DoN't Be tOo gOod,
I wiLL MiSs yOu ;
dOn'T bE toO nIcE,
I mIgHt LiKe yOu ;
dOn'T bE tOo sWeEt,
i mIgHt faLL fOr yOu ...

Saturday, April 30, 2005

i did say i will post chalet pix up..
so here they r..
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
tis is e room i slpt in durin e 4 days 3 nites..
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
me n ailian.. b4 e bbq..
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
me n ailian tak 2.. =p
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
e guys bbq..
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
miracle.. ice cream man drove in to changi.. O_O
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
sharmaine n me nehx.. while bbq-ing..
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
chris fiddling wib those charcoals.. =)
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
ME bbq-ing 4 oths.. *smiles*
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Mr Sufi, pro in bbq.. ha ha
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
aft bbq game.. these r e forfeits..
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
look how happy Mr Chris is.. bleahx..
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
and nw Mr Chris's awful face.. lolx..
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
sharmaine's turn 2 forfeit..
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
their turn.. all bcux of sharmaine.. whole plate is THEIRS..
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
peiying's turn liaox..
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
finally is mine!! retribution.. mayo + satay sauce.. yucks..
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
cele vincent's bdae.. cut wib western food knife.. aha..
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
play wib cream cake.. vincent kana sabo..
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
chris kana sabo back.. drenched by Sprite?
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
vincent totally wet.. muahahaha
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
b4 turnin in.. ailian n sharmaine..
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
sharmaine n ailian tak 2.. =]

Thursday, April 28, 2005

m havin my breakfast rite nw.. hehe..
got woke up by my dog's barking.. -_-ll
every morn same rountine..
his barkin cfm wake me up..
n i'll chase him arnd e hse wib e cane.. =X
aniway been goin out 4 e past 3 days..
kinda tired arhx.. n HOT!!
e weather is so damn hot n humid lorx..
omg~ walkin arnd oso wil perspire..
nw rather stay in air-con rm..
n i miss my chalet de rm.. cool cool de..
hehx.. hMmm.. start updating 1st..
Mon meet cine cine go watch The Interpreter..
not a bad show.. thou kinda draggy..
n its a 2hrs+ movie siax.. (>.<)
aft movie went 2 NTUC 2 do sum shoppin..
cine cine went off 1st.. cux she workin..
den i walk arnd myself.. done wib e buyin n went off..
act. i like e feelin of goin NTUC buy buy wib my love ones..
hEe~ walkin arnd discussin wat 2 buy wat not 2 buy..
den go hm fix dinner or lunch 2gether.. =)
sounds v swt.. keke..
*piak* dun day-dream le.. (><)
well well.. bac 2 subject.. i bght marshmellows..
hee.. cravin 4 it.. n oso campbell soup.. yUmMy~
and den tue i meet cine cine again.. aCc her 2 beach rd..
cux she wanna do e name tag ahx..
mak me feel lik makin too..1 for me n 1 for dar.dar?
haa..4 dar.dar's name tag wld b written "Veronica's Item"
lolx.. j/k.. nahx.. im not so bad..bLeahx..
aft tat went 2 eat at e hawker..blur me..
duno where e beef noodle stall is.. =(
4got which floor lorx..end up eat desserts.. cux weather hot hot..
ugh~ walk arnd while waitin 4 zhen..
meet zhen n go 2 PS walk walk..
but main purpose is cine cine wanna find her thingy..
eat e famous omellette frm PS.. OooHhhx.. delicious..
walk arnd.. n went into Levis cc..
ahx.. their new Sq Pants quite nice..
hehe.. wear low low de.. i like it.. =p
saw a men's shirt quite nice too..*grinx*
too bad is 4 men's..
den walk past e shoe shop.. omg~
mak me dyin 2 buy e shoe..
but cine cine stopped me.. save money better..=(
went off at duno when.. go hm 4 dinner.. keke..
me n cine cine took bus.. so sway lorx..
rch hm not long oni..argue wib my mum..
all bcux of e toopid dog..-_-ll
cux of e dog, she scream at me..
wth?! o_O
aniway dun tok abt it le..
ytd meet dar.dar 4 dinner.. n went 2 marina..
not bad ehx.. marina like alot new thingy..
keke.. lotsa new shops arnd..
he acc me go Watsons find my bdae bear..
but cannot find!
hpmh~n he ended up buyin 1 4 his sis..
hMmm.. been re-watchin My Love Patzzi again..J
ang Nara v kawaii.. hahaa.. got 2 guys love her at e same time..
1 poor n 1 rich.. guess which 1 she choose?
nahx.. he choose neither of dem..
remain as frenx wib dem worx.. =P

oh yahx.. i've make my list of items 2 buy..
1. Make new specs $70~$100
2. Pay hp bill $50
3. Buy my ballet pumps $40
4. Levi's top $45
5. New bag (haven seen an ideal 1 yet)
6. New jeans (Levi's 593 but v ex!! ugh~)

act. duno wat else 2 add on..
but im sure my list wil go on non-stop..
hahaa.. bcux of all tat.. i hafta work n work n work..
2 achieve it..
hMmmm... i oso wanna go on hols..
really really really dyin 2 go on hols..
away frm SG.. away frm hm.. away frm every1..

Saturday, April 23, 2005

hOhOhO.. iM back frm chalet le..
m super duper tired + shag + wateva..
so nw gotta jux summarise on wat i did e past 4 days..

[20th Apr Wed] 1st day
meet py, filzah, mk, weimin n brian at tamp mrt..
went 2 NTUC 2 buy e chalet stuffs..
spend arnd $140 on e food n etc.. *pwah*
den me, py n weimin went bac 2 checkin 1st..
while fil, mk n brian wait there 4 ailian..
aft we've checked in, e rest oso arrive..
settle down e things.. n we start 2 clean e chalet..
sweep e floor n mop e floor..
cux it was kinda sticky sticky.. eEe~
aniway chabo arrive..
mak me so enthu, wanna hurry go up tak vcds down 2 play..
whu noes e floor stil wet..
n i accidentally slip n fell!!!
ugh~ landed on my butt lorx..
i lie on e floor stunned!
e rest all cum n check on me..
den i start 2 luff.. cux my butt PAIN..
*sObx* is my fault lahx.. damn sway..
aft tat sum went 2 bath, sum watch TV while e rest M.I.A
we gers play dai dee while watchin TV..
arnd 9pm we head down 2 e Changi Hotel 4 dinner..
*yUmMy* buffet dinner worx..
haha.. but i nv eat much.. mostly r seafood n spicy food..
=\ had sum cakes.. n we went 2 sit at e lounge..
listen 2 live performace.. n even dedicate songs..
hehe.. saw 2 caucasians drinkin alcohol..
duno wat Flaming Waterfall.. wOwx..
damn shiok arhx.. e drinks got flame lehx!
wOohOo.. stay on until duno when n head bac 2 chalet..
watched sum vcds n sum turn in early..
me n py turn in arnd 3+..
but py went downstairs 2 acc ailian..
leavin jux me, chabo, weimin n chris slpin..
[21st Apr Thur] 2nd day
5:30am woke up by my alarm..
cux chabo need 2 go work..
den chris went 2 work too..
so i woke up n prepare 2 go hm put things..
rch hm arnd 10+ n do sum stuffs..
aft tat meet dar.dar at 2pm 4 lunch..
went 2 beach rd de hawker eat my fave beef noodle..
wOooo so nice nehx!
walk 2 bugis n took bus 12 bac 2 pasir ris..
den change mrt 2 tamp n dar.dar acc me tak 29 bac 2 chalet..
watch TV, bath n den went out 2 tamp mall..
chris, mk n fil went 2 buy tix 1st..
while chabo go down herself str8 frm work..
me, py n ailian join dem aft tat..
watch Infection at tamp mall..
i oni atc 2 bacon n cheese bread as dinner..
super hungry norx.. =(
i sit in btw py n chris..
thruout e movie.. act. not v scare de..
but due 2 py's "effect", mak me start 2 feel scare too..
=S e movie totally no storyline..
or shld i say i dun uds a single bit? =X
haha.. aft movies we share tak cab bac 2 chalet..
we 4 gers play darkness daidee..
until arnd 4am den we finally doze off..
[22nd Apr Fri] 3rd day
woke up at 1pm.. aft a long long slp.. hehe..
damn sway.. me n chabo both cum "xXxXx" lorx..
-_-ll went out 2 have lunch at changi village..
rch bac chalet, prepare abit..
n help out at chabo's chalet nx door..
6+ e guys start 2 fire.. n we prepare e food..
drag until arnd 9+ den we finally start 2 bbq..
i 1st time bbq let ppl eat nehx!!
hehe.. i tink i pass lahx.. oni sum got chao ta..
aft tat we played sum games in e room..
got me, py, weimin, ailian, sharmaine,
chris, hansoon, sufi, brian n oso brian's fren..
forfeit is 2 eat sum chaota or disgustin food.. ahahaha..
duno y i continously tio 3 times lorx..
eat sum super chaota satay or hotdogs siax.. yUcks..
play n play.. sum got retribution..
i even eat satay wib satay sauce n tuna mayo lorx..
e satay put into a cup of water..
i drink e water n eat e satay.. *pUke*
tink py n sharmaine say they got stomach ache bahx?
hehe.. finally end e game arnd 1am..
went out 2 cele vincent's bdae..
play cake n water.. kinda dirty n sticky..
den chabo's colleague frm nx door pour water down frm 2nd floor..
tio alot of us lorx.. n we combine force..
wanna have our revenge back..
mixin water wib satay sauce, detergent, F&N orange..
super disgustin water arhx..
sum guys end up tio e water.. their skin was ...
i duwan 2 describe e smell.. is jux.. ugh~
aft tat sum went 2 clean up, sum con't playin..
vincent's colleagues arrive n cele bdae wib him..
they start 2 drink outside..
while me ehx? hehe.. call dar.dar 2 tok..
cux i saw Alien 3 on TV mahx.. reminds me of him..
but he was slpin.. =X end up chat awhile n hang up le..
went upstairs.. lotsa ppl was Q-in 2 bath..
act. i volunteer 2 bath downstairs de..
but thx 2 chris, he bath downstairs, n let me bath upstairs..
=D aft i bath cum out..
i start 2 have headache, backache n stomach cramps..
keep curlin on e mattress.. duwan move..
sharmaine help me massage abit..
n brian went 2 boil warm water 4 me..
i consume e med n in a dizzy dizzy mode..
i doze off at arnd 3+
[23rd Apr Sat] Last day
woke up at 8am by my alarm..
went 2 brush teeth, pack abit..
bid bye bye 2 e rest of dem..
n i went off wib Junyan n chris le..
really in a duwan-to-tok mode..
face pale pale.. walk wib a hunchback..
*sIgh* no energy at all..
rch hm at 10+ den try 2 unpack my stuffs..
do tis n tat n slp at 12+
oni until arnd 3+ den wake up 4 lunch..
aft lunch, i went bac 2 my la la land again..
finally 6+ wake up bath n watch TV..
went out 2 have dinner..
rch hm at 10+
so here i am.. bloggin it down.. =)

Monday, April 18, 2005

so damn tired nw arhx..
physically tired.. mentally alright siax..
cux Sat n Sun was workin 4 m1 mahx..
Sat at chinatown Pearl's Centre n ytd at Lucky Plaza..
seriously i tink SG chn ppl really sux..
so hypocrite lorx..
u wanna distribute flyers 2 dem..
is obvious they saw u, but they jux turn n look elsewhere..
act as if they nv notice u.. in actual fact THEY SAW U
idiotic ehx? tats wat i learn aft workin at Pearls Centre..
at least those fillipinos at Lucky Plaza r better..
8 out of 10 wil tak e flyers frm u..
compared 2 less than 5 person at chinatown..
(>.<) hate 2c ppl's lian se..
no choice.. tis job pay high.. so hafta tahan..
=( work until v tired oso hafta con't workin..
tink zhen wil agree wib wat i say bahx? =l
aniway past 2 days meet dar.dar eat dinner aft work..
Sat we went 2 watch Creep..
is oni aft i insist den he watch wib me..
well.. i got scare once.. in 1 of e scene..
n got ppl scream~~~ hahaha..
alil' gross plus alil' bit creepy n alil' weeny bit enjoying..
hAa i love 2 scare myself lahx.. =p
n oh yahx.. 4got 2 mention abt my exams..
5 papers in 2 wks.. those period v stress siax..
cux dar.dar want me 2 score As..
budden guess i'll let him down le bahx? =/
n den my com was CORRUPTED!!
duno kana wat virus.. oways auto restart w/o warnin..
=( sad horx? hols com down means really bored le..
wkdays really got nuttin 2 do.. no income..
cant go out n spend money.. arghx~
duwan bother abt so much le..
my class chalet cumin..
mayb upload sum pix aft tat bahx?
wed-sat, dun even tink of seein me online le.. =D

Monday, April 04, 2005

will b havin exams until 12th Apr..
so entries will oni b bac aft 12th Apr..

Friday, April 01, 2005

heyx heyx.. here 2 blog again liaox..
sOoo tired arhx.. gonna turn in soon..
aniway was busy studyin jux nw..
keke.. mux start arhx..
alot thingy 2 memorise.. if dun start nw..
nx wk i can die flat le lorx.. (>.<)
tis aftn kana scoldins frm *him..
cux told him i workin on both Sat n Sun..
den frm *his sms, can c tat *he was mad bahx?
=\ cant b helped.. need 2 earn allowance..
arbo i whole hols no money lehx..
sumore i got so much thingy 2 buy..
where got enuff 2 spend lehx? =(
end up stil listen 2 *him norx..
told zhen i can oni work on e Sun..
den *he appease *his anger le?
keep my hp in cupboard..
n concentrate on my bks..
duno *he smsed n called me afew times..
budden arnd 9+ *he gimme a call..
n i ans.. so i guess everything ok liaox?
hehe.. tml meetin *him 4 dinner..
tink shld b e last time meetin *him..
until exams over bahx?
*sAd* my exams drag over 2wks nehx..