DoN't Be tOo gOod,
I wiLL MiSs yOu ;
dOn'T bE toO nIcE,
I mIgHt LiKe yOu ;
dOn'T bE tOo sWeEt,
i mIgHt faLL fOr yOu ...

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

yeahx~ im goin out 2 study wib my classmates..
meetin shar, py n bk nehx..
goin Shaw Tower subway there worx..
oh yahx.. ytd nite had a long long tok wib my gers..
1st tok wib shar.. follow by bk, py n shar..
end up wib py n shar oni..
from 11+pm all e way until 3am!!
freaking long rite?
kekeke.. mux b wonderin wat we'r tokin abt bahx?
too bad.. im not revealing it here.. =P
we even xchange secrets siax..
found out sth shocking from them..
n they nv even tell me b4.. OMG!
aniway we even tot of goin JB tis thur..
right aft our paper..
sumore got guys acc worx..
bk say jinwei going mahx..
so i tink its better 4 us bahx? at least got guys arnd..
last nite shar mention sth abt settling our probs..
2 think tat sum1 alady got plan le..
wont b meetin us..
hmmm.. too bad then..
im even tinkin of settlin e prob once n 4 all..
avoid further misunderstandings..
aniway.. really hope can resolve our current situation..

Sunday, February 26, 2006

its really torturous ok!
when the PC is jux sittin quietly there..
no1 using it..
of cux i cant resist the temptation..
tats y im here bloggin rite?
dar.dar rching SG soon le..
n i have confessed wat happened 2 him..
yeahx.. regardin the previous post..
which i say im deadmeat le..
cux dar.dar's ps2 spoilt!!!
have no idea wat went wrong..
Sat morn it jux suddenly hang while i was playing..
tat is v sad ok?!
bcux i was planning 2 play 24/7 right aft my last paper!!!
nw hafta change my plan le..
i swear i din do anitin 2 e ps2..
fri i played a few hrs.. like mayb 5-7hrs?
cux fri i got my 1st paper mahx..
so its jux a form of relaxation 4 me lorx..
(tryin 2 find excuses 4 playin while exams period)
aniway i really duno wat happened..
im guilty enuff le..
nw im so sad w/o ps2
(my dq8 cant cont le *cries)
really v heartbreaking..
i have already done my research on dq8 le..
YET i cant cont
mayb god is punishin me 4 playin durin exams period?
n den e ps2 wil automatically b useable rite aft my last paper?
Yeah~ mayb tats e case..
so 4 e time being..
i'll jux hafta endure 3 more days~
counting down~
tml studyin wib my grp of gers in sch..
hope can achieve much

Saturday, February 25, 2006

hMmm~ finally my 1st paper is over le..
left wib another paper nx Wed..
n IM FREE like a bird le!!!
budden.. suddenly felt v empty inside..
or shld i use e word, "lost"
have no idea wat is my next step..
among my classmates.. some r goin overseas..
some r goin NS.. some might b goin local U..
den me lehx? =\
imagine if NTU duwan me.. NUS cfm oso cant get in..
so where shld i go?
start working?
i have no interest in workin wib e knowledge i gain from poly..
cux i HATE networking.. programming.. engineering..
*but y m i studyin?
ha ha.. cux i got into tis course..
so i hafta continue lorx.. =(
mayb jux find a part time job 1st bahx?
my future seems so far from me..
so far that i cant even c..
can any1 help me?

dar.dar went diving trip ytd morn..
wil oni b back on Sun nite..

sth bad happened!!
n im at a lost..
tis time rnd cfm kana scoldings le..

Thursday, February 23, 2006

i noe its exams period.. n i shldnt keep online-ing
but i cum online cux i wanna copy sth from BB
and tat toopid SP server so slow...
waited 5-10mins le stil haven load finish? =\
wat is wrong ehx?
aniway.. jux 2 let every1 noe..
my rashes r gettin better everyday~~
nw oni left wib a few spots on my knee cap area..
n i have stopped takin e Telfast med pills..
cux it makes my appetite v gd..
for e past wk or so.. i had supper everyday!!
tis is no gd ok? i wanna cut down~
tml wil b my 1st paper le..
bless me bahx~
btw, aft i finish typin tis post..
e sp webby has finish loadin le..

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

hehehe.. got sth 2 share wib every1..
aiya.. i oso duno how 2 phrase it..
jux surprised tat it happen?
aniway i oni told a person abt it..
shall not mention anitin else..
im jux plain HAPPY~

Monday, February 20, 2006

omfg~ i jux went cine's blog..
all e bdae pressy she receive is like so so so exp lorx?
budden e pressy we gers r giving her r...
wonder whether she wil find it simple or plain anot?
but it comes from e bottom of my heart..
n i do it wib lots of sincerity de..
i even thought of doin alot alot n sell it online..
dun say im crazy lahx..
jux tinkin of ways 2 earn money..
usin my creative side? hEe~
jux nw went sch 2 meet py, shar n bk..
partly 2 photocopy past yr papers..
another reason is 2cc my beloved sharmaine tay..
really hope she wil buck up..
i miss e jovial side of her..
i wldnt hope 2 lose e nonsensical sharmaine tay..
n seriously, i kinda miss her buggin me..
tokin nonsense n singing imitating Cyndi Wang..
i miss those times..

2dae heard her pouring out her woes..
i felt sad too..
at certain point of times, i can feel my tears swellin up too
when every1 is busy studyin..
whu wil really show concern 4 her?
oths jux meet up wib close ones 2 study..
did they even tink of askin her out?
show her some care n warmth?
doubt they even noe she is havin a hard time coping..
nahx.. shall not complain animore..
i jux pray hard every1 can graduate..
n those closer 2 me can get gd results too!
nw, i can finally c whu r true n whu r not..
i got a sudden urge 2 make sth 4 those close 2 me..
as a form of support?
hMmm~ but.. i hafta start muggin le..
3days pass w/o touchin bks..

Sunday, February 19, 2006

yeahx~ good news!!
i have completed min's bdae pressy le..
n i felt a great sense of satisfactory..
wait til i gave her e pressy den post..
i mean post e pix of e pressy.. =D
*min, mux look 4ward 2 receiving my pressy worx..
n den.. hehe.. cine.. i wil start diggin my head 2 tink of new ideas..
even my mum c e pressy 4 min..
she asked 4 one too!
aint i awesome?
*beaming with joy*

Saturday, February 18, 2006

omg omg omg...
how harx?
nx fri is my 1st semestral paper..
n yet i cant concentrate at all..
y is tat so lehx?
cux im feelin itchy constantly..
can any1 help me? =(
even cine's bdae i oso might not b able 2 make it le..
however, i stil lack of 2 pressy..
1 for min n 1 for cine..
both gonna b hand-made..
hav an idea of wat 2 make 4 min liaox..
cine ehx? hMmm~
we shall c..

Thursday, February 16, 2006

really disappointed wib a number of ppl..
all so coincidence..
at e mention of 6th-8th Mar,
suddenly every1 oso siam e qs..
obviously is 2 cele 1 of our fren's bdae,
n yet they cant even spare 1 day out?
even if go on hols or wat, mux b so exact go durin these days?
it really makes me wonder whether do they stil treat us as frenx anot?
sooner or later, e 3 of them wil b classified as e 3 musketeers..
cux e 3 of them oways stick 2gether mahx..
1 duwan go, e oth 2 not goin too..
perhaps i shldnt have asked them in e 1st place..
shar's 21st bdae
but yet every1 is not goin?
if it happens 2 u, how wld u feel?
n we'r not yet graduate but already splitting..
wats our past 2 years of friendship for?
izzit jux a waste of my time?
or im jux being foolish 2 mix wib them?

mayb wat boon keat say is right..
if they duwan to go den dun go..
we wont force or plead them 2 go..
as long as our conscience is clear, i got nuttin 2b afraid of
moreover, Ms Wong already say she can help us claim e ptn money
in addition, she is cumin 2 e chalet too?
so, make use of e chance 2 gather 2gether wib Ms Wong while we stil can..
i believe it wil b a wonderful moment..

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

im down with skin allergy again~~
when tis week i got so much exams interview labtest..

Sunday, February 12, 2006

in respect 2 my previous post..
i 4got 2 mention abt nx Tue..
as everybody knows..
=D it is Valentine's Day..
duno whether shld go celebrate anot?
but i wont have any mood..
cux i noe wed n thur i got big big exams n interview..
so how? =\
tat is 1 prob..
another prob is..
i duno wat 2 get 4 dar.dar
omg omg omg
how can i meet him w/o any gifts?
or shld i tell him tis yr we dun xchange gifts?
hEe~ tat wld settle it..

i seriously got no time 2 blog some long post..
cld oni explain y i wont b bloggin b4...
my semestral exams end??
tml i'll b havin 3 impt test
1stly, BCOM assignment interview..
hafta show our connectivity can work
plus individual interview
2ndly, MMSP video presentation
yEpx, we'll b presenting our own-made video..
including "presentation" n interview -.-''
den aft sch arnd 5pm, we got another semestral exam
Technopreneurship.. (did i spell it right?)
25% norx.. act. we alady pass liaox.. =X
jux to get at least a B grade? =)
aft tml, which is Tue..
i wil be havin my BNT labtest
25% again..
tis time rnd v tough..
tats wat my lecturer say..
cux we hafta memorise every command by hard..
its not openbook.. *sObx*
day aft wil b Wed
i'll b having my CSW job interview..
no more rewind or NGs..
right on e spot 1 take mux settle..
25% too!!
omg~ 1 after another horx?
my interview finish le, we hafta submit our FYP
yeahx.. finally finish liaox..
n ytd our fyp interview went smoothly..
WooHoo~ so wed jux submit report n e prog wil do!
THUR.. another impt day..
cux im having my BNT semestral exams..
30% lehx.. 6 chaps.. but its OPENBOOK!!
dun b too happy..
cux usually openbook means e paper wil b tougher..
c.. i can oni start restin next fri?
but ur wrong..
cux my semestral exam starts on 24th Feb
meaning on nx fri, i only have 1 wk 2 study..
so pls pardon me if i din blog..
I hafta go start muggin 4 my TNP..
oh no oh no..

Sunday, February 05, 2006

ok.. finally i went 2c a doc already..
jux in time 2b e last patient 4 e clinic..
haha.. cux i rched at arnd 1220pm,
in which e clinic is supposed 2 close at 1230pm
n so i went 4 consultation, n its cfm tat i kana food poisoning
e doc said it himself.. i nv hint or instigate him 2 say it..
hahaha.. i merely told him i got diarrhea n fever on fri..
n up til nw e diarrhea hasnt gone off yet..
DEN he concluded tat i got diarrhea..
he even ask me 2 lie down n he softly press arnd my belly button..
up down left right all pain norx..
so he say shld b gastric due to diarrhea..
oni takes 5mins or so n im out 2 collect my med..
was given 3 kinda meds,
1 is 4 gastric, another is 2 stop diarrhea n lastly for abdominal pain
v scary lehx e feeling..
i everyday woke up arnd 4+am..
not bcux i set alarm or wat..
is pain until i woke up..
my abdominal pain v excruciating lorx..
i tot is gastric so i popped 2 Actal pills siax.. =(
went back 2 my room.. stil v pain..
n i felt kinda nauseous.. (im not pregnant horx!)
den i rush out 2 e toilet n vomit some liquid out..
stil got abit of maggi mee (ha ha.. cux i ate some b4 i slpt =x)
aft vomittin out, really makes me feel better..
n ultimately i can slp peacefully le..

Cine : if u happen 2 read my blog, pls let me noe how ur feeling?
frm ytd morn until nw u nv reply my sms..
i leave u a msg in msn, u oso nv reply ehx? =\

Min : hope ur fever has subside n diarrhea go off soon?
have ur meals on time n drink more water? =)

Zhen : ur e strongest among us..
oni got slight diarrhea n fever..
noe u went 2 Sunset Bay work 2dae..
better take care kx?

Saturday, February 04, 2006

i have been having diarrhea since ytd early aftn until nw..
jux ytd alone i visited toilet 10x
out of which got 8x is diarrhea lorx.. =(
was at NUS wib py n zy doin our fyp ytd..
den cine sms-ed me, ask whether i got diarrhea or fever?
cux both she n min got it..
at that moment i oni visited toilet thrice..
hMmm, aft which i started 2 feel cold..
n shivering thru-out
until finally i cant resist it, i head 2 toilet 4 another rnd of diarrhea,
n stayed in e toilet 4 15+mins..
for wat rite? to keep myself warm lorx.. =\
den py cum n find me n we left 1st..
waited 4 e damn bus 200 took me 25mins..
cux i missed e previous bus by oni tat 2mins..
so sway, it was air-coned
left me trembling again..
i alighted at near Holland V n head 2 e nearest coffeeshop
bght a bottle of mineral water n 2 panadol extra
on my way walkin 2 e bus stop for bus 74,
i popped 1 panadol into my mouth n a mouthful of water
slpt on 74 all e way until i rched my stop..
e sun was awfully hot ytd aftn..
i touch my forehead.. n felt it burning..
even my brain is telling me 2 rest rest rest..
STILL.. i hafta cross e bridge n walk hm..
tat particular journey walkin hm was e toughest..
i rch ed hm n found out tat my parents wasnt hm yet..
so i washed my legs n face..
change out my clothes n fill up a bottle of water,
den head inside my room..
took my temp n had a shock..
Image hosting by Photobucket
its freaking high lorx.. (>.<)
so i popped another panadol into my mouth,
n doze off..
woke up n took my temp again..
Image hosting by Photobucket
it hasnt gone down much rite?
therefore i decide to wrap myself wib blanket n sweat it out..
finally.. it dropped..
Image hosting by Photobucket
as i drink some water, i decide 2 tak my temp again..
Image hosting by Photobucket
jux drop by 1 degree niax.. -.-''
my mum came hm wib my grandma..
n she nv notice tat im sick.. ugh~
its oni until 7+ den she noe i got fever n diarrhea..
but she dismissed it as bcux i nv had my meals on time..
dar.dar oso nv cum until 8+ den he rched..
oni bcux he noe my temp rises to 39.3!!
but i nv go c doc..
i jux sweat it out n dar.dar put ice cold towel on my forehead..
ate another 2 panadols to brin it further down..
i consumed half bowl of soup n felt better..
until 11+pm n i visited toilet again!!
thrice continuously lorx.. within 20mins lehx..
buttock freakin pain norx.. *sObx*
aniway it might b due to food poisoning,
bcux cine, min n zhen all got fever + diarrhea
sad thing is, we duno which stall is unclean..

[02.02.2006] Thur

meet zhen went Holland V walk walk..
cine came by aft awhile..
each of us bght sth..

Image hosting by Photobucket
Abercrombie skirt!!

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket
got some tattered off n paints on it..

Image hosting by Photobucket
and a tag behind.. =D

we went off to tak bus 106 to Meridian Hotel..
cux there got another outlet of F.O.S

Image hosting by Photobucket
yEpx, i bght another Abercrombie tee

aft tat we walk to near PS there 2 tak bus 166 to amk
meetin min there 2 tak bus 136 to Chomp Chomp *mum mum
we each folk out $10 and look wat we ordered!!
Image hosting by Photobucket
6 chicken wings.. cux cine duwan.. =P
and a plate of carrot cake

Image hosting by Photobucket
oyster egg wib chilli..
n i tasted a small mouthful niax..

Image hosting by Photobucket
a big cup of sugarcane drink.. 2 person to 1 cup

Image hosting by Photobucket
bbq stingray oso wib chilli..
but 2 person shared a piece

Image hosting by Photobucket
lastly 2 plates of hokkien mee..
oso 2 person share a plate

we merely eat for 30+mins worx..
den acc min 2c doc..
cux she got sum infection on her body..
walk 2 bus stop n its snap snap time!!

Image hosting by Photobucket
grp pix 1

Image hosting by Photobucket
grp pix 2

Image hosting by Photobucket
mega watts smile 1

Image hosting by Photobucket
mega watts smile 2

Image hosting by Photobucket
they makin fun of cine

Image hosting by Photobucket
me n min..
i love tis pix

Image hosting by Photobucket
me n min 2
n i love tis pix too!

Image hosting by Photobucket
me wib zhen

Image hosting by Photobucket
me wib cine

Image hosting by Photobucket
our hands..
can spot which is mine? ha ha