DoN't Be tOo gOod,
I wiLL MiSs yOu ;
dOn'T bE toO nIcE,
I mIgHt LiKe yOu ;
dOn'T bE tOo sWeEt,
i mIgHt faLL fOr yOu ...

Thursday, June 28, 2007


saw another quote in the book..
sounds reasonable..
guys agree?


MY 21st updates... finally!

alright.. been requested 2 update my bdae..
n have been delayin 4 far too long!
hence, this wil b a long long entry.. n NOTE,
entry PHOTO heavy okie?
- click on photo to enlarge -
of cux tis is not taken last Sat..
tis is last min rushin of preparations..
stil painting those freakin stars.
on Fri nite..
me + dar.dar + weihong + mama
was pasting e wordings..
need 2 arrange e words accordingly 1st..
finally aft 2hrs+ of stickin & pasting,
e stars & wordings r up!
thanks alot guys~

nx task 4 dar.dar is 2 dismantle my TV cabinet..
that explains y my TV is on e floor..

see how serious dar.dar's face is..
bcux i know its quite late already lahx..
YAY~! finally my hi-fi r 2gether lohx..
nicer isnt it? ;)

nx morn wake up super early..
cux min comin over arnd 10+am mahx..
n weihong rchin at 11am.
look at e amt of balloons dar.dar + weihong blew?
these heart shape balloons r blown by weihong ALONE!
e 1st balloon went burst & smack his lips norx..
so ke lian & painful right? =x
i like those BIG BIG ones..
balloons here balloons there..

balloons r EVERYWHERE!
den my buffet food arrive at 430pm..
see my papa & mama + weihong arrangin e chairs?
wanna see wat food r available?
scroll down then..
broccoli + mushrooms
fried wanton + swt & sour fish
black pepper pork + prawn fritters
roast duck
chicken curry
yangzhou fried rice
& my fave dessert --- Almond + Longan!
we wear couple tees that night! =D
e 1st grp of friends 2 arrive.. wHhEEee~
sadly weimin hafta left early 4 another outing
2nd grp came ---
consist of my pri sch mates +
m1 ex-colleagues!
see them busy talkin & writing..
den lisa & bf + limei came too!
but they stayed inside my rm 2 chit chat..
see me busy serving friends buffet?
with my pri sch frenx~ *beamx*
these r my m1 colleagues..
too bad missin SF, WT, SY & Joey..
talkin 2 my sis's frenx -- GuoWei + gf & YiHao
this pix shows me like talkin 2 e air horx?
but it caught ah di & jesslin readin my album so engross..
stil left so much food?!
usual lunch gang eating in my room.
luckily nv drop or dirty anywhere siax..
Sunny reached!
n cine kpo look look when writing greetings..
cine is e oni toilet girl who turned up!
so darn sad! =(
even PeiShan oso turned up..
why didnt toilet girls turn up lehx? =\

enough of grumblings..
the arrival of my cake le..
im goin 2 open it le..
check check..
c e design correct anot..
let me continue takin pix 1st..
pri sch frenx -- Shuyu & KaiYing
(kaiying is stil so skinny! so unfair siax)
my tour grp frenx..
ah di & jesslin
(ah di bcux he's e youngest!)
with my sis's goodie frenx..
YiHao, Me, GuoWei & gf
with my sis joinin in too!
n den pix with xiang & lisa..
i seems like e 3rd party in tis photo horx?
"where is dar.dar?"
den my poly mates bght a CROWN 4 me..
i can b a princess 4 1 day.. hahahaha~
ailian & sharmaine
sunny & cine
i've known sunny since 1997!
which is like 10 freaking long yrs!
yvonne & zx e couple
peishan & yvonne
n this is my superbly NICE, YUMMY, DELICIOUS +
whatever-u-name-it cake!
the MAIN person that day!
taken with e most respectful person..
my ah ma (mama of my mama)
w/o this lady, there wont b my mama,
n w/o my mama, there wont b ME!
so, e most respectful lohx.. ;)
with my maternal side relatives..
im going 2 make a wish upon a STAR!
with dar.dar & our couple tee!
hehehe~ swt anot? =p
not 4getting toto too!
my ever-doting parents
my family
(notice my mama & papa smiling so happily?)
but oni 4 awhile..
bcux in this take my mama & papa jux SMILE.
added in both bfs + toto in e middle of us..
our HAPPY NEO family..
pri sch grp
lower sec grp
sis + shihui
upper sec grp
netball grp
poly mates
m1 colleagues
sis's frenx grp
(troy, y u smile lidat?)
tour grp..
and with JANIE!
finally aft 1yr, we took pix 2gether!
bfs & sisters + toto..
does toto looks like a baby?
im goin 2 cut e cake le..
where shld i cut lehx? dar.dar helping me out..

dar.dar cuttin e cake & me distributing them..
but aft distributing..
sth was awaitin 4 me 2 accomplish!
toopid cine came up with e idea..
"kor" cake on my face & hands
who is e nx in line for 21st?
im goin 2 do e same 2 u as well! =p
tis pix v comical lahx..
is like cine hunting me & me running away..
but runnin away happily siax..
i duno wat im doin over here..
but see that cake stain on my left face?
i think is "kor" by my sis or dar.dar
they oso join in e force with cine nahx..
this is e mission..
2 bite e candle out frm e cake..
im tryin my v best..
my sis took a video in btw..
stay tuned bcux i wil upload e video..
that cine really v bad lahx..
busy wiping my face clean 1st..
my wall of fame..
all my hardwork & creativity..
somemore grp photos b4 they went off..
Sunny, Me, ShuWei & Lisa
missing Kelly & Shuyu..
these r e peeps i hangout with durin lower sec..
Sunny is my netball GK,
and Lisa is our netbal Captain!
Francine, Sunny, Me, ShuWei & Lisa
ShuWei, Francine, Chloe & ME!
Francine, Sunny, Me & Chloe
ZhengXiong, Yvonne, Xiang, QuanCheng,
PeiShan & ME!

aft EVERYone went off..
left cine, chloe & sunny only..
we went into my room 2 chit chat..
not 4getting some gossips of cux!
is wat we WOMEN love e most wat!
b4 they went..
took some pix outside my house..
i seems 2b e odd 1 out.. =x
n i say byebye 2 their backview..

once again,
a big THANK YOU to everyone
who turns up on my V. IMPT DAY!
*clap hands*
n those who last min cldnt make it..
sorry if i didnt reply ur sms..
i was too busy that day..
BUT i did read e sms & i dont blame u ok?

another thing 2 announce..
i have decided 2 make an album..
fully contain all e 21st bdaes which i attend..
up 2 date, there's min, cine, sunny, peishan, lisa,
chris, alexis, peiying & definitely mine!
wil do it all e way until 31st DEC of cux~
its 2 rem all my babes & dudes 21st bdae..

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