DoN't Be tOo gOod,
I wiLL MiSs yOu ;
dOn'T bE toO nIcE,
I mIgHt LiKe yOu ;
dOn'T bE tOo sWeEt,
i mIgHt faLL fOr yOu ...

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

hehehe.. rch hm v early 2dae..
cux my tutorial class end arnd 2+pm mahx..
so rch hm oni arnd 3+ nia..
hands itchy so online 2 blog abt ytd lorx..
aniway ytd meet zhen go out..
as we both feelin kinda bored..
haha.. n oso was 2 acc me bahx?
=p aniway we went 2 chinatown 4 desserts 1st..
b4 goin 2 Chinatown e OG 2 look 4 bdae bear..
F.Y.I i haven give up yet..
im stil lookin 4 09/09, 23/08 and 23/12 de bear..
so if ani1 happens 2c 1 of tis..
pls help me buy kx? ; )
after searchin, i end up buyin 2 more of my bdae bear..
n we went 2c clothes!!! lolx..
really shldnt siax..
c liaox.. really feel like buyin lorx..
but suddenly rem hafta save 4 hols trip.. =(
aniway we stil went 2 try out e clothes..
i oso got try sum caps.. but jux try 4 fun de lahx..
c whether look nice anot?
scroll down 4 pix pix..
n tag tell me whether is nice? or not nice?!
end up i bght 1 new bra.. haha.. =pPp
vvv comfortable worx.. *gRiNx*
we proceed on 2 OG Albert near Bugis..
nearly cant find e Jap section siax..
lucky zhen's eye sight better than mine..
hehx.. oni a lil' bit bit nia..
so of cux dun have wat i want lahx.. =\
time check: 7+pm liaox..
as both was feelin hungry.. but duwan spend money..
so we hurrily took bus hm 4 dinner..
was super slpy tat aft my dinner.. i doze off on e sofa..
it was oni until 11+ tat i woke up lorx..
saw dar.dar's sms.. n i faster reply..
but he nv reply le.. =[

1st cap.. white colour..

2nd cap.. black colour..

sumore cap pix pix..

last cap i try on..
sumore wib e secure tag on it.. haha

new top wib jeans..

ME!! new top wib skirt worx.. haha..

off shoulder top wib jeans..

zhen tryin new top wib jeans..

n next her new top wib skirt..

finally.. me n her 2gether.. =p

Saturday, June 25, 2005

i tot i cld b brave.. n not shed a single tear..
but im wrong.. utterly wrong..
i dun uds y i cried..
even when my close frenx went abroad..
i oso wont feel anitin..
but yet 2dae from 1pm onwards..
i've been lookin at e clock n hp for every 15mins..
checking it.. fiddling it.. counting it...
bcux dar.dar fly 2 aust jux less than 3hrs ago..
n i cried uncontrollably like a crazy woman inside my bedroom..
when i saw e time is 6:30pm..
but jux less than 5mins i start crying..
my dar.dar msged me.. "u start crying already?"
i ended up crying harder....
i refuse 2 reply his msges.. cux i dun uds..
y wld he bear 2 leave me alone here n go enjoy himself?
dun bother tokin logic 2 me.. i wont listen..
jux barely 2days aft my bdae.. n im copin by myself alone
isnt it v pathetic? ugh~
well.. e past few days have been goin out..
makin 2dae super lethargic..
wanting 2 slp.. n yet i scare miss his last few sms..
isnt it dilemma?
aft wat happen jux nw.. im in no mood 2 blog at all..
in no mood 2 blog abt wateva tat happen last few days..
so jux c my photos wil do..
e coming 15 days wil b e greyish darkest days..
of our r/s..

when i 1st receive e flower..

i love POSB!!!

our da bian squatting down look.. muahhaa

3 diff expression.. duno wat we doin.. (>.<)

we 3 toilet gers..

my big big eyes wib cine small small eyes.. =X

bdae ger n zhen.. hehe..

normal smiley face..

did i owe dem sth? hMmm~

vvvv close up of me n cine cine.. lolx..

me alone wib my flowers..

aha.. squatting again..

me n cine showin off our skin?

close up view of bdae flowers..

whole view of e flowers..

sniffing e weird weird thingy..
toto is curious abt it..

toto lookin guarding e flowers..
dun let ani1 near..

toto wib my flowers.. muahahaha~

DCP tee frm my classmates..

G2000 button shirt frm my sis..

DCP frm classmates, G2000 frm my sis, n flowers frm xXx..

mickey mouse tee n DIY photo frame frm Chris..

pressy frm dar.dar.. is my fave 593 nehx!!

close up of e jeans!! yEaHx~~

pinky star ear rings from sharmaine..

bdae card by my grp of gers.. *bEaMx*

close up view of e card.. Posted by Hello

another song i find it v nice..
is send 2 me by chris de..
keke.. by Destiny's Child, titled Girl
[Verse 1 Beyonce]
Take A Minute Girl Come Sit Down
And Tell Us What's Been Happening
In Your Face I Can See The Pain
Don't You Try To Convince Us That You're Happy (Yeah)
We've Seen This All Before
But He's Taking Advantage Of Your Passion
Because We've Come Too Far
For You To Feel Alone
You Don't Let Him Walk Over Your Heart
I'm Telling You

Girl, I Can Tell You've Been Crying
And You Needing Someone To Talk To
Girl, I Can Tell He's Been Lying
And Pretending That He's Faithful And He Loves You
Girl, You Don't Have To Be Hiding
Don't You Be Ashamed To Say He Hurt You
I'm Your Girl, You're My Girl, We're You're Girls
Want You To Know That We Love You

[Verse 2 Kelly]
See What You All Don't Know About Him
Is I Can't Let Him Go Because He Needs Me
It Ain't Really Him It's Stress From His Job
And I Ain't Making It Easy
I Know You See Him Bugging On Me Sometimes
But I Know He Be Tired He Don't Mean It
It Gets Hard Sometimes
But I Need My Man
I Don't Think Ya'll Understand
I'm Telling You

[Chorus x2]

[Bridge Michelle]
Girl, Take A Good Look At Yourself
He Got You Going Through Hell
We Ain't Never Seen You Down Like This
What You Mean You Don't Need Our Help?
We Known Eachother Too Well
[Chorus x2]

nowadays im addicted 2 listenin 2 tis song..
by Gigi Leung de..
in her latest album.. v nice...
淋過雨的空氣 疲倦了的傷心
靜靜收起的傘底 淚的痕跡漸漸退去
我一個人鼓起勇氣 跟著時鐘一格一格的前進
推開窗等待陽光 等待著清醒
* 我記憶裡的童話 已經慢慢的溶化 愛不是這樣
而你偷走我的時間 曾說過的誓言 你還在乎嗎
我不想孤單的坐在回憶裡逞強 時間回不到最開始的地方
只想這樣吹著風 慢慢順時針遺忘
我一個人應該可以 想起愛過之前原來的自己
已經慢慢的溶化 愛不是這樣
而你偷走我的時間 曾說過的誓言 你還在乎嗎
我不想孤單的坐在回憶裡逞強 時間回不到最開始的地方
只想這樣吹著風 慢慢順時針遺忘
等到明天繼續放晴 幾乎忘記下過了雨
愛在心底留的簽名 總會慢慢退去

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

currently m waitin 4 Miss Chan Li Zhen xiao jie..
at 1st told me meet 6pm at my hse bus stop..
end up nw wat time liaox?
time check : 620pm
she told me sth crop up..
n she'll tak cab down 2 my hse here lorx..
since m gonna wait 4 her.. might as well cum blog?
hehx~ feel so bad..
cux tml no time 2 meet my classmates 4 outing..
they say wanna cele bdae 4 me..
aniway jux wanna say sorry 2 dem.. =(
however, ytd while shoppin 4 py's pressy..
they oso bght me a pressy le..
kana caught by me..!!
wahaha.. red-handed siax..
they stil wanna act sumore lorx.. =p
my mummy gimme a hongbao le..
n my classmates gimme a DCP tee lorx..
they ben ben arhx..
duno which tee pattern i got alady..
consider here n there..
end up they brin me 2 e shop n ask siax..
lolx.. blur them.. =X
*sIgh* kinda tired arhx.. but cant zZz..
ytd slpt at 2+am lorx.. cux v anxious..
scare e ppt haven ready.. report oso..
end up nearly insomnia..
but was v tired n doze off soon aft..
not long aft.. waken up by my alarm clock..
at 430am siax.. so tinkin i got another alarm..
i went bac 2 slp.. it was oni until 5:45am den i wake up again..
quickly went 2 brush teeth bath..
but miraclously.. im ready at 6:50am lorx..
wait n took a small small nap until 7:15am den went off..
rch sch went 4 my tutorial..
den came my ppt presentation..
duno y 2dae i so calm siax..
usually i wil b v nervous.. tremble.. n keep pausing..
2dae i present v fluent.. m v satisfied wib my performance..
=) tink m endin here le..
go zZz awhile b4 meetin dem..
= END =

Monday, June 20, 2005

ME!! Free Incoming Calls..

happiest moment~ *winkx*

she sad but im happpppyyyy

zhen's bored while im cheeky..

our bo liao face.. =p

me alone tis time.. Posted by Hello

naughty naughty face.. Posted by Hello

me n zhen again.. durin 1 of our bdae bear hunting..

tat time outing me n zhen on e bus.. =] Posted by Hello