DoN't Be tOo gOod,
I wiLL MiSs yOu ;
dOn'T bE toO nIcE,
I mIgHt LiKe yOu ;
dOn'T bE tOo sWeEt,
i mIgHt faLL fOr yOu ...

Saturday, August 27, 2011

so fun so good!

i dun know why my photos all turn portrait instead.
mux b picasa issue so sorry neh!
raju always came down 2 find me lunch b4 she flies off.
i like such impromptu thingy that doesnt clash.
we had xiaobarwang lunchie @ Raffles Place!
even paid a visit to the oh-so-familiar T&T too!

my films finally arrived already!
total it took 2mths to process & 19days of shipping.
seriously, i wont recommend her anymore.
and its not even from Korea but China!
i shall try sourcing for e film when i go BJ nx mth! ;p

last Sun we combed so much places!
from his house we went to collect his property doc,
then to Tiong Bahru for his viewing,
Orchard for buying his daughter/mum's bdae gift;
mooncakes 4 both our family;
did shopping from Taka-Ion-Paragon-Lucky Plaza-Wisma-Taka.
i think we kinda walked more than 10km just that day alone.
had Thomson ba chor mee b4 hm swt hm that day.
and i love e smell of my new bag! ♥
tried this bbt at Wisma too.
because their tea all comes with milk,
hence i asked 4 a recommendation from the cashier.
she intro me this Aloha Tea with 4 fruits!
i only remember there's kiwi, apple, pineapple..
there's this citrus fruity tea taste that quench your thirst.
and and there's Garrett popcorn!!
tell me who haven give it a try yet?
i tried it in NYC and now SG also have it.
personally i think the Chicago Mix is worth it.

then i finally meet up with my fave girl!
and valerie since i cant remember when's e last we met!
had dinner at this Tonkichi restuarant wanted by dorothy.
we miss e very last time e 3 of us had tonkatsu at NRT man!
snap shot as keepsake last a long long time!
thank you dorothy for these gift!
i know she have been keeping them too long!
shall dig out AAA battery & try this cutie digi cam!

that day i met zhen 4 our 2nd jab!
this indian part-time doc was so humourous!
the way he describe our body as universe,
and the small lil' jab area as a planet.
5mths later til the very last jab yo!

e mooncakes i chose!
1st time in duno how many years, im eating mooncakes!
but too bad its green bean paste.
me no like green bean either.

right now am busy catching up on hkg drama..
been dl-ing too much and watching too lil'
my ext HD gonna meet the quota soon!

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Saturday, August 13, 2011

nothing to be happy about?!

thur qc say he got a gd news 2 share with me.
and that is he spotted a designated seat 4 me at Level6.
currently we're all sitting at Level5,
which is for all engineers, FS blah blah whatsoever.
Level6 is for management, managers, lead kinda rank ppl.
i was still in doubt about his words,
and there came an email from my boss about new seat arrangement.
he said he has already "reserved" 3 seats upstairs for us.
the US refers to *M, *J and me.
but no way am i gonna shift upstairs.
ytd Ms Wong congrats me too.
after hearing what qc told her about.
i wasnt in a least bit happy about it honestly.
slightly before lunch, some1 msg and congrats me too.
like seriously?! whats there to congrats about?
he say he saw some1 reporting to me in a list of profile updating.
frankly seriously, i just wanna remain as low profile as possible.
im not interested in any politics or gossips.
as long as i get to earn big bucks & continue doing my work,
i duwan any backstabbing or unhappiness in the office.

i can only say, i didnt do anything extra to get that.
so stop all the congratulations. me not happy. at all. okay?


Tuesday, August 09, 2011

something to blog about..

last Fri night my sis & bf chanced upon a lost dog.
they walked arnd my house area trying to locate the owner.
and see if its owner is trying to find her back.
having no other choice, we place her at my cousin's house temp.
they decided to gave her a name - Oofi!
she's v friendly & loves to interact with people.
neither does she bark at every single thing.
totally "downstairs" trained to pee & poo only among the grasses.
we say "no" and she dont dare to step into the house.
open the car door, she will auto jump onto the seat.
she wont anyhow jump here & there, just quietly sit down.
u give her yummy rub, she will lick you back.
give her food to eat, she will finish it all up.
and to be honest, she is alot nicer & obedient compared to toto.
Sat morning brought her to the vet near my house.
obtained her microchip no. of SPCA & AVA were both closed.
decided to gave her a grooming session!
since she's having some yeast infection & skin irritation.
last Sun, bf handover his golfy to the car dealer.
it was kinda 不舍得 since i developed feelings 4 this car already.
moreover his mum strike afew times 4D with the car plate no.
hence i kinda believe this car plate no. is lucky!
borrowed a temp hyundai to last him till he got his car.
the car is totally chui ttm that i din bother 2 take any photos.
introduction to ooFi!
trying to get her settled down at this temp home..
here's my elder cousin with ooFi!
she jux love to be close to people.
using our lap as her pillow to lean against.
tadah! here's her new "fur-style"
doesnt she look like schnauzer nw?!
and she knows how to pose 4 camera!
i was pointing to my hp, "look there"
and she really look 2wards my hp ready 4 picture!
she's sucha darling!
u sayang her & she wil lick u back.
she knows how to return the favour back.. :D
7th August 2011, i bade farewell to golfy!
honestly, i will miss you dearly!
Please help to circulate!
she's either lost or abandoned! :(
my auntie made her a top to wear..
while my sis bring some of toto clothes over..
doesnt she look ultra happy here?

this noon raju came over my house!
was super sian since its a PH and yet im nua-ing at home.
lucky for her appearance, we made some gummies!
u'll never believe how we made gummy frm these!
honestly its amazing that its edible too!
look at e amt of gummies we made!
really delicious trust me!
toto got that stunned look on his face right?
and raju dare 2 force & hug him..
see toto & raju lookin at each other!
HAHAHA! toto is waitin 2b fed with food!
last Fri i went 2c the bone-setter near my house.
was told that it was an old injury.
remembered that i sprained my ankle around 2mths back.
missed a step on the overhead bridge & now the pain is here..
just yesterday i went to see another sinseh.
this is much better, he shifted the position for me.
so, probably after this my ankle should b well.

ytd we went to watch the Ape & Rising Planet blah blah..
i cant remember the exact name of the movie,
but the storyline is good imo!
at least the apes' expressions were all v real.
i feel caesar when will's dad was attacked.
the way he chiong out to save the dad frm further attacks.

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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

what a day ...