DoN't Be tOo gOod,
I wiLL MiSs yOu ;
dOn'T bE toO nIcE,
I mIgHt LiKe yOu ;
dOn'T bE tOo sWeEt,
i mIgHt faLL fOr yOu ...

Wednesday, June 30, 2004


Wahahaha~ m bAc aGaIn liaOx.. tIs tIme 2 pOst e pIx i tOOk wIb...
fRaNcIne loW & cHan lIzHen..
y sPeLL oUt thEiR naMe?
2 lEt eVeRy1 nOe.. iM beIn loVed & caREd BY dEm..
M sOo haPpy wOrx.. dUnO hOw maNy dAys nV mEEt le..
hArd 2 mEeT uP wIb dEm de sIax..
cUx 1 bUsY wIb aIai.. e oTh wIb wOrk..
n aNOtHer 1 wIb dRaGoNbOaT..
mE eHx? NuTTin wOrx.. sOo paIsEhx..

yEaHx~ wE 3 gUrLs oUtIn.. =D

mOi pIggY & mEe~

zHen & mEe~ 2 sWeeTiE??

Hee~ lTr m gOin 2 pOsT mOi cHaLeT pIx tOO.. pIggY wOmaN sEnd me liaOx..
xIe xIe nI le wOrx.. qIng aI dE~ LoLx..

22nd jUne [1st day]
mEEt cIne aT 2Pm aCtuaLLy.. bUt eNd uP.. bOth tUrN uP laTe..
HeHe.. dEn wE tOOk tRaIn 2 tAmPinEs & wEnt NTUC bUy sTuFFs..
n oF cUx.. tOok 29 aLL e wAy 2 cHaNgI cHaLet laHx..

sLpIn oN bUs.. Hahaha~ uSuaL mE!! oOOoPx.. =X

hIaKx.. tOo tIrEd.. sO cAnt rEsIsT nOt sLpIn.. =X
bIggIn hiLL cHaLet.. aT a v ULU paRt oF cHaNgI sIax..
ReaLLy haD a haRd tIme fIndIn iT wOrx..
sOo wHen eVeNiN cAme.. oF cUx i wEnt 2 haVe mOi bEauTy baTh laHx..
e tOiLet iSh bErY bIg wOrx.. O_O

mE aFt mOi baTh.. haIr sOo mEsSy.. =\

aFt i baTh cUm oUt.. mS hEng & wEnTing wEnT 4 tHeIr dInnEr..
sO leFt mE & cIne waTcH tEeWEe..
aRnd 10+pM, mE & cIne sIt hEr Ex caR oUt 2 fErRy mIn.
n e maIn rEAsOn iSh 2 bOrRow maHjOng & radIo..
LoLx.. laMe rIte? tRaVeL hErE & tHeRe jUx 4 iT!!!!

mIn & mE aT cHaLet.. *cHeeRx*

bcUx wE bOuGht a fEw bOttLes oF vOdKa.. mIn weNt uPsTaIrs 2 tOk 2 hEr JIe meI..
hIaKx.. n mIn bcUm dRuNk wOrx.. oOooPx..
sOo mE & cIne waTch fRi e 13th iN e liViN rOom..
n cHit cHaT.. n waItIn 4 bDaE wIsHes fRm fReNx??

cIne & me? rEd faCed~ gUeSs y baHx...

bUddEn aS bOth oF uS r tIrEd.. aRnd 3+, wE wEnT uPsTaiRs n LiGhts oUt le..
sTiLL cIne & mIn cOntInUe tOkIn..
mIn, cIne & "vErOn" tOk bOuT xIn Li hUa..

23rd JUne [2nd day]
aRnd 10+, cIne & wEntIng tOok oFF 2 tAmpInEs 2 fEtCh mOi jUnIors..
wHiLe me & Min taK oUr tIme pReParIn..
bOth oF uS weNt 2 tAmpInes hAve oUr lUncH & wEnT bAc cHanGi V.

2nd dAy~ oUt waLkIn 2 cHanGi V..

3 gUrLx.. sAd.. w/o zHen~

4 wAt rIte? 2 rEnT bIkes.. yEaHx~
fInaLLy gOt sTh 2 dO le.. HiaKx..
wE wEnT rIdIn aT e cHaNgI vILLaGe bEacH tHeRe..
iSh rEaLLY a lOng lOnG rIde..
bUt e bAd nEws iSh..
dUnO y.. sUdDenLy.. mOi RaShEs cAme BAc aGaIn..

aT cHaLet.. sIttIn oN sTaIrCaSe.. gOt aTmOspHeRe wOrx..

=[ sAd aRhx.. wHoLe cHaLet rUiN bY tIs..
M ReaLLy sAd sIax..
i gOt e iNtEnTiOn 2 sTaYin oN de.. bUt bUt..
haIx.. 4gEt iT.. waTs paSt iSh pAst le.. =[
dEn mIn wEnt oFf oN hEr oWn.. wHiLe Me & cIne..
wE waItEd 4 JiaQing 2 cUm fEtcH us..
tHx aLot wOrx JiaQing..
Hee~ i rCh hM aRnd 3 in e mOrn..
IN E MORN wOrx..
aLL bCux oF e raShEs laHx.. rUiN eVeRyThIng..
aRbO.. wE wOuLd haVe eNjOy lIke hEll le..
sUmoRe e nX dAy i cAn mEEt ** liaOx..
aLL bcUx oF "U"!!!
dUn eVeR cUm nEaR me aGaIn..!!
sHiT laHx.. m bEiN paRanOid liaOx..


hIaKx hIaKx~ m haPpY 2dAe.. sOoo.. gOnNa pOsT sTh uP.. =D
jUx nW wEnT 2 mEeT cIne & zHen.. yEaHx~
theY sTaRt sCh aLady.. mE eHx? 1 mOrE wK 2 gO.. sOoo sAd sIax.. =(
m sOoo bOrED aT hM wOrx.. =[
bUt nVm laHx.. Keke.. sTiLL cAn dO tHiNgy i lIke..
=] zHen bOuGht cIne, mIn & me pLuS heR e sAme bRaCeLeT wOrx..
4 gUrLs oWnIn sAme tHiNgy aGaIn?
eVen gOt oUr iNitIaL oN iT aRhx..

bRaCeLeT fRm tHaiLaNd~ wIb a "V"

hEe~ tHou iTs nOt sUm eXpEnsIve sTufFs.. bUt iS e tOt tAt cOunTs.. =D
n uP nX iSh e jAcKeT cIne & zHen bOuGhT 4 mE.. yEaHx.. mOi faVe wOrx..

bDaE pReSsy~ *cHeeRx*

gOt sTh 2 cLariFy~ mOi sIs sAy e mp3 iSh nOt sUm uLu uLu sTufFs~
iSh bRaNdEd de wOrx.. fRm kOrEa~ Keke.. hEre's e pIx..

mOi mp3 pLayEr~ NicEy nIcEy wOrx.. C=

aBit e bO liaOx laHx.. bUddEn.. sOO haPpy.. wE gUrLs wEnT 2 cAtcH a mOvIe 2gEtHeR..
wIndsTrUcK wOrx.. e sToRyLiNe iS sO gOod.. sWeeT & rOmaNtIc..
bUt sO sAd.. e mYuNgwOo dIe.. y hE dIe.. lEaVe bhInd kYuNgzHen??
sAd aRhx.. *sOb*
keKe~ N e eNdIn mErGe wIb mOi sAsSy gEr.. kYuNgzHen mEt aNoTheR gUy..
e sAme gUy wHu pLaYed iN mOi sAsSy gEr.. LoLx.. wAt sIax..

wIndsTrUcK~ sO sWeEt & rOmAnTiC~ =p

HaHAhAhHa~ toLd u aLL iM haPpY le.. aNitIn oSo cAn sHooT hOrx?
sHaRe sHaRe maHx.. oOooPx.. =X

nEw sCh tErM maRkx nEw bEgInnIng.. sOoo.. mUx haVe tHinGy~

nEw sAndaLs~ =D

WahahHAhahHAha~ cAnnOt c v cLearLy laHx.. bUt nVm.. sCh rEoPen cAn c liaOx..
*wInKx* lTr oN dEn pOsT sUm pIx taKen wIb cIne & zHen..
tAt pIggY wOmaN haVen sEnd me e pIx.. hEnCe.. gOnNa waIt le baHx..
oH yaHx.. 1 mOrE tHiNgY.. laSt nIte..
aLoT ppL kaNa bLaCkoUt rIte?
i wAsnT sPaRed eItHer.. KeKe.. eVeRyThIng piTcH bLacK..
kIndA sCaRy sIax.. wOndEr cHanGi cHaLeT gOt bLackoUt aNOt?
MuahahaHAha~ gOt 1 pIx sHaRe sHaRe.. pItCh bLaCk..

"nItE" vIew wHen bLaCkOuT~ *_*

LuCkiLy.. eLectrIcIy wAs baC iN 15mIns..
wOw.. nOwadAys.. haRd 2 lEt yOuNg ppL eXpeRieNce bLacKoUt..
lEt iT b e lEsSon 4 dEm loRx.. Haa~

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

HappY hAppY~

Well your Happy, yes thats right your so happy, so
pretty and witty and if i go on any more i will
have to pay for the rights of this song so,
great jop your one of the lucky ones.

What Emotion Dominates you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Sunday, June 27, 2004

HapPy haPpy wOrx~

yEaHx~ hAv fiNaLLy pAtCh uP wIb mIn le wOrx.. KeKe.. sO haPpY sIax..
bUrY e hAtcHet liaOx? nOw gOt nuTtIn 2 wOrrY le.. =D
2dAe iCe cReaM mAn fLy 2 baLi le.. sO sAd sIax..
leSs 1 peRsOn 2 cHat wIb liaOx.. aNiwAy hOpe he'LL taK gOOd cArE oF hImseLf baHx? =]

fInaLly haVe cHaNge mOi bLog sKin le.. *cHeeRx*
nIce riTe? =p bEeN bRowSin tHrU n sAw tIs.. nOt baD rIte?
Hehe~ eSp e wOrDs.. He LovE me.. hE loVeS u nOt??!
Haa~ aDdEd iN nEw gOodIes.. tHosE cLouDs.. sOoOo nIcE orhx..
cHaNge nEw mIdIs tOo.. tHe tRoUbLe wIb lOve..
nEw tAg bOaRd cOloUr..
nEw sKin.. maRkx a nEw bEgInnIng?
haIx.. m miSsIn sUm1 aLaDy.. sIt e 7:15pM fLiGht..
hE mUx b eNjOyiN hImseLf oVer tHeRe baHx?
sUrFiN? sUn taNnIng?
aRgGgHhh~ e fEeLin oF miSsIn sUm1 is nEvA gOod..
nEvEr gOod..

Saturday, June 26, 2004

hIaK hIakx~

rEaLLy bEen a Vvv sIanx.. sUpeR dUpeR sIanx dAy sIax.. rEaLLy gOt nuTtin 2 dO eXcEpt 2 sLp mY wAy thrU sIax.. KeKe.. =X oTh pPl bUsY wOrKin.. sLogGin.. wHiLe me Ehx? bUsY sLpin aT hM wOrx.. keKe.. say Out oSo aBit e pAisEh sIax.. Wahahaha.. m fEeLin betTer le laHx.. wAt iS mEaNt 2b wILl b lIkE tIs.. no1 cAn cOntRoL iT.. EvErYtHiNg iSh faTeD de..

i gOt nutTiN 2 sAy.. if sHe wAnT tHiNgs 2 cOntInUe tIs wAy.. dEn leT It bE baHx.. I dId mOi bEsT 2 cOnsOle n expLaIn tHiNGs laHx.. bUt sHe cHooSe 2 iT iGnOrE iT.. dEn wAt u gUys ExpecT? bEg hEr bAc? oR kNeeL oUtsIdE hEr hSe? wAteVa 4gIve & 4gEt.. aLL buLlsHIt baHx? wHu cAn ReaLLy dO iT? aLl bCux oF e wOrd pRiDe.. nO1 iSh wILLiNg 2 aDmiT wRong.. nOnO.. i dId aDmiT mOi faUlt.. bUt nO1 4gIve mE.. =[ dEn lEt iT be baHx.. eVerY sItuaTiOn wiLL hAv iTs oWn sOlutIon.. jUx hOpe 4 e bEsT & eVeryThIng le..

tmL sUm1 gOTta fLy 2 baLi aLaDy.. sO gOod sIax.. cAn eNjoY liFe aGain liaOx.. M gOnNa mIss hIm aGaIn? oR wiLL i nOt? dUno leHx.. sInce i v eAsY miSs ppl.. dEn gUeSs hE's nOt sPaRed baHx? jux hOpe hE wiLl rEtUrN bAC sAfE & sOuNd? n dUn hUrT hImseLf aGain? cUx hE's prOne 2 hUrT hImseLf easILy maHx.. KeKe.. wEiRd eHx? sO oLd alAdY sTiLL dUno hOW 2 lOok aFT hImseLf?

hIaKx.. mOi sIs gaVe mE a mp3 pLayeR sIax.. tHou iS jUx sUm uLu uLu braND.. bUt i rEaLLy aPprEcIaTe iT loTs maN.. KekE.. tIs yEaR pReSsy aLL i lOvE iT.. eSp e aDdiDa jaCkeT & e mp3 pLaYer.. O_O sO haPPy wOrx.. nX tIme gO sCh nO nEeD 2 sLp e whoLe jOurNey alAdy liaOx.. *cHeeRx* sTiLl gOt 1 mOrE prEssy? bUt *U* aRhx.. pUrPoseLy make mE xiN yAng yang.. dUn teLL mE wAt izzIt.. HeHe.. NvM.. i'LL b wAiTiN 4 u 2 cUm bAC.. dEn i'LL nOe liaOx.. =D

Friday, June 25, 2004

uPsEt.. rEaLLy uPsEt...

aRrGgHhhh~ m reaLLy dIsaPpoIntEd wIb mOisELf.. y dO i faLL sIcK sO eaSiLy eHx? jUx rEcOvEr fRm tAt sTuPid fEveR dEn hErE i aM.. dOwn wIb rAsHeS aGain..~ i haTe iT.. rEaLLY haTe iT.. eSp itS sO dAMn iTcHy~!~!!!! n i caNt sCraTcH iT sIax.. sAd sAd sAd aRhx.. mOi dOg mUx b dAmn hApPy.. cUx fInaLLy sUm1 gOtTa sTay At Hm n aCc hIm.. =[ sAd cAsE aRhx..

jUx fOund oUt tAt iM nOt tAt dAriN aFteRaLL.. nOt aS daRiNg & sTr8 4wArd As i tOt mYseLf 2b.. gOt sUm muCh WISH 2 tOk 2 ** bUt e wOrDs jUx sTucK aT mOi mOuTh.. nOwHeRe 2 sAy.. n kEeP qUieT.. wAt e heLL m i dOin? wAnNa gO oUt bUt oSo dUn dArE... sCaRe tIs sCaRe tAt.. vErOnIcA liAng.. uR gEttIn mOrE & mOrE uSeLeSs le wOrx.. oNcE faIluRe dOesNT meAn oWaYs faIluRe.. bUt bUt.. bUt.. sO mAny bUts.. i haTe iT...

m rEaLLy tRyIn 2 iSoLaTe mySeLf tIs fEw daYs.. sUddEn dEpReSsIon aGaIn.. bEIn lEfT aLOne 2 fiGuRe tHiNgs oUt aRenT gREaT.. bUt.. i dUno wHu 2 tUrN 2.. oR wHu 2 sPeAk 2.. oR.. or.. hOw 2 eLaBoRaTe.. eVerYtHiNg iSh sTucK..

hAPpiLy gO cHaLeT bUt cAme hM sAdLy.. y?? cUx mIn iSh aNgRy wIb mE 4 gOiN hM earLy n LeaViN hEr aLoNe iN cHaLeT.. aFt cAme oUt fRm mY baTH.. cIne toLd mE sHe's gOne*!! gOne jUx lidAt.. w/o sAyiN aNItIn.. i meAn.. iS nOt liKe i pUrPoseLy wAnNa gO hOme & lEaVe u aLOne iN e cHaLEt.. iS noT tAt i pReFeR 2 sTicK wIb cIne tHan u.. iT gOt nUttIn 2 dO wIb cIne.. i dUn uNdERsTaNd naHx.. i wEnt hM cUx i wAs aFraID mOi raSheS wOuLd gEt wOrSE.. dUn u hOpe i'LL gEt betTer?

dUnO uNdErsTand Y? bUt rEcEntLy eVery1 sEeMs 2 gEt aNgrY wIb me.. M i rEaLLy tAt gReaT aT maKIn pPl gEt piSsEd bY mE? m i rEaLLy tAt gReaT aT gEtTin rId oF mOi pRecIous fRenx? WTF maN!!! i haTe mOi liFe.. reaLLY seEms nO liFe.. eVeRy1 isH bUsY wIb tHeIr lIfe.. wHU wiLL cUm n cAre bOut mIne? mAyb iF 1 dAy i jUx dIsaPpeAr w/o a rEaSon.. no1 wiLL nOe bAhx? maYB iF i VaNisH iN tHin aIr.. nO1 wiLL fInd oUt baHx? cUx e wOrLd iS sO cRueL.. wHU wiLL caRes iF sUm1 dIe aNot? e wOrLd wiLL sTiLL cOntInue 2 rOtaTe.. eVerYtHiNg wOnT cHaNge.. e oNi dIfF iSh.. tHeRe wiLL b a mIsSin gEr, vErONica~

Monday, June 21, 2004

happy bdae

WaHx.. 2dAe reaLLy daMn hEnG wOrx.. cUx tmL gOt cHaLet maHx.. n I.. I.. I.. RECOVER liaOx.. fiNaLLy wOrx.. aRenT u gUys haPpy? Keke.. Nv c Me onLiNe.. bEt u aLL miSs mE rIte? =p hIaKx.. act. yTd cAn rEcOvEr lE.. bUt dUno y aFtn sUddEnLy wEnt wEaK aLl oVer.. nO aPpeTiTe eAt sIax.. n tHrOaT gOt aBit sOrE tOo.. Keke.. =D nVm dOesNt maTtEr laHx..

dUe 2 e hOt wEaTheR.. i weNt 2 baTh aRnd 1+ dEn wHeN i cAme oUt.. sUm1 preSs mOi dOorbeLL... "dInG dOnG.. dInG dOnG.." i wAs tInKin 2 mYsElf.. *wHicH idIoT sIax?* HaHa.. cUx wAs qUiTe nUa laHx.. aT hM maHx.. dEn i sEe tHrU e "hoLe".. eHhx.. no1 leHx.. oRhx oh!! iZzIt.. aFtn oSo gOt TAT tHiNg meHx? bY e tIme mOi dOg wAs baRkIn liKe sIaOx aLady.. i hEcK caRe laHx.. waLk baC 2 mOi rOom.. dEn iT gOes aGaIn.. "dInG dOnG.. dIng dOng.." tIs tIme iM reaLLy abIt cUrIous liaOx.. i waLk oUt n pEeP tHrU aGaIn.. sTiLL nUtTin leHx.. wHu iSh pLaYin a PraNk On mE? hUmPhx!!! sO i taK mY keYx n oPeN mOi dOor.. n 2 mY dIsBeLiEf.. tHeRe gOt a bOx oF sWeEnsEnx caKe n a aDdIdAs pApeRbaG.. O_O wHu cOuld is b? weiRd laHx.. dEn e 2 cuLpriT FraNcIne lOw & lIzHen pOp oUt.. "HaPpY bDae..!!"
oH gOsH.. i wAs sO dAmn sUrprIsEd.. hOw thEy nOe 2dAe i'Ll reCoVer sIax.. lolx.. dEn i leT dEm iN loRx.. aS uSuaL.. tOtO baRk aT eVry1.. Hahaha..

tHeY wAn me 2 gUeSs wAts iN e paPeRbaG..? tEEs? sHoE? sAndAls? jacket? gOtcHa.. iS a jAcKet wOrx.. Red & wHiTe sUmOre.. LoLx.. dEn i oPeN uP e bOx n OnCe agAin.. mY eYes gO bIg bIg aGaIn.. iSh iCe cReaM cAke.. cOoKies & cReaM fLaVoUr wOrx.. yUm yUm..

mOi bDaE caKe.. *yUmMy*yUmMy*

KeKe.. i bCum e mOdeL of e dAy le.. pOSe wIb caKe sIax.. 1st tIme aRhx.. lOnG tIme nO ceLebRatE mOi bdaE unTiL sO haPpy liaOx.. =] feEl sO tOucHed.. *sObs*sOb*

bDaE caKe & jaCkEt fRm cIne & zHen..

cUx dRy ICe cUm InsIDe e bOx maHx.. dEn wE staRteD pLaYiN wIb e dRy iCe.. adD waTer n sMoKe cUn aLL aRnd aGaIn.. LoLx..

sTuPid mE~ bLow dRy iCe uNtiL whoLe faCe caN haRdLy C~ keke..

Muahahahahaha~ dUn luFf K? jUx rEcOvEr.. sO aBit e bEn bEn naHx.. u aLL oSo nOe.. i nV sIcK aLaDy aBit bLur liaOx.. nOw i tInk wOrSe le baHx? KEkeke..

cAndLes oN e caKe~ HaPpy BdaE 2 u...

tHeY sIng bdaE sOng 2 mE & i.. I.. i.. fInaLLy gOt cHaNce 2 maKe a wIsh wOrx.. heHe.. oWaYs paIseh 2 wIsh 4 tHiNgy bUt tIs tIme.. i v gReEdy.. i maKe 3 wIsh wOrx.. oOooPx.. =X hOpe gOd wOnt fInd mE gReeDy n dUn fUlfiL aLL mOi wIsh sIax.. Heeee~

WaHx.. wIsHin uPon a cAke? Muahaha~

hOrx hOrx.. sUm1 PeEpIn.. =P

ltR oN i cUt caKe 4 dEm 2 eAt wHiLe i mYseLf waTch sIax.. cUx cOoKies maHx.. sCaRe eAt le tmL i nO nEed gO cHaLet sIax.. keke.. sOoo.. gOtTa eNdUrE iT loRx.. >.< cLoSe up vIew oN mOi caKe.. yEaHx~

oVeRaLL.. m reaLLy gReaTfUl 2 zHen & cIne 4 pOpin bY 2 ceLebrAtE mOi bDaE wIb Me.. sO haPpy.. aCt i oSo hOpe mIn wiLL tUrn uP de.. bUt sHe gOt dRagOnbOaT sTaFF rAce.. sOoo.. nVm loRx.. mayB nx tIme.. aSk dEm ceLebRaTe 4 mE aGaIn.. Wahahaaha.. naHx.. zHeN sHi xIe xIe nI mEn le wOrx.. I dUno wAt 2 sAy 2 eXprEss Moi haPpInEsS 2 u aLL wOrx.. =D

Thursday, June 17, 2004

wEnT oUt tWiCe~

yOooHooo~ i mEeT cIne iN e earLy aFtn n wEnt baC mOi sEc sCh sIax.. 1st tIme iN mY laSt 2 yRs baHx? dIn cHaNge mUcH laHx.. sTiLL tAt "pIg" aS VP. oOooPx.. i wOnt 4gEt hOw sHe fOrCe mE 2 dRoP mOi a-MaThs.. jUx bcUx oF e pErCenTaGe rAnGe.. *pUkEs* bUt tHx 2 mOi a-maThs tEaChEr.. mr MaTtaDaM? *dUnO hOw 2 sPeLL* KeKe.. He gOt hOPe & tRusT iN mE wOrx.. HaHa.. dEn i mEeT mS hEng(mOi nEtBaLL cOaCh), & oSo mOi jUnIoRs wOrx.. LoLx.. dIn MaNaGe 2 tOk mUcH laHx.. sUmOrE kInDa feLt uNeAsY maHx.. >.<

i wEnT hM n lOg onLiNe aFt e mEeTiN.. wHeRaS cIne wEnt 2 meeT jOy aT j8 waTcH hARrY pOthEaD.. LoLx.. mIn aSk mE gO oUt tOk tOk wOrx.. oF cUx i mUx gO laHx.. aNiwAy i gOt nUttIn 2 dO tOO maHx.. =D nEarLy 5 dEn wE rCh j8 2 mEeT uP wIb cIne & jOy aT mOs wOrx. jOy toLd uS bOut hEr fReN caLl aNgeLa.. LoLx.. TaT bItcHy sLut.. aNihOw sEdUcE gUys.. bUt gUys oSo faLL pReY 2 e gEr naHx.. c hOw wEaK gUys r? cAnT rEsIst e tEmPtaTiOn oF e gUrL loRx.. *sIgHx*

aFt sHe fInIsH wIb hEr sToRy.. wE sTaRtEd sNaPpIn aWay..
HiaKx.. dEn i cAn PosE iT hErE maHx.. LoLx..

cIne iDiOt loOk?? HaHaHaHA...


hOws tAt? cAndId pIx wOrx.. hErE's aNoThEr 1.. tOoK bY jOy hErseLf..

jOy jOy pOsIn & taKin pIx hErseLf? HiaKx~


KeKe.. fUnNy rItE? aLL kaNa iNfLueNcE bY mE?

WaHaHaha~ sUpEr aCt cUte gEr.. =X *gRiNx*


sUpEr aCt cUtE laHx.. dUnO gOt wAt othEr pOsE exCePt tAt "V" sIgN.. sIGnIfiEs vErOn?
i jUx cAnT rEfrIaN fRm taKin pIx wOrx.. tInK iM hOoKed le baHx?

oMg~ my sHaw tOwEr coLLeagUe.. uSEd 2 faCehEr cOntInUoUsLy 4 2mThs wOrx..


hOhOhO~ hErE cUm mOi aH mIn & mE wOrx..


hErE iSh mE & mOi qIng aI de fRaNcIne~ *mUaCkx*


jOy jOy & mOi qIng aI dE.. *jEaLoUs* hIaKx..


aNd nOw e laSt pIx.. tOiLeT gUrLs aGaIn wOrx.. naHx..
w/o tAt wOrkahoLic mS cHaN Lizhen... bLeaHx~

tOiLeT gUrLs..


*yaWnx* aFt tAt cIne n jOy wEnt oFf.. lEfT me & mIn loRx.. wE eNdeD uP haVin KFC bUDdy mEaL oRhx.. HaHahA.. wE eAt wHiLe wE tOk.. sO maNy tHiNgy i hOpe 2 sAy aLL teLL iT 2 hEr laHx.. fEeL sO mUcH bEtTer~ bUddEn sTh iSh sTiLL bOtHeRiN mE~

Me & mOi aNoThEr fReN keLLy~ tInK wE rEaLLY gOnNa eNd oUr fReNsHiP 2dAe le maHx?
Im rEaLLy sOrRy 4 wAt i'Ve sAid 2 u.. bUt i reaLLy dUno hOw 2 eXpLaIn iT..
nO maTtEr wAt.. Ur sTiLl mOi eVeRdEaResT KeLLy LiM~ 8..(

arnd 9+ cIne cAme 2 mAc n fInd mE & mIn wHeRe wE sLaCk & cHaT tHeRe. hIaKx.. sUm1 uNsUrE wHeThEr iSh sHe iN loVe wIb tAt "sUm1" hOrx? *hInT*hInt* HaHahAHa..

*sIgHx* i rEaLLy exTrEmeLy fEeL im a FaiLuRe iN BGR n FrEndsHip wOrx.. >.< i jUx feLt sO bAd 4 sAyiN tHoSe tHiNgY 2 keLLy.. n sHe's iGnOrIng mE..
iGnOrIn mOi mSges..
iGnOrIng mE 4eVa..

hEaDaChe.. HeaDaChe.. hEadaChe.. i feLt So tErRibLy.. bUt wHu cAn i tUrn 2..
*bRian* iF uR rEaDiN tIs.. iM oK.. dUn fLoOd me wIb mSgEs..
*cHrIs* iM oK.. dUn wOrRy bOuT mE..
*PiGgY cIne* i'LL rEcOvEr sOon~ i jUx nEeD tIme..
m rEaLLy tIrEd oF eXpLaInIng.. sOoo sOoo tIrEd~

bLoGgY.. i gOtTa eNd uP liaOx.. reaLLy feLt tErRibLy..
iCe cReaM mAn nOt onLinE yEt.. i gOt sO mUcH cOmpLaInts 2 teLL hIM..
wHeRe iSh hE?
*lOoKin aRnd*
nO1 iN sIgHt..
*waLk aWay qUietLy*

Wednesday, June 16, 2004


I ENJOY TODAY.........

Tuesday, June 15, 2004



Name / Username:

Name Acronym Generator
From Go-Quiz.com

tIs is iNtErEsTin wOrx.. nOw mOi naMe sEeMs sO cHim sIax.. sUmOrE gOt mEaNiNg aLady.. HiaKx.. neXt tIme ppL aSk mE y i caLL vErOnIcA.. at LeaSt i cAn rEpLy tHem tIs liaOx.. HaHAhAha~ u gUys shLd gIve iT a tRy tOo wOrx.. *cHeeRx*

bOrIng dAy~

KeKe.. 2dae i gOnNa sHaRe wIb u gUys mOi pHoTos.. mOi pAsT pHoTos wOrx.. HaHa.. dUe 2 a bErY bOrIng eVeNiNg naHx.. HaHa.. i wAs cLearIn mOi cUpbOaRd wHen i cAme aCrOss tHeSe pIx.. yEaHx.. vErOniCa LiAng wAs cLeaNiNg hEr cUpboaRd.. KeKe.. sOoo.. i sTaRtEd sNaPpIn aWaY wIb tHeSe tHiNgY lOrx.. >.< fIrStLy iS mE iN mOi pRiMaRy sCh.. tInk iSh 6 or 7yEaRs oLd baHx? sO yOunG nOe hOw 2 pOsE le hOrx? WaHaHaHahA... LoLx i LoVe tIs pIx.. * mUaCkx*

hOw wAs iT? LoLx.. tHoSe wErE e tImEs laHx.. lOoK sO cUtE rItE? *bLuSh* KeKe.. naHx.. uP nExT iSh mE wIb mOi sEc 4 cLaSs gUrLs.. mOi gRp.. caLled "tOiLeT gUrLs" WaHaHahAha.. iT wAs gIvEn bY mOi pHySiCs tEacheR.. HaHAhA..

"tOiLeT gUrLs" *gRiNx*

wEiRd rItE? y gOt sUcH naMe? cUx.. wE 4 oWaYs gO tOiLeT lEaVe cLaSs 2getHeR maHx.. HaHa.. tAts hOw e nIcK cAme aBouT.. =O

tOiLet gUrLs oUtsIde cLasS

hMmm.. iT wAs sEc 3 n 4s tAt i gOtTa nOe dEm beTter de.. cUx lOwER sEc wE'r iN dIff cLaSs maHx.. KeKe.. sOo.. dUrIn oUr gRaDuaTiOn nItE.. wE gUrLs tUrN uP 2gEtHeR loRx..

pRoM nItE~ cIne, mIn, LiSa & mE~!~!

rEaLLy eNjOy e tImEs i sPeNd wIb dEm.. eSp wheN wE gO oUt 2getHeR.. HaHa.. tOok wIb mIn oUr 1sT nEo nEo.. aT fAr eAst De wOrx..

oUr 1sT nEo nEo taKen 2getHeR..

YeaHx.. tOok oN mOi 17th bdaE de.. tInk iSh laSt yEaR de baHx? *wInKx*

waHx.. i cHaNge aLot tHrU e yEaRs rIte? fRm loWeR sEc sO "bLaCk" 2 uPpEr Sec & gRadUaTe tUrn faIrEr sIax.. HaHa.. tOo bAd dUn hab mOi nEtBaLl tImEs pIx.. iF nOt.. HiAkx..

tIs iSh mY dOggIe tOtO bRaNd sLiPpErs. MuaHaHAhAhAHA~ bUy e fOod coLLeCt dUnO hOw maNy dEn gO xChaNgE 4 e sLippErs dE laHx.. NicE rItE? bUt iSh v bIg wOrx.. sO cOmfOrTaBle..

CeSaR sLiPpErs.. >.<

Monday, June 14, 2004


hMmm~ feeLin kIndA eMotIoNaL rItE nOw.. cUx i oSo dUno wAt iM veXed aBouT.. >.< haIx.. iM oWaYs tInKin.. y dO gOd lIke 2 mAk fUn oF ppL? gOd gIve u sTh bUt wiLl tAk sTh aWaY fRm u.. y? cUx liDat dEn gOt gIb & tAk maHx.. bUddEn.. iSh oWaYs maKin fUn of ppL.. =[ dO ppL iN loVe sNeEze aLot? iZzIt tRuE tAt wHen sUm1 iSh tInKin oF u, u'LL sNeEzE twIce? cAn aNi1 rEpLy mE? =\ aRrGggHhhh~ wAt m i tInKin.. haIx.. 4gEt iT~!

hOw dOes iT fEeL 2 lOvE sUm1? hOw 2 nOe wHeThEr uR iN loVe wIb sUm1? hOw 2 teLL wHeThEr u lIke, loVe Or jUx cArrYiN a tOrcH 4 sUm1..? aCt iM iN a diLemMa rItE nOw.. *tInKiNg*tInKiNg* i dUnO wAt i shLd dO? sUm1 pLs heLp heLp~!~! =(

eMoTiOnaL aFTn~ =\

hMmm.. 2dae pOsTiN wiLL b iN hAn yU pIn yIn oRhx.. fOuNd tIs iN mOi foLdEr, rEm iSh sEnD bY keLLieS dE.. by hEr bElOvEd tOrO~! KeKe... bUt i cHaNgE iT 2 sLiGhTLy~

Jian Dan Shuo
Wo Xi Huan, Ai Gen Wo Shuo Hua De Nan Sheng
Wo Tao Yan, Ai Shuo Ge Mei Wan De Nan Sheng
Wo Xi Huan, Hui Xiao E Zuo Ju De Nan Sheng
Wo Tao Yan, Zuo Nong Ren Que Bu Zhi Dao Chuang Le Huo De Nan Sheng
Wo Xi Huan, Ai Shua Shuai De Nan Sheng
Wo Tao Yan, Zi Yi Wei Shuai Jiu Liao Bu Qi De Nan Sheng
Wo Xi Huan, Ti De Qi, Fang De Xia De Nan Sheng
Wo Tao Yan, Yu Dao Shi Qing Jiu Tui Suo De Nan Sheng
Wo Xi Huan, Xi Huan Wo De Nan Sheng
Wo Tao Yan, Ming Ming Xi Huan Wo You Zhuang Zuo Bu Xiang Li Wo De Nan Sheng
Wo Xi Huan, Ta Ye Xi Huan Zi Ji De Nan Sheng
Wo Tao Yan, Lian Zi Ji Dou Bu Xi Huan De Nan Sheng
Huo Xu, Wo Xi Huan De Jiu Shi Ni
Ni Ru Guo Ye Zheng Qiao Xi Huan Wo De Hua
Na Jiu....

Sunday, June 13, 2004

sTeaMbOat gaTheRiN~

waHaaHaHa.. fiNaLLy we 4 gUrLs gOt cHaNce 2 meeT uP 2gEthEr aLaDy.. yEaHx.. bUt mIn cUm oNi 4 sTeaMbOat sO zHen, cIne & mE wEnT sHoPpIn iN e aFtn loRx.. wE 1st caMe 2 e gIoRdaNo.. sEeIn poLo tEe sO wE eaCh wEnT iN 2 tRy oUt.. HaHaHa.. hErE's e rEsuLts..

yEaHx~ zHen, cIne & mE aT LucKy pLaZa e gIoRdaNo tRyiN oUt poLo tEe~ hIaKx.. eNd uP wE tOok pIx wiB uS wEaRiN e poLo tEe tOo.. =X

aFt paYiN 4 e tOp.. wE wEnT oFf 2 heeRen dEn taKa n foLlow bY cINeleisUrE.. keKe.. taTs wHeRe mIn gOnNa meeT us maHx.. aRnd 6pm, sHe rCh.. N sO wE sEt oFf 2 maRiNa bAy.. LOLx.. gUeSs wAt we gOnNa dO tHere? HiaKx.. EaT sTeaMbOaT.. *yUmmY*yUmmY* =p

aT maRiNa Bay eaTiN sTeaMbOat.. *yUmMy* zHen & mIn bBqIn e fOod..

nOw iSh cIne & mE le~!* haHa.. wE eAt wHiLe mIn & zHen bbQ 4 uS? naHx.. cIne is iN cHaRge oF fInIsHin aLL pRaWnx.. =S

yEaHx~ fInaLLy nOw mIn & mE liaOx.. *gRiNx* c tHoSe eMptY pLaTes maHx? waHx.. bIg eaTeR wOrx.. =X

WaHaHaHa~ nOw iSh cIne & hEr piLeS oF pRaWnx.. oOooPx~

waHx.. eAt uNtiL sO fuLL liaOx.. sO wE lEft aT aRnd 9+.. aS tmL mIn gOt dRaGonbOat tRaInIng.. We oSo dUn wAna sTay oUt tiLL sO laTe loRx.. =P bUddEn b4 heAdiN hOme.. wE toOk tRaIn 2 cItY haLL.. hahAha.. oN e tRaIn.. wE tOok pIx tOo..

oN oUr wAy tO cItY haLl oN mRt.. MuaHAhaHa~ eVeRywHeRe oSo cAn tAk pIx rItE? aLL 4 iN e pIx? wHu toOk e pIx? e aNs iSh mIn~!~!

fuNnY faCe.. wHu iSh e mOsT ugLy? u gUys dEcIdE.. HaHahA.. =O

aRnd 10+ wE waItEd 2 bUs hOme dUe 2 mIn's dAd caLlin cOntiNoUsLy.. KeKe.. aNiwAy wE 2dAe oSo gOt enJOy le maHx.. =D i reaLLy haVe a fUn daY wOrx.. i LovE u gUys.. *mUaCkx*

Friday, June 11, 2004

NiCe aFtn~ enJoyIn LiFe liKe taIs taIs.. >.<

HaHa.. mEeT cIne wEnt tOa paYoH sIt sIt tOk tOk.. Like tAis TaIs sIax.. WaHahAaha.. i mEeT uP wIb cIne 1st cUx mIn wAs cLeaNing hEr rOom maHx.. cIne cAme oVer mOi hSe.. tEacH me hOw 2 pOsT pIx 2 bLoG.. yEaHx~ HaHa.. wHiLe i wAs busY cHaTtIn wIb fRenx.. sHe wAs pLaYin wIb mOi dOgGIe tOtO.. =P i eVeN heLp hEr tOok sUm pIx wIb tOtO tOo.. =\ hehe.. dEn aRnd 3+ wE hEaD dOwN 2 tOa payOh.. oN bUs, wE'r oSo taKin Pix.. oOooPx.. HaHa.. tOo zi LiaN aLaDy.. *_*

wE wEnT 2 sEttLe oUr lUncH aT mAc b4 gOin 2 sTaRbUcKs wIb mIn. Me & cIne wEnt 2 oRdEr sUm tHiNgY 2 dRink.. n i tRuSt mIn's taSte.. ordEreD mY 1st cUppa coffEe in mOi wHoLe LiFe oF 17Yrs.. MuaHaHaHa.. e 1sT mOuThfuL.. oOhHhhhx.. sOooo nIcE.. haHa eSp e cOoKies.. YuMmY yUmmY.. bUt as i wAs dRiNkIn tOo mUcH aT 1 tIme.. tInK mY hEad cAnNot taK iT.. *hEaDaChe* "frOzEn" KeKe.. bUt iSh wOrTh iT wOrx.. bLeaHx~

wE jUx cHiT cHaT teLLiN each oThEr bOuT oUr laTeSt tHiNgY.. mOstLy bOuT gUys laHx.. KeKe.. tInK aLL 3 of uS r iN a diLeMmA.. wHeTheR izZiT loVe, LiKe or cRuSh? haIx.. tok & tOk & tOk.. n finaLLy aRnd 6pm.. wE gOtTa gEt oUtTa pLaCe cUx cIne wAs wOrKin lTr oN maHx..

*yaWnx* me & mIn cHiT cHaT oUtsIde cIne's wOrKin pLace b4 leaVin aRnd 8:30..
aFt 2dae mEeTin uP wIb mIn & cIne.. i kInDa nOe mOrE bOut dEm le wOrx.. =D *gRiNx*

mY 1st cUpPa cOffEe wIb cHocOlaTeRy cOoKies cHip.. hMmm iF im nOt wRong.. iSh caLl rhUmba~ yEaHx.. taSte sO nIcE oRhx.. =D Posted by Hello

Me & cIne aT sTaRbUcKs.. *mUacKx* LoVe mOi pIggY FraNcIne~ KeKe~ Posted by Hello

HaHa.. oN bUs rItE nOw.. mIsS mIn tOo mUcH.. sO mUx tAk sUm pIx wIb hEr laHx.. *wInKx*  Posted by Hello

cIne, Me & mIn gEttIn rEaDy 2 rEtUrn hM.. wAiTin 4 bUs 88 aT tOa pAyOh aIr cOn iNteRcHaNge.. =p Posted by Hello

LoLx.. cIne aRhx.. tRyIn 2 eAt mIn's tOfU haRx? >.< oR r u tReaTin hEr lIke kOaLa bEaR? *hUg*hUg* Posted by Hello