DoN't Be tOo gOod,
I wiLL MiSs yOu ;
dOn'T bE toO nIcE,
I mIgHt LiKe yOu ;
dOn'T bE tOo sWeEt,
i mIgHt faLL fOr yOu ...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

100 Ways to Make Myself Happy

01. Eat B&J's ice cream
02. Eat mango cakes
03. Running in big grass fields with balloons
04. Flying kite on a windy day
05. Cycling around SG
06. Sleeping 24hrs
07. Spending $$ (LOL!)
08. Open more sprees 2 make others happy
09. Goin Night Safari (nv been there b4)
10. Takin cable car (give myself a BIG scare)
11. Takin pix on Ferris Wheel
12. Learn 2 speak Jap like a real Jap
13. Learn 2 speak Korean like a real Korea
14. STUDY!
15. Get my Class 3 license
16. Whole family travelling 2gether like last yr
17. See real snow & build my snowman
18. Witness an accident (*faint* i'll be a witness 4 sure!)
19. Lotsa candies & chocs 2 stuff myself with
20. Pocky & Lay's tidbits
21. Have waist length hair
22. 30 days annual leave from Co.
23. Pay increment pay increment pay increment!
24. Personal savings 2 hit 10k!
25. Singing K whole day
26. Girls sleepover night
27. Girls night out
28. Travelling with my dearies
29. Mango desserts again & again & again non-stop
30. Go air stewardess interview
31. Learn swimming (to kill e phobia of water)
32. Both eyes 2b of equal size (left eye always smaller!)
33. Regain my poly times figure
34. Fit into my Levis 925 loosely
35. Tour Australia timelessly
36. Have long finger nails
37. Perfect eyebrows & long dramatic eye lashes
38. Pimples scars all disappear
39. Prettier shoulder
40. Tailing ppl w/o getting notice
41. Pay TW a visit
42. Pay HK a visit
43. Pay SF a visit
44. Pay Jap a visit
45. Pay Kor a visit
46. Pay BKK a visit
47. Visit diff parts of Indo yearly
48. Enjoy being tai tai 4 a day
49. Havin tea breaks with my dear ones
50. Try gambling in casinos

To Be Continued...



we've finally settled our Bintan trip!

on Mon, suppose 2 meet zhen 1145am @ People's Park Centre.
set off wayyy too late @ 1130am
(with e intention of walkin down Chinatown)
thinkin by takin e shorter way, i can save some time..

i end up @ elsewhere which i duno WHERE?
Raffles or Tanjong Pagar or Chinatown?
luckily was on e phone with Lisa 2 kill time..
she can hear me "panting" on e phone..
cux im LATE & i duno WHERE E HELL I AM?! (>.<)
spotted Far East Sq?!
(hello! suppose 2 go Chinatown, why i end up @ Raffles?!)
i really seriously "sun pa" duno how i end up @ Raffles..
but fortunately, i managed 2c that big OG from afar..
and proceed 2 walkin 2 e right direction..
by then, i was sweatin non-stop.. *phew*

started our door 2 door or rather agency 2 agency seekin..
prices r roughly e same except e attitude we got..
some totally bo hiew or bo chap us lohx..
"do we look too young 2 go on hols ourselves?"
jux when we're abt 2 give up,
a ray of light shone upon that agency!
LOL! we went in & came out feelin rather happy.
w/o much time, we're on e way 2 withdrawin $$..
opt 2 pay deposit 1st as we din have e passport with us..
gonna head bac PPC this comin Fri again.. ;s

side track abit,
we spent nearly 2+hrs walkin agency 2 agency..
skipped our lunch as time was running out..
when headin back, i took e NE line with zhen..
really ultimate stupidity ME!
i actually board e train w/o checkin e direction..
its only aft zhen told me den i realise im at e wrong direction..
i shld b takin train from e other side of hers.. =|

alighted @ Clarke Quay & took train back TJPG safely..
nearly board e wrong train @ Outram Park EWL again.. -.-"

like seriously, i can save lotsa energy by identifyin e right way..
im so gonna learn from these lessons! hpmh!
arrivin @ Chinatown Station..
train arriving..
another shot b4 boardin "train"
upoin boardin train, we found ourselves seats!
aft takin this photo den zhen told me,
"ehhh, i think u board e wrong side leh?"

by then im really super disappointed with myself..
like AGAIN? hello! no eyes 2 check b4 boardin?
waste time waste time waste time!

i guess i can start a book on,
"Veronica's Losting Way Guiness Records" soon.
*shake head*

btw, thx zhen 4 goin Bintan with me..
it really does helps me 2 unwind abit.. ;)

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Friday, March 21, 2008

Much Happier ...

In regards to my previous entry,
refer to Point 05 and u'll get it..

any1 interested 2 go Bintan with me & zhen?
hehehehe~ we've been secretly planning our short getaway..
PS : cine, nv ask u cux u jux started ur new job. ;x
of cux we'll welcome u if u dun mind takin leave..

its really a short getaway anyway..
we'll get down to real business nx Mon..
plannin 2 visit tour agency 2 source out price..
decided e resort & dates already! ;D

everything is makin me feelin so excited!!
yes! i get all excited jux by thinking about it! lolx

in addition, 3 spree parcels arrived last nite..
was busy sorting them out + calculating..
not 4getting all my spree loots! omg!
i really dun rem ordering so much.. *guilty*
and i really 4got how much it cost in total le..
i duwan 2 calculate e total in all!

shows all e items i've got last nite..

i rem this top i got it bcux..
my cousin says e cutting is pretty +
i think its really sweet!~
got it cux fortune teller says Green is gd 4 Tiger..
and bcux i hope 2 have a smooth sailing yr..
this is replacement 4 my
2b worn out Topshop pumps.. lolx~
got into jacket fetish..
like e cutting.. esp e "cargo-ness"
cux its plaid so i MUST get it..
sumore its on 21% sale that day.. ;x
i tot i shld get a skirt..
since i always wear pants..
its polka dots..
who doesnt love polka dots?

so it kinda sums up e reason y i bght them..
all done within this mth! so scary come 2 think of it..
& now i cant rem wat else i've ordered! ;(

anyway~ morn got a superbly nice breakfast!
courtesy of shihui, my sis's fren..
she gave my sis a box of donuts from J.CO!
they've jux launched an outlet in SG!
i foresee strong rival 4 Donut Factory already..
i wonder where is e new outlet?
r u thinkin e same as me?
the green + "polka dottie" thingy..
i tot that looks kinda "chix poxy" siax..

& im stil hunted by Mas Selamat..
im seein him EVERYWHERE!
even at my house i saw him!
that morn i nearly get a shock when i saw this --->
housin ads oso got his face!

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Summary of ...

30 happiness/unhappiness happening 2 me recently!

its mainly due to "these" which explains e lack of entries..
so.. read on 2 know wats going on.. ;)

Legend :
+ for my happiness;
- for my unhappiness

01) i finally received my Official Pay Increment letter! +
02) but there wasnt any backpay for me! -
03) extra 3% to previous 25% changes e 1st digit of my pay! +
04) *we're planning our hols trip in June! +
05) *we're planning our short getaway in Apr! +
06) *we're considering 2 pay SF a visit by end of e year! +
07) i managed 2 sell off some Lomo stuffs 2 get extra $$! +
08) but i stil got 1 more FE2 lyin at home so $110 unfree-ed! -
09) i got extra $100 from "some1" +
10) My feedback count for spreesgalore exceeded 250!! +
11) lookin 4ward 2 my NEC paycheck of $200+! +
12) im able 2 claim part of Internet bill from nehx nehx! +
13) i cancelled GPRS in my hp cux my hp is wonky = no more MMS! -
14) i managed 2 sell off some unwanted items & got extra $$! +
15) received compliments from nehx nehx 4 rushin out a report 2 him! +
16) *we're deciding 2 pay TW a visit by end of Oct! +
17) nx wk is e start of my peak period again! -
18) i needa give more allowance 2 parents tis mth due to xXx! -
19) the water dispenser in my office brokedown = no water 2dae! -
20) headache since morning.. no panadol! -
21) the bond with colleagues improved! +
22) over $1k of funds on hold in UOB due 2 sprees! -
23) limit of my UOB card got busted = i gotta use POSB card! -
24) previous issue in spreesgalore is makin slight improvement! +
25) anticipation 2 win 30piggy$ in Lomo.com! +
26) *we're thinkin of goin HK in Sept! +-
27) Wondering e possibilities of visitin Jap this yr? +-
28) Added navy & white bra 2 my collection. lolx~ +
29) Brilliant $9.50 pair of khaki shorts! +
30) Sis & WH goin Jap = more NEW items! +

Total : (+19/+-2/-9)

My luck seems 2b changing in Mar yeahx?
At least im feeling alil' bit more happier than usual.
Not withstandin e fact of havin extra $$ makes me happy!
who doesnt love 2c e $$ in bank keeps growing? ;p

Anyway, im alot happier BECAUSE i can go hols!!
i've been wanting 2 go hols since last yr already lohx!
Current situation is stil in talk talk stage.
Gotta go do some planning & make sure all trips r fulfilled!
Now the Qs is : "wil i get to visit all of them?"

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Monday, March 17, 2008

Back Track - 23rd Feb

2dae is an extremely free day 4 me..
esp aft clearin my workloads off last wk!
yeaxh~ its my 1st free day this mth! ;D

in addition 2 of my colleagues r on leave,
even nehx nehx is NOT coming 2 office 2dae! *clap hands*
too bad no1 to lunch out with later. :C

so 2dae wil have several entries posting up..
to make up for NOT updating last wk.. heheheh~ ;x

1st up : some unglam photos taken on KTV day!
when i say unglam, it really is lahx..
singing = no expression = ugliness!
1st song we sing 2dae..
act. im not singing..
jux act act singing.. hahaha~
when im not singing, i'll be eating e tidbits..
thats why i say i'd have eaten alot if e price is cheap!
*pix taken by my sis's bf, he always wanna tak my unglam pix*
while takin pix of my sis singing,
her bf tries to be in e pix as well..
c them tugging over there?

- while rotting waiting 4 my turn 2 sing,
i was busy snapping here & there AND
accidentally snap a unglam photo of "sum1"
which resulted in e followin 2 photos..
i toppled over that bowl of EXP tidbits!
lolx~ & while pickin them up, im stil laughin v hard..
2 take revenge, e "sum1" snap me back
e remaining tidbits which i cant save..
tis pix is really v off lohx..
i mean i duno what me & sis is doing..
my expression over there is so...
sitting like majiam at my own house..
+ that v flap flap arms.. ;(
& yet im still singing.. ;x
sorry.. i hog on the mic too long..



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Tuesday, March 11, 2008


entry not found

could be deleted by blog owner

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Monday, March 10, 2008

Aftermath of 自作聪明-ness

i was secretly cursing & swearing inside my heart ytd at around 9+pm
while UNpacking & sorting the freebies into EACH own boxes.
Mind you, there're about 60 PACKAGES leftover with 5items in EACH package!
& we've(me & younger cousin) gotta UNpack them & squeeze them back
into their own boxes AFTER packing them ytd morning. ;(

does it sounds like some "sai gang" 2u?

we're workin at redemption counter BUT
we've oso gotta pack those goodie bags 4 ppl 2 redeem. =(
As every1 know, Singaporeans r all v kiasu & niao..
Stated those freebies on brochures, & after redeeming,
stil mux check this & that 2 make sure ALL items r inside.
pls lahx, uncle auntie ah soh-们, we stil got a long Q 2 redeem lehx..

another job which shows me how 现实 ppl are.. :s

im stil sufferin frm backache, shoulder-ache,
& most imptly, e skin on my lliac crest is BLUE BLACK!
i've no idea when or where i knock into? =|

anyway, my anger was appeased when e in-charge agree 2
give every1 EXTRA $100 on top of our own pay!! ;)
(throw in another 2GB thumbdrive 4 us too!)
due to hittin target for this PC Show 2008.
i reckon NEC sold more than 1k items durin these 4 days..
(ytd alone we handled slightly more than 400 redemption)
*faint* our lunch became dinner & dinner was leftover.
e crowd formed suddenly slightly after lunch..
we're all taken aback by e sudden long queue lohx..
i was kept walkin in & out of the counter until..
I GIVE UP!! =(

continue other day..
or refer to my cousin's blog 4 details..

Impt Dates :
10th : mugging 4 tml's test
10th : 10th Calendar Day! Billing invoice OUT!!
10th : Start doing SLA Report!
11th : Arrival of LOMO Batch 2's loots & order Batch 3
11th : spree's 2nd top-ups calculations
12th : Chase ppl 4 reports!!
12th : Verifications of organisers' info???
12th : spree's 2nd top-ups calculations
13th : Internal Conference b4 SLA submission
13th : spree's 2nd top-ups calculations
14th : 10th biz day! gotta submit my SLA Report!
hopefully i can rest well this wkend

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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Its just so ..


"got slapped by a sea turtle today,
same feeling as you kick my face the other nite"

definitely brightens up my day by alil'

after havin a superbly bad day 2dae..

*thank you 4 e surprise email

Credits : NetraC

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One Word


my billin reports came in late
& i've gotta rush them out by nx Mon

my spreesgalore's community is in a mess
& i've gotta clean it up with other mods

1 organiser went MIA-ed with hundreds of $$
& *we've gotta hunt her down

my own report is sitting at its 4th day
& i've NOT touch a single thing


i've jux wasted 10mins..

editted :
& i jux agreed 2 work @ PC Show this wkend!!
*yell hysterically*

i really wonder am i crazzyy or wat?

till then..

Credits : Dalla*'s

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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Pondering ...

i've jux got another chance to upgrade myself.

"veron, do u want to be a Project Manager?"

this sentence keep appearing in my mind.
i stil cant quite believe the opportunity given by nehx nehx.
jux nearly 2mths after my recent increment,
he gave me another opportunity to upgrade myself.
in terms of status & also salary.

sth is holding me back!
i've got no confident in doing a gd job.


Picture Credits : Agnieszka

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Monday, March 03, 2008

I've Decided

i want to see SNOW!!

ytd while watchin korea drama,
it happened to snowed in that drama..
and i mean REAL SNOW!
not those artificial or computerised type.
which reminds me of an entry by xiaxue.
she went somewhere & saw REAL SNOW FLAKES!
i din know snow came down in flakes form.
i mean.. i thought they went suppose 2b in "dot" form.

lolx~ okie! maybe im not updated enough.
anyway, i really decided 2 save hard & save well!
so i can be prepared to go have a white xmas this yr!
hopefully i mean. :)

went yahoo! image & search 4 some SNOWFLAKES pix..
its so pretty x infinity alright?
i MUST get to see IT with my own eyes!
and i gotta make sure i make my own snowman!
named BingKa! lolx~ ;x

omgosh! how did snow develop into snowflakes?
c e snowflakes on the windscreen?
its transparent sumore! :O
snowflakes in THICK or THIN or BIG or SMALL!
im so really amazed by that!

any1 wanna fulfil this wish of mine with me? ;D


Saturday, March 01, 2008

CNY Photos

Havin finished FE2's film,
my sis 顺便 bring holka's film 2 develop as well..
hehehe~ jux nice both roll of film got x-processed too!
this is toto multiple exposure with my elder + younger cousin..
cant c very clear right?
1 is horizontal, 1 is vertical thats why.. ;p
den my cousins with toto alone..
guess this is e best shot among ALL!
reason being e flash color blends in with the bg..
plus every1 is posing 4 e camera! ;D
really vintage feel right?
this shot is suppose 2 have mahjong as bg.
guess we failed terribly.. ;x
den my cousins shot..
no idea why there's white curly thingy inside..

e day we had our steamboat at home!
when every1 is busy preparing e food..
there i am.. hahahah~ nothing 2 do..
my fave 鸟蛋!

1st Day of CNY
same as every yr, we'll go my ah ma's hse 1st..
except that this yr they've renovated their house..
all the color they used are so 大胆!
doubt my mama wil ever agree 2 using such colors. ;x
this yr my auntie nv prepare lunch BUT popiah!
all of us r suppose 2 make our own popiah..
but look! only my elder cousin is busy eating..
hiakx hiakx hiakx~ my dad make 4 her de..
my dad STILL continue makin popiah..
even thou they've had enough already..
btw, that hand belongs 2 my younger cousin.. kekek~
a candid shot!
who snap this? who who who?
we wanted 2 take a family photo..
but my mum suddenly say she wanna apply lipstick..
duno why my dad wanna mak fun of her..
omg! i duno why im laughin still
my dad look stunned over here..
c that tiffany wallcolor behind?
another 1 taken usin my cousin's camera..
all cousins gather around..
only me & sis's hair is messy!
lets have another take..
we girls gather..
oei.. why jia so odd one?
ranked from oldest to youngest..

3rd day of CNY
candid shot!
mux b taken by my elder cousin..
posted tis up cux duno why me & sis laughin..
over what? i 4got..

2dae's weather is great!
lets see what shld i do later..

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