DoN't Be tOo gOod,
I wiLL MiSs yOu ;
dOn'T bE toO nIcE,
I mIgHt LiKe yOu ;
dOn'T bE tOo sWeEt,
i mIgHt faLL fOr yOu ...

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

ytd nite i cry like hell..
cux tat cine gimme a webby link..
there's a clip showin how cruel human is..
they skin off e animal..
when e animal is stil alive..
e ppl jux step on e animal's neck..
pull their skin.. cut here n there..
nv even care abt how e animal feels..
*sObx* there's even tears in e animal's eyes..
when they finish removin e skins..
they jux throw e animal onto a big truck..
a loud thud can b heard..
e blood jux flows.. n jux let e animal die there..
is so cruel.. i cant help..
feel so helpless.. cux i cant do anitin 2 help..
my tears jux flows.. when i saw it..
i dun have e webby rite nw..
but mayb i'll jux ask frm cine..
den post it here..
stop buyin stuffs which use animal's skin or fur..
n by e way.. thx chris..
he noe abt e clip but he dun dare 2 let me c..
cux he noe i wil surely cry..
when i told him i was lookin at a clip.. n cryin..
n he imm. noe its e furry animal clip which mak me cry..
hMmm.. thx 4 consoling me..
i close e clip n stop thinkin abt it..
when i look at my dog..
i got reminded of e pitiful animals again.. =(

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

hOohOohOo~ tml is a free day 4 me yOx..
cux my class finish alady.. no need go sch nehx..
*sMiLes* gotta start muggin le? lolx..
thou i noe most prob i wil b slackin away.. =X
aniway went 4 my maths tutorial 2dae..
act. meetin chris 2 pass him his cds de..
budden popout cha bo n peiying too..
haha.. =p
n cha bo return him his naruto cds too..
so end up we 4 go 4 tutorial 2gether norx..
rch tutorial late siax.. every1 start doin quiz le..
so we faster settle down n went in2 e webby..
sad siax.. jux pass lorx.. cux i ...
nv study.. oOooPx..
n statistics.. i hate statistics.. but i love graph theory..
all my graph theory Qs r correct lorx..
(>.<) hpmh~!*~!* well well.. i pass it lahx..
jux tat not so well done lorx.. =(
aft tat went 4 lunch..
so long nv eat e fish n chips..
e uncle stil rem me siax..
ailian saw me tok cock 2 him..
lolx.. i oso duno wat im doin.. hehx.. *bLush*
lunch le went 4 my COME tutorial..
4 jux 20mins e tutorial end le..
n tats e end of e day liaox..
i went 2 e bank b4 goin hm..
2 bank in e cheque lorx..
n guess wat?
i walk arnd amk central myself..
cux i find tat its stil early..
OoOhHh~ shoppin alone quite fun too..
no need 2 wait 4 oths 2 finish lookin den u can move on le..
hehx.. =X
went 2 Shop n Save n Value$$
but cant find e orange choco which i want..
Ugh~ how cum siax..
i miss e taste of e choco n e gummy orange..
mux find 1 day go all e NTUC 2 find..
i dun believe i cant find it!!
oh yahx.. chris gimme a webby...
is tryin 2 promo a movie..
sounds quite eerie horx?
i was v tensed when i visited e webby..
sumore i was alone in e livin rm..
budden.. try out e game bahx.
quite interesting nehx..
u can visit e webby here...
ltr i will post up i pix i took in e webby..
kinda eerie de worx..
b prepared~!

1 of e ghost in e movie.. lalalala... Posted by Hello

1st page of the game.. u need 2 collect e items.. Posted by Hello

2 iTeMs coLLeCtEd.. Posted by Hello

Monday, March 28, 2005

oh my gosh.. 2dae really super slack siax..
set my alarm to went off at 530..
but i nua n nua n nua until 6am..
in which i finally drag myself out of bed..
brush teeth n hide inside e toilet..
guess wat? i stay in e toilet for 45mins norx..
-_-ll but out of 45mins.. got 30mins im bathin..
den wat abt e oth 15mins ehx?
lolx.. i stone on the toilet bowl.. =X
funny harx? cux i dun have enuff slp..!!
*sIgh* lack of money.. so hafta work..
but exams cumin.. stil hafta work.. =(
morn went 4 my maths lect..
lucky rch on time.. settle down.. n listen..
revision time!! of cux hafta pay attention..
hMmm.. aft tat went 4 a 1hr break..
had my 2nd breakfast.. hehe.. =PpP
eat e niang tofu lorx.. 1st time i eat it wib noodles..
arbo last time i jux had those plain soup..
finish le den went 4 my NETP tutorial..
wOwx.. had great uds siax..
cux e teacher got ans my Qs.. lolx..
not much ppl turn up..
so i tink every1 got e chance 2 go up n do.. =)
tutorial end le.. another 2hrs break..
end up in e library readin magazinces.. hehx..
super tired.. but read those fashion maga so stil alright..
i caught a quite meaning sentence..
here it goes...
"Is he/she a prime minister?
Even hotshot politicians have time 4 their loves ones..
Busy is jux an excuse 4 being slack in e dating dept.."
not bad right? keke.. make sense ehx?
nx time no more busy as excuse le orhx..
thou both r busy.. stil can mak time 2 meet 4 dinner or wat..
even if its jux meet 4 1 or 2 hrs..
but it stil mean sth.. it shows tat ur makin an effort..
2 keep e r/s going..
sOo.. hMmm....
aft sch went 2 con'd my NETP router pbil..
pHew.. finally its done!!
im so damn relax nw..
is like lettin off a huge stone in my heart..??!?!
keke.. hOpe nuttin wil crop up tis fri..
presentation went on smoothly.. i wish i wish..
well.. kinda find tat my life has 1 ppl lesser nw..
cux.. i dun seems 2 hear anitin frm e person..
ever since ...
ages ago.. i've 4gotten when..
e person got time 4 oths.. but not us?
unfair harx? but its true..
=\ drifting drifting drifting....
i wanna earn more money..
anymore short term jobs which pays well?!?!

mE n sHArmAine iN e tOiLet.. Haa~ Posted by Hello

oUr rOutEr cOnnEctiOn.. fInaLLy..!! Posted by Hello

e FLMP tEe wHiCh i bGht 4 *him.. *gRiNx* Posted by Hello

hEhx.. tis is e charity candle which i bght? =p Posted by Hello

Sunday, March 27, 2005

wEnt 2 tat pLace 2 work again.. hehe..
meet zhen early in e morn..
but i was late.. sOrry ger~ =\
slpt on e bus.. den walk 2 golden mile there..
Ivan treated us 2 sum drinks b4 startin off 2 work..
cux we'r waitin 4 vincent 2 arrive mahx..
was assigned bac 2 e same retailer..
not too bad.. time pass v fast..
n was allowed 2 go 4 lunch liaox.. =)
had lunch wib a ger.. duno wats her name..
n oso sebestian.. =]
eat beef noodle n chit chat abit..
found out tat act. e sebestian quite interestin..
n he can b lame too.. lolx..
i duno wat i say.. sth bo liao lahx..
but he even mak it an effort 2 reply my Qs lorx..
-_-ll pardon me arhx.. =p
gentleman.. he went off 2 get an umbrella frm his car..
cux he was afraid ltr it wld rain mahx..
aniway aft lunch we head bac 2 work..
zhen was assigned nx 2 my shop..
keke.. 2dae de ppl not alot..
budden stil manage 2 sell off quite alot M cards..
n got 1 heihei touch zhen's hand..
omg~ se peh peh siax.. *shake head*
n zhen won a pair of free movie tix worx..
cux she sell e most no. of M cards 2dae!!
*whistle* we agree 2 go watch movies 2gether liaox..
YippEe~ dun worry cine..
me n zhen tot of askin u along alady..
we had it plan le.. *sMiLes*
aft work, me n zhen went 2 tak bus..
saw sebestian puffin away near his car..
sad case.. y is he a smoker lehx? hMmm...
well well.. took 961 den change 2 bus 13..
i alighted at j8 while zhen con'd her way hm lorx..
meet dar.dar have dinner at Ajisen Ramen..
had those aLa Carte Set..
yUmMy~ eAt until so full siax..
but tat ben ben dar.dar want me 2 drink milkshake..
or eat ice cream siax..
cux b4 dinner i complain i was damn hungry..
wrong move..!!
STILL.. we went 2 Mac n eat Sundae..
lolx.. act. i cld have another milkshake down my stomach..
cux i was really starving..
n most imptly.. i wanna gain weight..
thou i find myself gettin fatter alady.. keke..
enuff tok abt me..
cine jux msg me.. say her family havin prob..
oh man.. y do prob jux cum 1 after another?
her dad's health isnt good..
den nw tis.. sumore her exams cumin..
arghx~ i really duno how 2 help her.. =(
God.. jux hope everything wil go smoothly 4 her..

Saturday, March 26, 2005

wOwx.. ytd was such a wonderful day orhx..
hehe.. meet my dearies zhen zhen n cine cine norx..
took bus 162 down 2 PS meet kor..
we arrive early.. so walk arnd PS..
saw those black n white ear rings which i want!!
hiakx.. me n cine each bght a pair..
i bght a black while she bght e white..
den went on 2 walk arnd..
saw tat X:odus pair of shoes which i want!!
ugh~ but is so damn ex lehx..
cux is jux a simple pair of black ballet pumps..
wib stars on top de.. =(
so sad.. ytd was in a dilemma whether 2 buy anot..
because it cost $40!!
and is so so so simple.. tats y i dun tink its worth it..
arghx~ how siax.. =aniway meet kor le went 2 swensens 2 eat..
cine ate her pasta den e rest of us share Earthquake..
omg~ is really amazing.. tuckin in 2 such delicious ice cream..~
yummy yummy.. *bLink*bLink*
kor even gave cine e DVD she wanted..
fly frm aust 2 SG siax.. cost him 70 bucks.. O_O
aft tat we gers went 2 suntec den shaw tower..
watch The Eye 10 at shaw tower..
duno y.. i keep lookin down at e empty floor bside me..
mayb scare sth will cum out frm there?
keke.. i dun like 2 sit bside empty seats de mahx..
jux in case ....
=p movie finish.. zhen took cab down 2 tampiness..
she meetin ws norx.. =whereas me n cine walk 2 bugis..
i meet him at bugis tix box office there..
n cine went hm 2 meet her parents + sis
me n him took bus 12 down 2 pasir ris..
end up we alight early.. tinkin there is shuttle bus..
dun have worx.. n we walk rnd n rnd..
hopin 2 get 2 e interchange..
1st time tat walkin street directory duno e way..
haha.. =X
finally took a bus down orhx..
had yoshinoya 4 dinner..
went 2 billy bombers 4 choco milkshake..
vv nice.. e choco taste v thick.. =D
watched Hostage at Century cineplex..
tat was my 1st time watchin movies over there siax..
keke.. e movie was not bad..
kinda love those police thives movies..
bruce willis act v well..
hehx.. take last bus 22 hm..
ytd nite had lotsa walkin time wib him..
but duno y he keep tinkin i was angry wib him..
which i nv.. hMmm...

Thursday, March 24, 2005

my dArling acting cOol.. oOooPx.. =X
*hIm hAvin hIs cAnOe rAce aT duNo wHeRe..
tAnnEd lIke a cHarcOaL.. =pPosted by Hello

wOohOo~ settle 2 of my impt thingy 2dae le..
firstly, i had my presentation in e morn..
meet my teammates at 9am..
wOwx.. i 1st time c ailian wear heels worx.. *wHistLe*
=p bOok com den start edittin sum ppt slides..
discuss abt wat we gonna say..
n had our trail run..
trail run only i oso nervous liaox..
start 2 stutter and flutter..
Aww~ practice once oni..
n we start e ball rolling.. hEhx..
when ailian was presenting.. i wasnt tat anxious..
when it was cha bo's turn..
den i start 2 nervous le.. =(
at 1st stil alright.. slowly.. i tink im pausing too much bahx?
although aft our presentation, e teacher praise us..
say as a 1st grp, she is impressed by wat we do..
esp our teamwork and e way we present our slides..
is v well done.. *wInKx*
had our lunch at KFC n went 2 library to discuss OM
aft tat slowly walk 2 t12 to have our labtest..
quite a easy paper bahx?
cfm can pass worx.. thou i nv study..
i let e fate decide bahx.. =P
tml m goin 2 meet cine cine n zhen zhen..
2gether wib our bear korkor..
hehx.. kinda lookin 4ward orhx..
tat ben ben zhen zhen say she misses us badly..
whoa~ i jux saw her last Sun oni nEhx..
bLeaHx.. n tis sun i'll b workin wib her again..
at tat smelly golden mile complex AGAIN!!
arghx~ sad lahx..
but get 2 earn $$.. hiakx hiakx haikx..
back 2 e subject..
aftn meetin dem.. n mayb evening time meet DD bahx?
sum1 go enjoy 2nite..
hpmh.. nvm lorx.. aniway im busy typin my report..
*stress* OM report nx Mon due..
NETP mini proj nx fri due..
omg omg~
got so much 2 memorise..
sum1 cum help help me can? 8..(
wo hao bu kai xin..
yin wei wo jue de you ren shuo hua bu suan shu..
sum1 went back on their words..
er qie wo jue de wo men de ju li yue lai yue yuan le..
wo bu xi wang ta jiang lai hui hou hui..
wo zhi neng gei yu ta zui hou de zhu fu le..
xi wang ta dong de zen me xiang bahx?
bie zai hui diao zi ji de qian tu.. =\

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

hEhx.. finally get 2 meet him aft 3days..
lolx.. sounds lame lahx.. budden.. duno ehx..
cux tis wk i'll b busy wib my thingy mahx..
tml got presentation n labtest siax.. (>.<)
hafta wear formal..
keke.. aniway wil post up e pix of me wearin formal..
not nice oso mux say nice.. =p
well well.. ytd meet him act. wanna watch Son of the Mask..
but v rush..
end up nv norx.. =\
went 2 eat NYDC..
had a toopid drink, e=mc2
not bad lahx.. i find e scoop of choco chips ice cream nicer..
=X its a soda plus choco drink norx..
had lasagna.. n he have pasta..
aft tat.. walk arnd..
duno walk 2 where arhx..
both v tired.. so tak a rest at e Suntec fountain..
went off arnd 10pm bahx?
rch hm jux in time 2 watch e Glass Shoes..
a Korean drama.. v sad..
1 of e male actor died.. =(
n he din get 2 hear his beloved say e 3 words 2 him..

Fountain Of Wealth..
The World's Largest Fountain Posted by Hello

e fOuntAin.. tAkEn fRm wHere i was sEatIng.. Posted by Hello

*him pincHing my nOse.. bLeaHx.. Posted by Hello

*hIm buLLying me.. hPmh~ Posted by Hello

Sunday, March 20, 2005

real n fake 30 sentences..
these r wat i got frm a mag bght by my sis..
seems kinda true.. so wil post it here..

[e following shows tat he is fake]
*lies which guys say very often*
excuse no.1 - "im havin a meeting, wil call u back ltr.."
excuse no.2 - "she is my buddy.."
excuse no.3 - "wateva u wear will look nice on u.."
excuse no.4 - "ur mother is a nice person.."
excuse no.5 - "if ur so tired, might as well dun work, i will support u.."
excuse no.6 - "u r fat? i dun tink so.."e following shows tat he is fake
excuse no.7 - "Song Cheng Xian quite handsome, we'll watch Dong Ji Lian Ge.."
excuse no.8 - "Angelina Jolie pretty? i dun like her.."
excuse no.9 - "If i can turn back time, i'll stil choose u.."
excuse no.10 - "i nv lie 2 u.."
all e above r signs tat he is lying 2 u..
believe it or not depends on u.. =p

[e following shows tat he is real]
*truth which guys hate 2 hear*
truth no.1 - "U've cum already?" --> e cum refers 2 sth else..
truth no.2 - "my last bf is much better than u.."
truth no.3 - "r u a guy?"
truth no.4 - "u haven been giving me present 4 a long time.."
truth no.5 - "im on rest 2dae." --> refers 2 stop doin household etc etc..
truth no.6 - "its Auntie Visit!!"
truth no.7 - "wat r u lookin at?"
truth no.8 - "i wanna move back 2 my mother's hse.."
truth no.9 - "this shirt looks v nice.."
truth no.10 - "do u really love me?"
e above r truth which guys hate 2 hear..
esp e truth no.10
when a ger say, "do u love me?"
it usually came aft a long conversation in e nite..
but when a ger say, "do u really love me?"
it means she have doubts in him OR
when e guy refuse 2 give in 2 her in sth..

[n nw, is SHE real?]
*e following r wat guys love 2 hear*
sweety no.1 - "can u stay n acc me 2nite?"
sweety no.2 - "ppl dun have experience, pls be more gentle.."
sweety no.3 - "u looks like a artistes.."
sweety no.4 - "u r so talented..!!"
sweety no.5 - "u r so power..!!"
sweety no.6 - "2b able 2 marry u is so fortunate.."
sweety no.7 - "u r such a nice guy.."
sweety no.8 - "im living on my own, goin hm alone is kinda dangerous, can u gimme a lift?"
sweety no.9 - "its not convenient 2dae.. y not i use my mouth...?"
sweety no.10 - "........."
e above r usually wat gers say 2 guys..
n guys love dem..
hahaha.. thou sumtimes they'r lies..
- END -

gOsh.. m so tired aft 2dae's working..
jux by giving out pamplets 2 ppl..
but standing 4 a few hrs lorx..
$7/hr.. not bad ehx? keke..
too bad.. 2dae was at golden mile complex..
so much "hei hei" lorx..
i was assigned 2 one of e m1 retailer shop..
den got 1 thai guy tok 2 me in thai..
i dun uds..
so i call e boss 2 "entertain" him..
well.. it turns out, he wanna charge his hp..
aft he pass his hp 2 e boss..
he turn bac n tok 2 me..
ask me, "r u singaporean?"
of cux i say yes rite?
and den, he ask me, "u want anitin frm tis shop?"
"i buy 4 u.."
i look at him.. O_O
n smile back say, "no thx.."
but he nv go away, he con't say, "u look like e boss here.."
"tats y i ask u.."
but i turn away.. n say, "no im not e boss here.."
i walk away n start 2 give out pamplets le..
cannot mak it arhx.. *shake head*
aft tat.. sumtimes when i give out pamplets..
they wil gimme those sort of "yan shen"
like v bu shuang lorx.. ugh~
n i saw 2 transversite norx.. but they'r v pretty..
vvv pretty.. esp e "ger" whu bght e M card..
too bad.. when "she" tok.. "she" let e cat out of e bag..
hoarse hoarse voice.. kekek..
her figure damn gOod arhx.. not i purposely go c..
but she wear v low.. n sumore no bra..
wahhahaha~~ oOooPx.. =X
well well.. went 4 break at 2pm.. n bac 2 work at 3pm..
kinda tired nw.. tink end here le..

Saturday, March 19, 2005

rotting at hm nw.. cux not goin aniwhere..
budden again.. i hafta study 4 my 2 labtests nx wk..
1 on Mon n e oth on Thur..
uGh~ n thur i got a presentation..
hafta wear formal.. i hate tat!!
sumore mine is e 1st grp lorx.. omg~
exams r cumin le.. start 2 feel e stress liaox..
cux tis time rnd got lotsa thingy 2 memorise..
whu can help me??? jIu mIiiNnnGgg aRrHhhh~~
i hope 2 go on hols tis cumin holiday..
budden no money.. i cant go aniwhere..
n i hope 2 go wib my dearies n darling..
den again.. they cldnt possibly go 2gether..
cux zhen got attachment, cine's parents dun allow..
min savin money.. whu 2 go?
tot of goin on a 4 couples outing..
budden cant mak it too le..
my dearie cine, she broke up wib her heartless bf..
shld have done so long time ago..
nw show his true colors alady.. sad 4 her.. =(
life is full of ups n downs..
i wish cine wil find a better guy soon.. ;)
n hard 2 find time which all 8 ppl r free mahx..
so.. hope in future wil b better bahx?
n also.. i hope 2 save money go HOOLLIIIIDAAAYYYYSSS~~~

Friday, March 18, 2005

hehx.. m currently in *his hostel rOom rite nw..
=p meet him aft my class 4 dinner..
n acc him back 2 *his hostel 2 pack his bag..
n stuffs tat he wanna bring hm ltr.. =\
aniway.. tat pig is slpin rite nw.. (>.<)
m entertaining myself watchin n listening MTV lorx..
keke.. vv sway 2dae arhx..
act. meetin cha bo, py, hum n brian do OM discussion at 10am
but i overslpt.. oOooPx.. =X
wake up oni when py msged me.. sOrRy eHx?
budden hum arrive oni at arnd 11+ while we'r havin lunch..
so went off 2 t15 2 discuss abt e proj..
settle bit of it n went 4 lect..
as usual.. my mense giving me prob again..
ugh~ had a serious cramp..
painful.. unbearable until i decide 2 slp durin lect..
no energy 2 pay attention mahx..
slp 4 oni 15mins n i woke up liaox.. =
aft lect went 2 do my networking proj norx..
*sIgh* stil cant ping each other..
or shld i say oni e workstation im doin..
which is Router-B cant ping e rest?
sth is wrong.. but even teacher oso duno how 2 troubleshoot..
soOoo.. hafta go bac nx wk 2 do again..
2x sIgh~!~!
intend 2 meet *him at 5:15pm de..
but cldnt finsh.. end up rch bOon Lay at 6pm lorx..
had Mos n here i am.. in his room typin my entry.. kEKe..
pardon me.. cux m currently kinda bored nw..
sOoo.. ehem.. wil type a long long post..
wahahaha~ =D
kinda worried abt my cha bo..
is has been a long time since she attend a whole day class..
bcux recently she oways left early..
n oni attend e morn class..
i duwan 2 lose another fren nx yr..
=( *cha bo.. mux buck up kx?
2dae feel touched.. as sharmaine she..
keke.. duno wat 2 say..
she was worried abt me when she c my face v pale..
n i cramp until i cannot stand str8..
she help 2 carry my bag n ailian tak my jacket 4 me..
tHx worx.. i really appreciate it.. =)
n jux 2 update every1.. i'll b workin at Golden Mile tis Sun
wib my dearie zhen.. hEhx..
4 e toopid m1.. duno workin as wat..
but there seems 2b lotsa "hei hei" horx?
bless me bahx.. hope can pass e day faster..
=p tink i'll end here..
duwan 2 scare ppl off my blog.. *mUacKx*

Thursday, March 17, 2005

iM sOOo haPpy 2dae~
yeahx.. will be a super short entry..
cux im stil rushing my report 2b handed in tml..
ugh~ if oni i can turn in nw..
n go in2 my dreamy lala land le.. =

Monday, March 14, 2005

man~ i need a break..
seriously i dun have enuff slp 4 e past days..
arghx~ been busy workin at e Suntec IT show lorx..
if ani1 has been there.. sure wil agree wib me..
is so so soOoooo crowded..
those whu were not buyin went there 2c..
those whu wanna buy.. where comparing here n there..
those whu were workin where busy workin..
n i tell u.. e aircon there..
tats e 1st time i work at IT show which i felt hot..
e ppl were so much tat e aircon has bcum hot air liaox..
added 2 it.. every1 is aiming on a last min shopping..
wait till last min den settle everything..
wats e point? mak e workers hafta go hm v late..
irresponsible.. cannot mak it.. *shake head*
aniway i was assigned 2 work at Compaq, Toshiba n HP 4 e 1st 2 days..
cux e Citibank temps were not enuff..
so i tink every1 hafta b in charge of several booths?
but sadly.. i din have any apps 4 e 1s 2 days..
been stoning n rottin like nobody's business..
tot wkend wld b better wib cine's accompany..
but she fall sick.. had high fever..
so end up i work alone lorx.. =\
wkend finally had sum apps..
sun was e busiest of all..
esp e last moment.. n i shld say is aft e show..
3 groups of ppl wanna tak up instalment plans..
i hafta run here n there..
sweating in an air-con place.. can u imagine? =|
*sIgh* enuff tok abt work..
fri aft work.. *he came 2 fetch me..
n acc me 4 dinner..
keke.. n surprisingly, he bght me a bluetooth adapter..
how did he noe i want lehx? i've no idea..
haha.. rch my hse lift there..
bump in2 my sis n her bf, janius..
we 4 ppl took e lift up..
hAa~ parted at e staircase there..
4getful me.. i left my hp in his pocket..
hahaa~ so i called n he brin it up 4 me..
wib janius followin bhind..
weird rite? cux they'r sharin cab hm..
both live at sengkang.. =)

n jux 2 upate 4 e last last Sun..
we gers cele Sharmaine's bdae at town..
bght her a cake.. n cele near Taka there..
tOok lotsa pix.. but dun tink wil post up..
too tired 2 post up pix liaox.. hEhx..
oh yahx.. 4got abt last wed..
is me n *him de 6th mth.. lolx..
v hard 4 me 2 enter e half a yr period lahx..
so i mux mention.. =p
we went 2 Marina 2 watch Hitch..
cux i miss e beginnin when i watched it e 1st time..
n den.. we had our dinner at e duno where de BK..
walk 2 Esplanade.. rest there n chit chat..
as i was v tired.. i nearly dozed off on his lap.. =X
keke.. e rest dun say le lahx..
jux vvv tired.. wanna end liaox.. *yAwNx*
hope can slp again until evening time ehx? =D
act. was feelin kinda "luan" nw..
duno really noe wat 2 do next.. as..
sth happened.. n i duno where 2 start..
guess *u might tink so too bahx? =[
well nx time wkend wil b v busy le..
cux i really really need money..
i wanna go vacation durin e hols..
cine jio me go HK.. n *he ask me go Tioman..
wheras my classmates say wanna go Genting..
so where shld i go?
or shld i jux stay at SG n save money 4 my jeans?

Thursday, March 03, 2005

gReat great nEws.. hAHah.. i've gAin 1kg.. wOohOo~ does it sounds like a gd news 2 u? hEhx.. i guess not bahx? Cux most gers hate 2 gain weight.. as it means they hafta work harder 2 lose another gram ehx? kEke.. sO.. iM proud 2 say tat im weighing at 47kg nw!!! Whahahah~ skinny harx? i dun mind.. and most of e clothes i buy r of size S nehx.. Lolx.. eNvy mE eHx? =p

well well.. wat did i do ytd? i did mention i met brian rite? haha.. okIex.. movies at j8.. e Hide n Seek ending really got a lil' tiny weeny bit bit different ehx.. and i really mean.. tat tiny bit lorx.. i hafta watch everything again.. until tat final different part!! nahx.. im not complaining.. had nachos too.. =) aft movies.. walk arnd j8 wib him.. show him arnd.. as he haven been goin 2 j8 4 i tink several yrs? ah ha~ nvm.. we bght e Lychee ice cream at ntuc n settle down at e interchange 2 eat. wOwx.. great atmosphere ehx? hAhah~ tok abt lotsa thingy.. n he say he wanna uds me.. but.. whu can really uds me? =\

aniway had my RWP test 2dae.. whoa~ lotsa ppl cant finish.. but e teacher close 1 eye.. let them finish it lahx.. is 40% weightage ehx!! v high okiex? kEke.. i manage 2 finish on time.. so.. i wasnt complaining nahx.. bLeaHx~ went out 4 lunch wib e class.. aft tat i went 2 thread my eyebrow again!! n i hafta say.. my eyebrow is gettin lesser n lesser.. wahahahha~ slack at e pool place where e guys play their fave pOol!! ugh~ kinda attitude jux nw.. aniway.. sorry ehx if i give u my AP face.. =p

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

wOOhOo~ 2dae no cLass sLp aT hM untiL shUang sHuang.. wAke uP aRnd 11 baHx.. cUx tAt cIne mSg mE.. =p weLl weLL.. lTr m gOin oUt.. mEetIn bRian 4 mOvIes aT j8 nOrx.. hE wANna wAtch mAhx.. sO jUx aCc hIm 2 wAtch e mOvIes hIde n sEek aGain.. =)

ytd mOrn gO mAths tUtOrIaL.. rEaLLy sIAnx loRx.. kEep dOin n dOing.. oSo dUno y i sO hArdwOrking.. dO dO dO.. uNtiL my sToMaCh rUmbLing.. pRotEstIng.. cUx Im hUngRy.. hAa~ wEnt 2 fc3 2 eAt lUnch wIb cLaSsmAtes.. dEn gO tUtOriAl liAox.. =\ hAd a eArLy relEaSe sO gOt tIme 2 tAk pIx pix.. hEe~ sHarmAine sHe cArRy mE nEhx.. yeahx.. cIne.. sHe oSo cAn cArry mE wOrx.. wAhahaha~ pOst 2 tAk pIx b4 gOin oFf 2 lEct..

wAitIn outsId e lEct hAll.. oSo tAk pIx wIb e gErs.. tOo bAD cHa bO nV cUm.. iF nOt cAn hAve a aLL gErs pIx liAox.. =( bUt nVm laHx.. wEnt iN 4 lEct.. sit bsIde bRiaN.. n hE dOze oFF nOrx.. hAiyO.. sLp in lEct.. *sHaKe hEad* kEKe

lEct fInIsh lE wEnt tOwn wIb mk, sHarmAIne, py n cHrIs.. wAtch e Million Dollar Baby at Lido lorx.. aT 1st waNnA wAtch A Moment To Remember at Cine.. bUdden lEft e 1st 2 rOws nIax.. hEhe.. e mOvIe nO sUbtItLes.. wAtcH uNtiL v xIn ku sIax.. kEep tOkIn 2 tAt bEn bEn cHrIs.. cUx hE v ... dUno hOw 2 dEsCribE.. aNiwAy aFt mOvIes i zOom gO hM lIaox.. LoLx.. oH yaHx.. 4gOt 2 mEntIon.. sHarmaine vIsit hEr mUm aT lUcKy pLaZa.. n i vIsIted my mUm tOo.. hEhx~

e foLlowIng pix r aLL tAken uSin pEiyIng's 6630.. e rEsoLuTiOn nOt bAd hOrx? kEkE.. gO bUy it bAhx.. =X tHou i nOe a beTteR fOne 6680 is oUt liAox.. hAaha

hAha.. i bLocK bRian's fAce.. =p Posted by Hello

seLf tAke.. bO liAo dUrIng tUtOriaL tIme.. Posted by Hello

cLoSeuP oF mE n sHa mEi dUrIng tUtOriaL.. Posted by Hello

mE n sHa mEi mEi.. hAa Posted by Hello

hOohOo~ sHArmAine cArry mE~ Posted by Hello

hAppy hAppy fAce.. Posted by Hello

iN e LiFt.. lOok lIke e wAteVa puffeRfIsh mAhx? Posted by Hello

mE n aiLiAn Lian.. oOooPx.. Posted by Hello

mE n bRiAn nEHx.. Posted by Hello

sHarmAine n hEr qIng Ai de.. LoLx.. Posted by Hello

c tAt qIan bIan lOok On my fAce.. mUAhahah~ Posted by Hello

e gRp iM wIb.. sHarmAine, me, pEiyIng n aiLian.. Posted by Hello

e gRp iM wIb.. sHArmAiNe, mE, pEiyIng n AiLiAn.. Posted by Hello