncle 2 lower e price by $2)
lolx.. super auntie lahx..
e shop auntie go on n on abt e limited edition Gundam..
and our Ms Wong jux keep listenin..
while e time jux goes tick tock tick tock away..
nearly spend 30mins in e shop!
aft buyin e Gundam, we walk 2 PS ehx..
IM e 1 leadin e way horx!
*feel proud of myself again
rch PS, head 2 Motorola Service Centre..
e girl wanna collect her hp..
another nearly 30mins wait lohx..
honestly e staff r takin their own swt time..
we even saw a guy waitin v long..
e person serving him is nowhere in sight..
lucky i dun buy Motorola phone *phew
she.. wanna reward me 4 acc her..
so give in 2 me..
we had LJS 4 lunch le..
she complainin gonna condemn LJS le..
another long wait..
might b due to lunchtime lahx..
took me 20mins 2 buy e food..
and our last stop, KFC
agreed 2 help my colleague buy KFC..
rched office at 240pm!
followin pix r taken last wk..
last fri was cravin 4 some sweeties..
hence i bght lotsa strawberry stuffs back
all stored in office 4 munchin..

after openin a UOB a/c on wed,
i finally received my Visa Mini on Sat le..

my thoughtful mama bght me Doraemon bedsheets..
got pillow & bolster cover as well..

yeahx yeahx..
not only bedsheets but decorative items..
its for CNY de!!!
hohohoh~ come my hse on CNY..
and u'll c my hse full of my Ding Dang

this is 4 pasting on toilet bowl cover de..
but how cld i bear 2 use it?

4 hanging in my hse..
there's 1 v special de worx..
can b folded into a piggybank nehx..

saw dar.dar's fave, Keroro lahx..
how cld i not buy it?

the normal Yan-Yan vs Doraemon Yan-Yan
which is better?

*definitely Ding Dang Yan-Yan!

last Sun wanna go dar.dar's hse take his bag..
realised that e stairs at my hse downstairs was flooded..
is the rain really so heavy?

see.. its flooded till so big patch yehx?

my KAKA won 1st in the Open Class
- Disc Competition

*a round of applause 4 KAKA

and my KAKA proceed to won 1st in Expert Class
- Disc Competition

*another rnd of applause 4 KAKA

know what im tryin 2 say here?
"my sis"'s brand of pillow

my fave idol - ELVA!

bght her CD at Popular and got a free Calendar..
again.. i cant bear 2 use it..

happily with my ELVA latest album..

im a proud owner of ELVA's album..!

*those close 2 me shld know i seldom buy CDs

dar.dar and me went 2 e AMK HUB!
its really freaking BIG inside..
big until i wanna go there shop some day..
oh yahx.. bght this Mochi frm e FairPrice Xtra..
cux i told dar.dar inside got HongBao..
mayb i lucky hands can get a LARGER hongbao..
hahaha.. greedy me~

this mochi is e same as last time e 1 i bght..
jux that this kind inside got choco in e middle..
which i dun find it v nice..
except maybe 4 e Mint flavour?

anyway, have already found some1 2 go with me..
hahaha.. our poor Ms Wong hafta wear formal lohx..
every single day! including Fri!
her co. wanna change their image mahx..
so now, im e oni 1 who can dress down le worx..
wanna buy new clothes,
new bottoms (capri pants),
new flat shoes,
new bag,
new everything 4 CNY!
btw, i joined a online spree..
spent $60 on 4 tops siax..
which is arnd $15 each top lohx..
v cheap right?
m awaitin for e stuff's arrival..
wonder wil it rch b4 CNY?

morn met with some mishap..
really super sway..
my current external HD suddenly die on me..
ALL my files are stored inside lohx..
with e whole of 2006 not backup YET!
super jialat until i v scare arhx..
let nehx nehx know abt it..
and he nv scold me at all lohx..
sumore help me think of solution..
ask me dun panic arhx *hahaha
he say if our ppl cant retrieve e files,
we can engage outsiders 2 retrieve it 4 us..
plus he say he got extra cables 4 me..
he gonna pass it 2 me tml..
lets c whether can my files b salvaged?

my dingdang-gotchi jux die..
so sad ehx..
63 days..
broke my all time record..
im gonna switch it off..
dun think i got e patient 2 start..
to build up that 63days..