DoN't Be tOo gOod,
I wiLL MiSs yOu ;
dOn'T bE toO nIcE,
I mIgHt LiKe yOu ;
dOn'T bE tOo sWeEt,
i mIgHt faLL fOr yOu ...

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

BKK to & fro

so for the past few days, i went BKK for holidays. 
its just a short 4D3N trip with the shorties couple. 
however just before the trip, something unhappy happened. 
which sort of dampen the mood. =\ 
i wasnt aware of the seriousness until we came back. 
apparently no thanks to his busy-ness, which cldnt elaborate further. 
what was done, was done already. yes of cux i know. 
but what are friends for? 
just because u r busy and u cldnt elaborate further. 
yet aft boarding the cab & u told us abt the donts'.. 
isnt that too late to tell us?! 
yes and u didnt know the house owner rang up the police. 
police checked & rang up his house to find the car owner. 
now, do u feel a teeny weeny bit of guilty? 
do i hear a no? fine, we've got nothing more to say honestly. 
if this is the furthest u can go to help a friend. 
1 of my fave to do thing when on airplane.
its almost a MUST to snap photo of the ever-changing clouds.
we bought mabelle's love along with us! 
onboard airplane we were munching on these popcorns. 
damn nice i gotta say! 
aft arriving at the airport, we wasted close to an hour. 
the taxi queue was horribly long! 
not forgetting the journey from airport to hotel. 
from daylight to night fall i tell u! 
reached, we checked in & unpack alittle b4 heading out 4 dinner. 
decided to check out our nearby eateries instead. 
the first night dinner was the most expensive during the trip. 
spent more than 1k thai baht for it even though there's wi-fi. 
walked around aimlessly and yay we managed to do something to our nails.
we girls were doing gel-ish while e guys did their pedi.
quite cheap for us though, only cost us 900 baht.
this is the design i did for my nails. 
in the mood for more polka dots right!! :D
the next few days shopping was the regular huntout.
except during the 2nd night aft we went Chatuchak, we head down to Rod Fai mkt.
that was really a no-regret decision!
e  guys managed to find quite a number of bargain buys.
like eg. Evisu, basketball jerseys, superdry & japanese brands!
all authentic stuff & brand new sumore!
2nd day alone we combed half of Platinum Mall & Chatuchak;
aft dinner we combed almost the whole of Rod Fai mkt.
 head back hotel & aft some wash-up we went out 4 massage!
so tiring that we dozed off during that 1 hour massage.
only cost us 300 baht!
like seriously, the things in bkk is way way cheaper than sg.
almost doesnt have to consider at all.
aft massage comes our daily highlight of the day.
buying snacks & food from 7-11 back to hotel for supper!
their 7-11 really is a wonder.
they have sausage buns, sausages, rice/ noodle bento!
even CP scrimp wanton soup also have!
hafta admit its cheap & good!
 called it a day & went back wash up prepare for bed.
next day morning we had 1 of the delicious soupy noodle opp. hotel.
really love their glass noodle!
and its really a wonderful combi tbh.
3rd day was 2nd half of Platinum Mall follow by random malls.
Angela managed to buy her Starbucks gift card & mugs.
while we got a tumbler for his young sponsored girl.
their random malls also got bargain finds!
he bght a pair of boat shoes at 410baht aft slashing 40bahts off.
even pair up with another couple singaporean too!
e oth couple bf bght a pair as well.
hub wore it yesterday & he say its actually quite comfy!
and final day was plainly checking out MBK for food;
and did some light shopping around Siam Discovery.
where i got quite a no. of naraya products. ;x
mainly tissue holder for friends.
while at the ulu airport, guess what we saw!!
its Krispy Kreme!!!
was contemplating to buy a box back on the 3rd night,
luckily i didnt & we are so heng!
chanced upon this & each couple bght a dozen home. 
aft complaining numerous times about his carpet, 
we bght new ones from bkk too!
could have been like $4each but we paid $5.5.
then while at the supermarket, i saw Haribo gummy!!! 
how can i say NO to this like seriously?! its 70cents cheaper/ pack hor! 
i bght 10 packs home so its $7 cheaper liao. ;x
then this is all my shopping loots. 
no joke, i didnt shop much cux e clothes are mostly e same.
shoes like melissa jellies everywhere!
skater dress; bralets, cropped top, tees mostly sg also have.
all in all my most satisfied buy is definitely e naraya laptop bag.
now i can carry my laptop everywhere in a bag!
last but not least, my benefit make-up finally arrived! 
this time round it took close to 1month sia!
was so scare the whole parcel got lost in transit loh.

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Monday, December 17, 2012

this fateful day i made a decision..

to change my life, beginning to be a mac user instead!
and i hate to say, it really takes alot of getting used to.
the interface, usage and almost 75% is different!
this morning i was just trying to copy & paste some photos to my ext HD,
only to know that i have to reformat my HD into FAT32 format first.
well done!
and my precious HD cannot reformat without doing any backup yet.
i foresee lots of complaining coming soon..
BUT there's no turning back already.
and 1 thing i really love MAC is how fast it switches on,
logging me in & less than 1min im looking at my desktop already!
even the shutting down is fast as well, within 1min.
and that sleak factor, is honestly what attracts me the most!
having say this, any1 got any MUST have FREE apps to dl for MAC?
please give me your guidance wokiessss! ;)

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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Dear Santa or Santarina

although im not sure if i have been good this year, 
but nevertheless, i still hope you will grant me my wish.
i dont ask for expensive luxury brands or a big fat angbao,
these are just some simple "necessity" which i might need. :D
after changing to iphone5, the charging port changed.
i have got 2 cables right now.
if e rest of my wishlist is out of your budget, this should be fine.
yes, u got me right!
i dont mind extra cables where i can have in office, his place & my house.
as mentioned above, i need cables..
and of course when im out, i'll need portable charger!
i feel damn insecure without 1 right now.
humidifier OR air purifier!
i remember reading somewhere that humidifier/ purifier is good for nose.
esp people with sensitive nose.
i woke up almost every morning sneezing.
and on chinese medication now.
while sourcing for my perfect pair of wedding heels,
i chanced upon this polka dots heels.
i know right, i seldom wear heels & really very very seldom.
BUT, i can wear it when i attend wedding dinners.
and next year i've got 4 "invitation" coming.

 yes if you really think heels dont suits me, u can always opt for flats!
there is a close to 85% resemblance pair of polka dots flat available there.
btw, its from STUDIO from Tangs at Orchard.
and the pair of flats i think it cost around $70+? heels is $90+
or if you got a slightly higher budget, please get me this pair of shoes!
its from Steve Madden which i saw yesterday.
not exactly love at first sight.
its love at first wear!
OMG its so comfortable i can walk in it whole day long.
confirm guarantee chop chop no blisters.
but it cost more, priced at $90+ for a pair of flats during 20% off!
im referring to the shoe on my right feet ok!

The Body Shop goodiesss!
past years i find it unimpressive if people were to give me the body shop stuff.
but this year onwards, i have totally changed my mind!
love this facial cleanser because it removes my make-up instantly!
and best thing is, it is not oil base at all!

since i am using the facial cleanser, would appreciate a bottle of toner too!

everybody know this scent, so famous from the body shop!
i was once so in love with this scent during my sec sch days.
and now im back to it again!
of course, im stil a fan of A&F perfume + Bath & Body Works body spray.
Errrmm.. thats all for now.
I will go think about any other items to make it top 10 wishlist.
seee.. none of my items exceed $100 right?!
but, u can always get me something OUT of this list.
like my fave brand agnes b, or any other polka dots stuff.


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Friday, December 07, 2012




Thursday, December 06, 2012


dont know when did i sprain my ankle,
felt the pain after walking long distance and decided to see a sinseh.
turns out, there's swelling inside already.
the clumsy me accidentally strained my shoulder too.
hafta do my first try on cupping.
turns out wasnt as scary as i thought.
but seems like i hafta return for second visit soon. ;(
looks at the amount of meds i got just within 2 days.
not im trying to brag but its really alot, isnt it?
both western & chinese med.
am taking the chn med first follow by western.
caught a cold over the weekend, had recurring headache.
sore throat & flu follow suit and i finally couldnt take it anymore.
seen a doc and was prescribed 4 different types of med and given 2 days MC.
this year alone, been falling in & out of sickness.
i hope 2013 will be a healthier year for me!
and foreseeing around 3 weddings for me to attend already.
dont know why but after my own wedding,
im actually happy to be invited & gladly attend wedding.
totally different mindset from before.
maybe 经一直长一智?
happy occasion should be widely spread, correct?

also mux thanks the wonderful partner for taking care of me.
ferrying me to & fro work/home and also the clinic.
hope im not adding on to his busy schedule.


Sunday, December 02, 2012


time pass by so fast! 
its been 1 month already!! 
of cux i hope we'll have many more months ahead..
of unlimited happiness altogether. :)

early in the morning we set off from home to...
its my first visit, and of cux first time taking photos with the backdrop.
sounds abit suaku, but i know im definitely not the last! ;p
 his new company planned a Family Day and engaged the employees.
and employees are welcomed to bring their family along.
yippie! thats how we gain free entrance in. ^^

but the very tam jiak us, bought vouchers from groupons. 
and decided to utilize on our special day.
so instead of wasting the tix to tour around the garden,
we, or shld i say i decided to visit the garden on another day.
and he joined in the tele-match game, after which we went off liao.
had our lunch settled at Senki, yet again!
me & my fave momo salad!
only had 2 this time round cause i was too full already.
the plan in the later part of the day was even more exciting.
his friend booked a room at MBS and invited us along.
the view is seriously breathe-taking!
everybody, i mean all locals should really pay it a visit.
go at night, the scenary is really simply amazing.
i honestly wouldnt mind staying at the hotel 365 days.
thanks to his friend for helping us take photos that night.
and not forgetting our dinner after that.
hearing his friend talk abt their sec sch days.
those good ol' good ol' days.
dont we all miss our sch days v much? :)
those were the fret-free days.

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